Cow/Calf Operation Willer & Ekern Farms: Jaylor 5425 TMR Mixer

I’m Brandt Willer from Mexico, Missouri. We’re in the central part of the United States. We’re in Donald Trump land and we’re proud
American farmers. We feed cattle for a living along with row
crops; we’re on 200 acre farm here where, besides cutting a 30 acre silage field, it’s
all grass in a rotational system along with the lots where we’re feeding the cattle. We’ve got the Jaylor 5425 mixer that we just
purchased back in November. That was an upgrade from our previous mixer
which was actually a 4575, which was bigger whereas this one has got a few added features
to it. The new screw in the middle of it. Which I like personally, it just does a better
job of consistently mixing the feedstuffs that we’re feeding. We’re feeding a mix of fescue hay, we’re mixing
corn silage that was about 160 bushel corn, and we’re putting wet distillers grain from
the local ethanol plant. And then when we finish doing that we top
it off with about 2.5lbs or quality liquid feed per head per day. We really like the mixer, it does a fabulous
job, you get to run it on lower RPMs. You don’t need a bigger tractor -a 75 HP tractor
will run that mixer. You don’t have to go out and buy a brand new tractor, 150HP. You can do it with the tractors you feed hay
with. The consistency; the cattle don’t pick though
it – they are eating what’s in front of them. They aren’t sifting though trying to find
the corn or the goody-goody, they are getting it all. We’re really happy with the mixer, the consistency. It really cuts down the time in feeding. A lot of people think that you have the mixer,
you got extra expenses in it, you’ve got another tractor to use well you’re still feeding hay,
you’re feeding hay in the bale rings – they waste hay around there. You put them in the bunks here they clean
it up, there’s nothing left! They’re getting a complete feed. We’ve tested the complete ration and they
were really, really happy with the consistency of the ration, the uniformity of it, the moisture,
everything was really good. The energy levels were really high. How we know we’re getting a good mix with
the mixer in our rations is the stools that are coming out of the cattle. They are good uniform stools – pancake style,
not too runny, not too hard. You can tell that they are getting what they
need and they are doing good.

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