Concentrates, Juices & Smoothies: How To Make Healthy Choices! FAN REQUESTED VIDEO! Mind Over Munch

Hey my munchy pals. That was weird. In the first
dining debunked episode where I went to Panera, a lot of you guys I mean a lot a
lot requested that I do a video on concentrates and juices so here it is. So
juice concentrates, what are they? More importantly what is juice? Alright so
everybody thinks that juice is healthy and it can be but it really depends on which
one you’re drinking. Now of course the healthiest choice would be to make your
own but today we’re not going to talk about that we’re gonna talk about
store-bought juices and smoothies. If you are interested in learning how to make
your own juice without a juicer I have a video on that and I will link it in the
Description box below. So juice does provide some of the
vitamins and minerals that are in fruit but it does not provide the fiber which
is one of the best things about fruits and vegetables. It’s going to help with
digestion help keep you full longer so we really want that fiber. So once you take
all that fiber out you’re pretty much left with vitamins and minerals, water,
and sugar. Lots of sugar. So it’s pretty much sugary water. So let’s use an
example here by talking about an orange. An orange is 60 to 70 calories
depending on the size and about four and a half grams of fiber. One cup of orange
juice is about a 110 to a 120 calories depending on
the variety and it has a whopping half a gram of fiber. It will also take two to four
oranges to get one cup of orange juice and that’s for double the calories and
less then you know what’s the math here a half out of four and a half grams of
fiber its a bad ratio. So let’s talk about some of the store bought juices and
smoothies before we get to concentrate. Naked blue machine boosted 100% juice
smoothie a blend of four juices with added ingredients no added sugar, lots of
health claims. In my opinion if you are eating whole foods relatively clean diet you should be able
to get most of the nutrients you need from your food you shouldn’t need a
boost in your juice. And really the same goes for multi-vitamins it’s very debatable and I don’t want
to get too far into it. Pretty much if you’re eating really nutritious foods you’re going to be getting those vitamins anyway. Moving on this juice is one serving in the
entire container so this is an important note. A lot of these juices in these
types of bottles are two to two and a half servings per bottle which means you
have to double or multiply by 2.5 whatever the serving size is the nutrition to get
the correct amounts. So this one actually is 1. Ingredients: apple juice, banana
puree, blueberry puree, blackberry puree, so pretty much a lot of fruit and
then the vitamins which are added into it. One of these bottles is 320 calories 76
grams of carbs 55 of which are sugar. Some of you might be thinking, “Alyssia, all of
those ingredients were natural they’re all from fruits and vegetables there’s
no added sugar.” That is true but we still need to be aware of how much sugar we’re
consuming overall even if it is natural. Let’s get one thing clear here sugar is not
evil, fruit is not bad and will not make you fat. Your body uses sugar to survive and
burns sugar to provide you with energy. But if you you have filled your body up with more
sugar than it actually needs your liver can’t handle it and end up getting
stored as fat and it doesn’t matter where the sugar comes from it we have
too much of it. So this is why I really active people can eat way more calories
and carbs and sugar than people who aren’t as active. They’re burning off the
fuel that they’re taking in. So how much is too much? Well it’s going to be a little
bit different for everyone but we can use some common sense to figure it out.
Let’s take a look at this juice again. This contains 27 blueberries, 3 blackberries, 3
1/3 apples, and 1 banana. Now would you ever sit down and eat 27 blueberries, 3 blackberries, 31/3 apples, and 1 banana at once? Or would you sit down and give your kid
all those things to eat at once? Probably not. This is healthy which is a relative term then I
hate in terms of ingredients because the ingredients are pretty solid right.
Healthy fruits but when we look at the macros and we look at how much sugar is
there you know we may not want to consume this at least all at one time.
