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Hello lovely people! Okay, we are going to make a classic chocolate cake, a birthday cake special occasion cake, a cake for any reason cream, seasonal fruit, delicious. It’s so simple to do and I’m gonna be bigging up my beautiful bake ware range. So we are gonna go in here with 200g of butter 200g of sugar 3 tablespoons of coco powder sort of lightly heaped and I’m just gonna loosen that with a little boiling water just to make a little paste So once you mix the chocolate up, lets get that in there and then we’e gonna go in with 3 eggs and 200g of plain four and last but not least I’m gonna go in with one nice heaped teaspoon, just tap it down so its mildly heaped of baking powder. Simple as that One thing i forgot was a nice pinch of salt Okay so I’ve got the lovely mix here, look at that. What I like to do now is put some almonds in, so a nice handful of almonds in there like that. That’s gonna give it a nice bit of texture. So I’ve got 2 of my beautiful spring form tins here I’m gonna divide this lovely mix by 2 straight on to some grease proof paper I’ve just literally cut some grease proof paper out to fit and then what I’m gonna do is just use my lovely spatula here just to ease it out to the edge and of course when it cooks it will kind of melt a little bit and find its natural base and as soon as you’ve done that we are gonna put that straight into the oven So we’ll put that in the oven for 25 minutes at 180 degree Celsius which is 350 degree fahrenheit. while that’s cooking it’s a perfect time to make a lovely simple chocolate sauce so I’ve got 100g of good quality chocolate there. 70% coco solids I’m then gonna go in with 100g of lovely butter, unsalted. That will go in like that. Then 100g of icing sugar Then just a little swig of milk So we want to melt the butter and the chocolate really gently so you don’t split is. So don’t boil the water just lightly simmer it and then don”t let the bottom of the bowl touch the boiling water and you’ll be absolutely fine So while that’s melting I’m gonna make some creme chantilly So 200ml of beautiful double cream A little cap of natural vanilla extract Just a tiny pinch of icing sugar. Lightly whisk that up now when we are whisking cream We want to slightly under whip it If you whip it perfectly, sometimes when it just sort of sits, it gets even thicker and that’s not what you want. So look we’re nearly there guys You can see it getting thicker Look at that. Okay, we have cream done the sauce nicely melted. Next job is to get some beautiful fruit, any seasonal fruit got loads of lovely strawberries there we got some nice raspberries these beautiful sponges are in the oven for another 5 minutes, when they’ve cooled down I’ll show you how to put it all together So we have our 2 spongeshere cooked, they’ve cooled down for about 10 minutes Now, if you want to test that the sponge is actually cooked go to the thickest part and put in a lovely cake tester here absolutely cool, leave it for a second, pull it out. If it’s clean we’re all good so that’s a nice thing. We’ve let them cool down. I’m gonna un-click the base, take off the little bit of grease proof paper. This is the really fun bit We’ve got a nice cake stand here. Then we’re gonna go on with a little of our cream. So just use the pallet knife to take the cream right to the edge, and once you’ve done that, add our fruit layer and then we’re gonna get the other sponge here and just flip that upside down again. Remove the grease proof paper and then I quite like to put a little cream on this side as well, so it’s not dry one two three beautiful. Chocolate time. and I’m just gonna pour the sauce on. As it cools down this chocolate will get much thicker So I quite like it when you put it on the top and you just let it go right here over the edge Just let it sit for a couple of minutes, it will firm up it will look beautiful again, little pin comes out again and we can just kind of like ripple beautiful little vibes out here So there you go guys, that is my chocolate surprise cake Enjoy it, enjoy it! If you want to find out more about my gorgeous bake ware then hit the i box up there and if you want anymore chocolate recipes, me and Alfie Deyes made an amazing chocolate cookie recipe that your gonna love hit the link in the description box. Until next time Bye guys.

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