Cookin’ & Compostin’ – Creamy Banana Smoothie Bowl

(patting sound)
– Take two (laughing) – Hi Pela fam. Welcome to
Cookin’ and Compostin’. (upbeat music) I’m Shaylee. I am the customer
service lead here at Pela, and this is Amy. She’s helping me out because I was too scared to do it alone. (laughing) Today we’re making a smoothie bowl. I don’t know the actual name of it. So, from the looks of it, we have lots of great ingredients here today to put in our smoothie bowl. – Yeah, Shaylee what do we have? – We have some bananas, some avocado, some coconut milk, dates, almond butter, vanilla, cinnamon, chia and hemp parts. We should have used flaxs
it would have been better. So I already checked out the recipe. – Oh good.
– Literally, all you have to do is put everything
in there and blend it. So…
– That… – I’m assuming you guys
gave me this one because I have a husband that
cooks and I don’t have to. – The lovely Tesa has told
us that this is for… – This is our topping banana. – So I’m gonna put it to the side. – Sure. It says 1 to 1 1/4
cups, and this is in ounces. _ Ah, (laughing) do we need a converter? – Somebody needs google this
for… oh no it’s 400 mil. So half of this. Is a cup. – Yeah 200, isn’t 250 mils. – 250, yeah. – You’re the baker. (laughing) – So, we’re just going to
– I just throw things in. – do a little bit more than half. – Okay. – Or just all of it. – I mean.
– A little bit more. – Coconut’s great. I
don’t know if anyone’s gonna be really angry. – I think…
– The smoothie bowl just might be a little bit.
– I think the point is, it will be to liquidy
to eat with the spoon. – Which is weird because it’s a smoothie. – But we’re putting it in a bowl. – I’ve never done a smoothie bowl guys. – Now it says a quarter
cup packed avocado. I’m just gonna put a whole
avocado in. (laughing) – A quarter… – Also, don’t cut them like this, my husband gets really mad at me. Cut them on the cutting board, so you don’t get avocado hand. – Right! That’s, It’s becoming
a bit of an epidemic, agh? – It is. – Where you take the knife, and well… – However, I still do this. – Avocado hand. – I broke it. – Okay, I’ll compost
that. (laughing) Thanks. – How much do you think
this is? Quarter cup? – [Amy] That’s a quart… sure. – Do half an avocado? – [Amy] Ah, yeah that
looks like a quarter cup, how much do we need? – Quarter cup. – [Amy] Yeah, perfect. – Now I need a frozen banana. – I’ll get the frozen banana. (laughing) – It is slightly chilled. (laughing) – It’s like a… (laughing) – I don’t know what I’m doing. (laughing) – No it is, it is slightly chilled. – It actually is quite frozen. – Oh is it? It was only in
there for, how long, Tesa? – [Tesa] An hour and a half. – An hour and a half.
– Yeah, it’s actually pretty frozen. – Well I’m assuming so that it… – Um, no maybe do two or
three hours. (laughing) I don’t know it will be
fine, we might need to add some ice though.
– I don’t eat… okay what’s next. – Chia seeds. One tablespoon. Or really however many you want. It’s a smoothie.
– It’s so healthy for you, they’re so delicious. – One heaping tablespoon of hemp hearts. – Good for your heart. – Are they really? – Ah yeah I think so, they’ve got like… – They’re protein. – And omegas. (laughing) – Because we didn’t get
protein powder for this recipe, but you’re supposed to have. (laughing) Two teaspoons of almond butter, which I am definitely going
to have to stir with a knife. – Do you want a spoon.
I can get you a spoon. (laughing) – I might actually eat this. (laughing) – So, we’re just gong
to continue stirring. – Ah, good enough. Two teaspoons. – That’s really good almond butter, that I did not eat off the knife. Off camera. (laughing) That’s really good. – It is good.