It’s not really one servings worth of juice. 320 calories is also quite a lot for one
beverage and when you compare this to a coca-cola, now this one’s a little bit smaller,
but this is 15.2 fluid ounces. If I took 15.2 fluid ounces of coca-cola it would be 50 grams of sugar. How much did we say this one was? 55. So this is still gonna have five
more grams of sugar than a coke. Another analogy, let’s just look at plain table
sugar. There are 4 grams of sugar in 1 teaspoon, 3 teaspoons in 1 tablespoon. So you
have 12 grams of sugar in 1 tablespoon. That means you have over four
tablespoons of sugar in this juice bottle. Now of course it’s not table
sugar that sweetening this right that is important to keep in mind but
you know would you sit down and eat 4 tablespoons of sugar at once? You know or
give that to your kid? Another juice I want to point out is kids juices. So Motts for Tots
and Honest Kids, great brands by the way. They’re advertising this as 40%
less sugar and they’re charging you a butt load for it. When you look at the
ingredients the number one is purified water and then its apple juice concentrate.
The point is there diluting this with water. So they’re
literally pour half water, pour half juice, bottle it up, and sell it to you for five
bucks. 60 calories and 15 grams of sugar in eight ounces. If you look at a regular
serving of apple juice it’s about double that. Just do it yourself. Save yourself some money, it won’t be quite as processed. How about a thumbs up? So what about juice concentrates? What is the deal? Well juice
is mostly water and water is bulky and heavy and expensive to ship. So most juices
are concentrated by extracting or evaporating with heat most of that water
so you’re left with the concentrated form which is similar to what you’ll
find in the frozen food section at your grocery store. Later on they will add
water back to the concentrate to re-hydrate it. So you can see that this
process makes juice from concentrate a little more processed. Concentrate is
pretty much a fancy name for syrup. It is from the fruit, yes, but it is so
concentrated that you’re getting way more sugar than you need and again you’re not
getting any of the fiber and very few of the vitamins and mineral. So let’s take a
look here Bolthouse Farms Berry Boost. Now I am a huge Bolthouse Farms fan. I drink the carrot juice every single day. But you gotta know what you’re drinking. First ingredient in
the berry boost apple puree from concentrate, apple juice from concentrate, blackberry
puree, banana puree, elderberry berry juice from concentrate yeah pretty much it’s all
from concentrate. Here’s an example as well of a bottle that has two servings
in it. So it’s a 120 calories and 24 grams of sugar per
serving but that means it’s 240 calories and
48 grams of sugar in the entire bottle. So important to note
from concentrate does not necessarily mean that there is added sugar but because it
is using the concentrated syrup to sweeten you’re getting much more sugar
than you would otherwise. Also it is processed. So if you’re someone who’s trying to avoid processed foods
you have to understand that this is still a processed food. Now is it
healthier “healthier” than some of the other processed foods out there? Maybe so,
but if you’re trying to avoid processed foods completely don’t think you’re
getting away for drinking this. Just because it says that there’s this many
servings of fruit or it’s 100% juice or whatever the claims are doesn’t
make it healthy. I’ve said this before health claims are evil. Dun, Dun, Duuuuunn. We
do not want to listen to claims they are deceiving. These companies, the marketers
they design these so that you want to buy them, right, they want your money. If this
bottle instead had in big letters on it that there was 48 grams of sugar and that
it was all from concentrate and that you would have to eat more than seven cups
of strawberries to get the amount of sugar in this. Would you buy it? Probably not. Yeah
so you’re not gonna sit down on a normal day and eat seven cups strawberries
probably. So that’s where I’m saying you gotta use your common sense a little bit but they
make it really hard when it’s so hard to decipher everything that’s on this
bottle. So if you buy a regular juice at the store it will say something like
140 calories for 36 grams of sugar in 8 ounces. Ok. When you buy
the concentrate at the store it’s the same calories 140, 36
grams of sugar but the serving size is 2 ounces concentrated 8 ounces recon.
