Cool Attic Exhaust Ventilator Fan Install or Whole House Fan

Today I’m gonna install this attic fan
in the Attic. This is not a sponsored review I bought this thing on Amazon
myself so let’s get started on boxing it. This is the Ventamatic Cool Attic CX1500UPS Power Gable Mount Ventilator Fan How to Instructions, Brackets, Bolts, The actual fan, Thermostat. Looks pretty cool. It looks pretty durable. Now you may be
asking yourself why install an attic fan instead of a whole house fan? Well I’m
gonna show you. Let’s say it’s 78 degrees outside, 90 degrees in your house and 150 degrees in your attic, If you open this window right here, turn on this house fan right here, It will suck this 78 degree air in through the window throughout the house and cool the attic venting outside. What if instead of 78 it is
100 degrees outside? You wouldn’t want to bring 100 degree air into the house, but you still want to cool down that attic. So your air conditioner can cool
your house faster. Instead you turn on this attic fan here and it will suck air in
through the vents, through the attic and exhaust it outside cooling your attic
down to 100 degrees, making it much easier for your air conditioner to cool
your house. I’m going to install the attic fan over this vent opening right here. This is 14 inches wide, my fan is 15 inches wide so I’m hoping that it will work. I cut this thing 18 inches square
and put a 15 inch circle in the center of it. Alright the time has come, let’s give this thing a test run. It seems to be blowing pretty good. I think
it’ll do a good job. That is the completed and installed
attic fan. If you enjoyed this video please click LIKE and SUBSCRIBE. I really appreciate that!

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