Clean Cloudy Vitamix Containers: Easy how to!

Hey guys. All right. Deep cleaning your Vitamix. Getting that cloudy film off the container. Happens everyone. There’s an easy fix, and it’s not just running a clean cycle. It’s not just doing a vinegar soak. Here’s how you do it. Make a baking soda paste. So a little bit of baking soda, warm water, mix it around, and then get in there with a brush. We’re using an old toothbrush. Brush out those stains. They’re not really stains. They’re just mineral deposits that have been left there by the water that you didn’t dry off your container. You ran a cleaning cycle. La la la, super clean. And then you just kind of set it on the counter with drops of water. Now the vinegar soak does do a pretty good job. You can actually scrub scrub a good amount of those clouds off the side of the container. The baking soda scrub works like magic. I will say when we did this we did soak it in vinegar for 24 hours and then to the baking soda scrub so I can’t speak to how it would work with just using baking soda and water without the vinegar. So try the vinegar first. See what you can get off, and then use the baking soda. It’s worth a little bit of extra effort especially if you’re only going to do this every month or two. It’s pretty remarkable how clean and shiny you can get your container after using a little baking soda and water and a toothbrush. Here’s the before cloudy container and here’s the after next to a brand new container. You can definitely tell one has been used a lot. This is our container we’ve been using for two and a half years. Pretty good. Now if you have an Ascent Series or a Smart System Vitamix container with the clear lid that clicks on, there is going to be a rubber seal that you’re going to want to clean under. Here’s how you do it. Super easy. Take a butter knife and just kind of touch the end of it, sort of perpendicular to the container. And then just kind of lever up so you can kind of get under that seal and then just pull it off. It stretches and goes right back on really easily. You gonna find some pretty gnarly stuff in there. Same thing baking soda water, scrub scrub scrub. And guys if you want to do this baking soda wash less often, after you run a cleaning cycle, the normal warm water and soap cleaning cycle, just dry off the container. Those mineral deposits are not going to have an opportunity to stick to the side of the container. It’s going to stay nice and shiny for longer. And guys if you haven’t already definitely subscribe to our channel. Hit the bell to get notified. And if you appreciate it is like this, hit that thumbs up. Thank you so much for watching and we will see you in the next one.

40 thoughts on “Clean Cloudy Vitamix Containers: Easy how to!

  • i was surprised at how like-new we got our nearly 3-year old, used-daily-at-least vitamix container. so shiny!

  • Thanks for passing on the top about wiping the container dry after cleaning. That can cut down the deposits to next to nothing.

  • I wash and dry my A3500 container every time with HOT water and Dawn soap. I take out the ring every time as well. The hotter the water the better because it cuts the grease and oils from your hands that smudge the container.

  • I never knew the rubber ring was removable. I took it off today and couldn’t believe the yuck underneath! It’s clean now. Thanks for that!!

  • I used mine to grind some coffee beans and it did perfect job but left the bottom cloudy, I think it's actually hazed from scratches as it was clear before I used it. assuming this !method will not work in my case?

  • I have my Vitamix and several containers for about four (4) years and all the containers look as if I took them out of the box. I use Dawn Dishwashing liquid and water in the container and use the Vitamix to wash as per manufacture's instructions. I rise out the container immediately and hand dry with a microfiber cloth. Then I set the container set on the counter for about four (4) hours for an additional air dry. The microfiber cloth seems to buff the surfaces.

  • This did not work. I came home to a giant rust puddle coming from the leak of the blades. Now, my blender blades have rust. Then I continued to the next step and the baking soda did nothing. My container looks the same but now it's rusted. Wish I could send pics.

  • why would somebody go through all that labor, if you can simply dry it with a dish towel right after you wash it. I do that every single time: wash, rinse with HOT water, pour it out (there are then only a few drops left over), take a towel and wipe it clean. NO-ONE can tell me that they have no time for that. I takes only SECONDS. Oh, right! People who always point out that they have no time for ..whatever.., spend hours watching Youtube videos about how to clean a cloudy Vitamix container. And then spend hours on »trying« to get the container clean.

  • If you don’t want to scrub and don’t want to use vinegar, fill the container to the brim with water and then drop a few denture tablets. Leave it overnight. It works really well.

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  • After you have used the vinegar, don't waste it. Pour it on your weeds on or along the sidewalk to send them to their demise.

  • I have learned by trial and error, after use to wash, rinse it really well and DRY it real good, I dont' let it drip dry at all.. Thanks for the tip!

  • Thank you for the information, I tried it yesterday and it worked on my 7 year old container. I have never cleaned it, nor do I dry it after washing. It took a couple hours and lots of elbow grease but it's beautiful again.

  • I'm afraid I have scratched my vitamix container and that makes me so sad. It looks so old. But I'll give those tips a chance..

  • Can you please give the ratio of vinegar to water that should be used for the vinegar soak? I watched the video a bunch of times because I thought I must have missed those instructions but I can't seem to find it. Please let me know.

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