Recon means reconstituted. So once it has been re-hydrated. When you go to like the
Panera or something and you get a smoothie and it’s made with concentrate,
they’re not rehydrating the concentrate to juice before they added to the smoothie
they’re just adding the concentrate. They’re just adding the frozen syrup and
then of course there are adding a bunch of other stuff too and more sugar. A few others to take a
look at we have organic blueberry flavored juice blend from concentrate. And it has the USDA organic seal, must be
healthy. So I’ve said this before organic does not always make it better. Water is the first ingredient because it
is from concentrate. So this is about 75% water because they have had to
reconstitute the concentrate. This is followed by organic apple juice
concentrate, organic blueberry concentrate, concentrate, concentrate. Now at
the bottom you’ll see natural flavors. Now it is important to remember that the
concentrating process does not only remove the water it also removes flavor. So
many of the manufacturers actually have to add back in these flavor packs
which are pretty much chemicals that are gonna make it teased natural again. Now
some of the juices like this one will say natural flavors. But some of them
won’t and they actually don’t have to put if they use those flavor packs because it’s
still ingredients that are coming from the original fruit. Sneaky. Also juices using
these flavor pack can be from concentrate or not from concentrate or
100% juice. We don’t really know. So the last type of juice that I wanna hit on today, I could
of course talk forever about the millions of juices available but we gotta keep this video
under control is vegetable juice. Vegetable juice. V8 is 100% vegetable juice from concentrate and added ingredients. Really small underneath there. They don’t really want you to know it’s from concentrate. Other health claimes 2 servings of veggies. Now here’s what I really want to point out I walk in a store, I go down the juice aisle, I’m looking for my vegetable juice and I see it but then I
look below and I see the exact same juice and it is low sodium. So why is
there a low-sodium version of this vegetable juice? I probably wouldn’t have
thought to look at the sodium because I think it’s a vegetable juice why would
there be that much sodium in it but now that you have a low sodium version I am
definitely gonna look. In the original V8 there is a whopping 640 milligrams of sodium in 8oz. Now if you remember from Dining debunked
Panera we talked a lot about sodium. You’re recommended to have 1,500 milligrams of
sodium a day, debatable, but the point is the recommended this is almost half that
in one 8oz glass. Also that you can get two servings of vegetables in. No thank you, but at least
it’s gluten-free. Also important to note the first ingredient is reconstituted
vegetable juice blend. So this stuff is extremely process and again I’m not
hating. I think tomato juice has it’s place. It’s great to cook with. I like to cook
my grains in it to give a lot of extra flavor. But just drinking it to get your
vegetables, they are better sources. Like real vegetables. And V8 fusions. Fusing the fruits and vegetables so now you really don’t have to eat any fresh
fruits or veggies could you got this. Not only are there health claims there are also
anti-health claims. So you’ve got the normal 100 calories and you know all your
vitamin C but you’ve also got no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavors, and no
high fructose corn syrup. Now usually if someone is putting that there’s no high
fructose corn syrup there’s sugar in it still, it’s just some other kind or
regular sugar. Also watch out for the words cocktail. Thirst quenching juice
cocktail. That is a bad sign. So they what us to think that this is a great substitute for fruits and vegetables but what is one of the greatest things about fruits and
vegetables? The fiber! Yes, thank you for listening. 100 calories, 26 grams of
carbs 25 of which are sugar and a whopping 0 grams of fiber and yes
sugar is an added ingredient. This is not a nutritious juice it is sugary processed
water and it should be consumed as a treat if at all. Frankly if I’m going to have a treat I
want something that’s way better than this juice but you know, your cheat meals are
your own. Ultimately it is fine if you want to pick up one of these juices or smoothies on
occasion here or there but remember that nothing is going to replace the
nutritional value of your fruit and vegetables and if you are going to pick
up one of those juices whether it’s in the cold section and seems healthier or
on the shelf make sure you read the label, make sure you see if it’s from
concentrate, and always read the ingredient list. And I am sorry that I couldn’t get
to every juice that’s out there on the market that would’ve taken forever so
if I didn’t get to your favorite juice I’m so sorry but before you comment and
say “Well what about my juices?” “Is my juice ok?” I want you to stop and think about what
you learned and think about how you can apply to your lifestyle. So the point of
these videos is not to tell you which juice to drink and not to drink. It’s to
help teach you to be able to read the labels yourself and make informed
decisions for yourself. And for all of you that have made it this far wow your
amazing. In my last how to choose tortillas and top 10 unhealthy health food videos a
lot of you guys said “What do you do with all this food that you buy and you use in the videos and then you don’t use it, what do you do with it?” “Do you eat it?” No I don’t eat it and I
don’t throw it away, I don’t waste it, I return it. So Christian and I used to try and go film
in the stores but we started getting kicked out and we just decided it was easier to buy
it and then send it back. Alright that is it for now, I hope you have an awesome weekend. I will
see you on Monday for a special episode. And remember it’s all a matter of Mind Over Much.

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