Conrad MAN TGS + Liebherr HTM 1204 Truck Mixer by Cranes Etc TV

This model is a MAN TGS truck fitted with a large Liebherr concrete
mixer and it comes in a standard Conrad branded box. As you often find with models like this
there’s no information about the real truck. and there’s no information for the model either with the assembly just limited to a few parts to be fitted. As usual for Conrad trucks the first job
is some minor surgery to free up the aerials and mirrors for fitting to the cab. On the passenger side door mirror frame
it’s best to fit another mirror just on to that frame before
you attach it to the door. With that pre-assembly done it’s just a
simple matter to press the mirror into the pre-formed holes in the side of the
cab. The fit is good enough so the mirrors
don’t drop out and the system does have one advantage which is that the mirrors
don’t get damaged within the packaging which they might do if
they were permanently fixed to the model. The last piece of assembly is to fit the
roof aerial and for this is best to use something like a pair of tweezers so you
can apply the right pressure and just push it into the hole in the
roof. Underneath this is a fairly typical
Conrad truck chassis, there is some good detailing on the rear axles. The steering at the front is purely
functional and not model for accuracy but there’s no drive shafts between the
engine and the rear axles. The design of the wheels is smart with some good detail and different tyres are used on the steering
and driven axles. The cab detailing is good but reasonably
plain because this is a generic MAN truck model sold in the MAN shop so
it’s not in a company color scheme and has no number plates for example. The graphics are very limited but there
is an MAN model number on the cab doors. On the side the metal chrome exhaust and
fuel tank add a good look to the model and the rear wheel arches are metal with a
non-slip patterning and a spare chute extension on top.
Looking at the back the lights are painted in various different colours. The mixer engine and water tank are both
modeled in metal and there’s a nice looking Liebherr name badge. The drum is metal and accounts for the fairly
heavy weight of the model with just the black ring at the end being made of plastic. At the back the
funnel and the chute are modelled in metal as is the access
platform and ladder and they’re not too fat for the scale. Time to give the truck a spin out on the
test track spin being the right word for a concrete mixer I suppose. It rolls well in a straight line and
there is some suspension movement in the two driven axles but the third axle has some sprung suspension with little
springs which is unusual for Conrad and that works really well. There is linked steering on the front two
axles but you can’t turn the wheels to far without them snagging and there is also steering capability
on the 3rd axle so you can post the front three axles all
turning which looks good on the display shelf but it doesn’t really roll along because
the tires snag. There is another good feature on the
third actual which is that it can be raised and clipped out of service and
this would typically be used on the real truck for traveling when it’s empty, and that saves tyre wear. On
the model you can just press down on the axle and it clips up so that when you roll the model the
wheels on axle three don’t turn. Because of the mechanism used unclipping the axle and returning the wheels to service is a little more
tricky so just need to ease it with a pair of tweezers or something and then it’s back how it was. Another feature of the model is the tilting
can and that works reasonably well and you can see that there’s a metal engine underneath the cab. The tilting works
well and cab closes with a satisfying click. Moving to the business end the mixer
drum turn smoothly although it’s not completely free
rolling. At the back there’s a full range of sideways movement on the chute so you
can display the mixer just travelling or you can open the
chute out for discharge into a concrete pump or some other piece
of equipment. This is another typically strong Conrad
model. It’s nearly all metal so its relatively heavy. The features work well enough to make
some interesting poses and although the paint and graphics are fairly simple on
this generic model it’s good enough to be recommended.

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