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– Chika.
– Sir. Did I just see you
look– you look– boy, you look like you saw something. I was getting ready to
go check on baby girl to see how she doing. What’s wrong with her? There was a little cat fight. Ah, you can kill that
real quick, though. While I’m at the bar,
I kept overhearing something that
happened on a group date between Tondy and Nina. Y’all ain’t talked all night. You haven’t. You ain’t talked all night. OK. So can we squash it? We grown. That’s just the bottom line. So if you’ve got beef, is– I feel like, you know, you
should be able to squash it. – Listen.
– [INAUDIBLE] going on here. Whatever happened between
y’all was an accident, right? I’m– can we agree on that? Mistakes happen. Y’all full grown. She didn’t mean it.
You didn’t mean it. All right, let
me say something. Let her say this, right?
– Yeah. – You guys–
– Oh, no, no, no, no. You right.
Y’all can speak. I’m just in the middle.
– –her speak I’m just in the middle. I don’t feel good
about what happened. And I feel like
your intent wasn’t to hurt me, but I already– Naw, It wasn’t. Sh, because you weren’t there. Let me tell you
something about me. I’m very straight
from the hip lady. If you felt like I was
trying to hurt you, I don’t do things like that. Hey, hey, what is it going
to take for y’all to squash it? But that’s what we’re
talking about now. Like, this– this is
– I’ve never done– [INAUDIBLE] crazy, yo. [INAUDIBLE] crazy. This is supposed
to be about Nina and I. London and
Chika weren’t there. This is women’s business. I feel like we could
do this without the men. You weren’t even– you didn’t
even set it up without the men. I was just trying to–
– [INAUDIBLE] if I know– That’s all I was doing there. I say as women,
we can hug it out. We don’t need no
man to jump in– [INAUDIBLE]
[BLEEP] with y’all. So I’m not going to get
in the middle with you. [INAUDIBLE] nothing.
– That’s all I’m saying. You tripping right now. I’m not tripping. Then why are you
sitting here then? I’ve been sitting here. You came to the conversation. Oh, no, no, no. [INTERPOSING VOICES] You was over there with Darin.
That’s what you was doing. – I was talking to–
– Man, go check– I was talking to my girl. –over here with us. Not him. You were sitting
over there with him. – No I was not.
– You got to check your mouth. I was over there
talking to Tondy. Like–
[INTERPOSING VOICES] You doing extra.
You doing extra. Ain’t nobody being extra, boy. You don’t even know
what’s going on. I don’t even get
down like that, man. Oh my God. I will check the [BLEEP]
out your ass wherever we at. [GASPS] Boy. I immediately just shut
down because I’m not fixing to go back
and forth with you because there’s no
reason at all, Chika, for you to disrespect a woman. You better go tell a stage
joke somewhere or something.

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