Chase Bank Sit-In With Jane Fonda: Stop The Money Pipeline

BILL MCKIBBEN: Hello there can we speak to the manager please. MANAGER:Yes I’m the manager Bill McKibben. MANAGER: Nice to meet you MCKIBBEN: This is Reverend Lenox. REVEREND LENNOX YEARWOOD: Nice to meet you. MCKIBBEN: So we’re representing a whole coalition
of environmental groups and Chase is as you know the biggest funder of fossil
fuels in the country. So we have a letter that we’d like you to send back to New
York to Jamie Dimon and we’re just gonna wait here and see what kind of answer we
get because we get because we need Chase to stop funding fossil fuels, so we’re just going to be
hanging out here for a while. MANAGER: Alright well unfortunately you can’t hang out in the branch but I will take care of this for you. MCKIBBEN: Alright Liz you probably want to talk
about that. LIZ BUTLER: So right we’re gonna. MCKIBBEN: You can introduce me. BUTLER: We’re not gonna leave. MCKIBBEN: Why don’t we go, we’ll
just go sit down over here for a while JANE FONDA: I’m gonna give you Bill McKibben who is
currently occupying the Chase Bank. MCKIBBEN: Hey everybody can you hear me there? Greetings from about a half mile away. There’s about 25 of us inside the Chase Bank branch. And this really marks the
launch of this stop the money pipeline campaign beginning what’s going to be hundreds, thousands of demonstrations like the ones that are happening today. Massive
civil disobedience, massive unrest about the financial system. We are so happy to
be with y’all. The police have just arrived here and we want to send a big
message out from here everybody. OSPREY ORIELLE LAKE:These banks have an amazing opportunity they could lead the way out of this climate crisis. Because if they shutdown the money, they’re gonna shutdown the fossil fuel industry. They can be the ones that say no more. My name is Tara Houska, I’m Bear Clan
from Couchiching First Nation and I’m coming from resistance camp in Minnesota where I’ve been living 200 yards off a proposed pipeline route that wants to go
through my people’s territory. My message is for all of us. We have power. We have
so much power. We can build the world we want and we can demand this won’t change us at the same time. So pull your money out of the banks, stand brave, stand fearless,
because we’re in this together. Banks, like Chase, are using our money to fund these projects that are killing the planet. If you bank with one of these
banks, divest your money! YEARWOOD: We’re here to bring you a message. If you
continue to fund projects that are literally putting our existence on the
line, then you have left us no choice That we must put our bodies against the
gears of the machine and bring it to a grinding halt. So again those who are
working, I know on a Friday, I know this is probably the last thing you want to
see, but get used to it because we’re gonna be there everywhere you are and
long as you continue to fund destruction. All we’re asking is that let us live.
Let us live. Stop the money pipeline. Thank you.

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