Copper Foiling Tools for Stained Glass : Using a Grinder on Glass

Hi, today we’re talking about copper foiling
projects, which we’re going to do here in a little while. We’re going to do a sun catcher.
But, there’s another important tool that you need to have, or a piece of equipment rather
and it’s called the grinder. Do keep in mind even as you’re using this and it has a safety
splash on it so that the glass doesn’t come up in your eyes, it’s still a really good
idea to wear your goggles and that’s why you saw mine on me at this particular time. Now,
when you finish cutting a piece of glass, you’ll still have rough edges and say maybe
you didn’t cut it off to where your line is disappeared or where you need your line to
meet on your pattern. So, that is what this grinder is good for, there are several different
tips that you can use for your grinder. Some of them will actually even bevel, some will
grind not just the side but each of the surfaces, to where you’ll get a nice smooth edge and
you’ll have a less chance of getting cut. So, there is a pedal that goes along with
this and when your press your foot on the pedal, it turns your grinder on. And, I’m
going to demonstrate, you would lay this on here, your glass shards are going to go down
into the little surface right here, which is filled with water, o.k. That keeps your
grinder head lubricated. Also, sometimes we go ahead and we put some Vaseline on here,
just to keep the shards from flying as far. You don’t have to push very hard, but you
want to be able to get your desired result, so. So, if you can see that right there, I’ve
pretty much removed quite a bit of that line. I can run my finger across there safely and
I’m not going to get hurt.

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