– [Amy] It is good right? – [Tesa] The audio sounds
I’m gonna get from that. (laughing) – Is this an ASMR video? (laughing) Okay, so the dates are to taste. Do you like yours sweeter? Or less sweet? I’m only going to, I think I’m only going to use one. – Ah, yeah I think less sweet. – ‘Cause dates are pretty sweet. – [Tesa] It has a pit. – It has a pit in it?
– Tesa’s got a tip, sorry? – It has a pit in it? (murmuring behind camera) – [Tesa] Yeah you gotta…
– Woops. – Make sure dates don’t have pits. – Yeah they’ve got pits,
and wait are you sure, oh yeah they totally do. – Let’s put that one back in there. – Hey look, I’m being helpful. – I honestly didn’t even
know dates have pits. I thought they had seeds like figs. – No they’re pitted. – Have a teaspoon of cinnamon.
I just licked the teaspoon. So we’re not going to use that again. To taste. Vanilla. It says a quarter teaspoon,
but I’m just going to pour it. – [Amy] I feel like this smoothie is really complicated for us. – It’s like really thick vanilla. I just need some ice cubes. – Okay. – Assistant. (laughing) – I got you. Hey I have ice cubes.
– Sure. – Can I pop them in.
– Yup. – Just two? – Yeah, let’s start with that many. I hope you’re gong to edit out this sound. – [Tessa] Yeah. – I don’t… (laughing) – So, there’s arrows. The world’s most complicated
blender guys. It’s on. – Oh I see. – It does that. – It clips. I get it.
– Go for it. – Okay now that you’ve added all those ingredients… (laughing) (orchestral music) It’s actually pretty thick,
it actually looks pretty good. I’m gonna taste it. Ooo, it’s actually really good. I wasn’t sure if it would be. (laughing) I wasn’t confident going into this. This is really good. I better, do I get to eat this after? Okay perfect. (laughing) – Does your assistant get anything? – No.
– Oh. (dramatic music)
They ask you how you are you have to say fine, but
you’re not really fine. – Now we’re chopping
thin slices of banana. – Yes, yeah.
– As requested by Amy. Lets see how this worked out. I don’t know if this is going to pour. Yes! Look at it… (laughing) Apparently, this wasn’t
attached to anything. – [Tesa] Oh there we go, there’s the shot. – It looks like mayonnaise. (laughing) – A really nice ranch pesto. – It does look like ranch
actually, you’re right. – But a healthy, sweet… – [Tesa] There is it. – 100 percent ranch. (laughing) – Cool ranch. Boop. – Top with your favorite toppings. Just kidding. Only banana. So all we have to top it with is this. – No no no no no.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah, let’s put some more hemp on there. – Do you want, here you sprinkle the hemp. – Gonna do a little line of those. – Nice. – In know it’s supposed
to be monochromatic but I just want some color on this. – Um, oh God. – And there you have it. The monochromatic in
the buff, smoothie bowl. – Okay, you go. – I already tasted it. – Oh, is it my turn? – Yeah. – Okay should I get,
I’m gonna get all the.. – It’s actually so delicious. – What kind of flavor’s you
getting when you’re trying it? – Banana. (laughing) Some cinnamon. It’s good right? – You know that’s
seriously, seriously yummy. – Like way better than
I expected it to be. – Obviously banana. I like the crunch from the chia seeds. – I also quite enjoy the texture
of it. It’s like pudding. (laughing) – Yeah I guess that’s what a, maybe that’s what a smoothie bowl is, it’s like fruit pudding. – Oh. You couldn’t drink it with a straw. I was gonna try, but I couldn’t. – No, that’s not going to work. That’s really nice actually.
Very creamy very smooth. That peanut butter’s,
and it’s not too sweet. – Thanks guys. Taking this to my desk. That’s it for Cookin’ and Compostin’. See you next episode when we, probably make something
way more intense than this. Don’t forget to like and subscribe. – And hit that bell
icon for notifications. (laughing) – [Tesa] Cut. Beautiful. (cheery music)

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