Celery Soda Pop Celery Champagne Recipe

welcome friends today we’re going to
continue our exploration of pop and this is one that a lot of people requested
from me it is celery soda I think there’s only one remaining company in
the American northeast they pretty much only sell in New York City and it’s
called Doc Brown’s cel-ray celery soda but pre-world War two this was a very
popular drink and I’m kind of intrigued by it and I’m really looking forward to
making it so we’re gonna start out I’ve got a juicer and I’m going to juice some
celery now don’t worry if you don’t have a juicer you don’t need to juice the
celery you could just use water great so I’m looking for just about a
cup of celery juice and I’ve got just a little bit more here I’m gonna put this
into the pot and there we go and next in I’m going to put celery seed and some
cardamom seed I this is this is cardamom that I’ve removed from the pod you could
just take pods and crush those up as well
this is just some stuff that I had in the in the cupboard so I’m going to use
it so I’ll give this a stir so I just want to bring this up to a boil and once
it’s boiling maybe boil it a minute two minutes and then we’re going to take it
off the heat and let it steep for at least a half an hour okay for all the
Canadians out there it smells like a Caesar in here really smells like a
Caesar so I’ve got a super fine mesh strainer and I just want to strain out
this liquid okay I’m going to clean the pot and then we’ll move on to the next
step okay now we’re going to pour this back into the pot turn the heat back on
just kind of a medium medium-high and we need to dissolve the sugar into this
liquid there’s a lot of sugar because this is a syrup this syrup is then going
to be mixed with carbonated water later so it’s going to seem like a lot of
sugar but in the end it’s really not so in goes the sugar and this is of course
cane sugar I know everybody’s gonna ask so it is cane sugar and we’re just gonna
stir that and heat it gently until it’s fully dissolved okay this looks good
the sugar is fully dissolved so I’m gonna put this back into the measuring
cup and I have some citric acid here I’m
going to put that in and just stir it in now I’m going to stick this in the
fridge and let it cool down completely before we give it a taste test okay Jules all right
give a little stir not a huge stir there you go so what have you made for us today give
it a try it smells like salad it smells like
celery yes I don’t know if it tastes like
celery though it’s very slightly celery er no it’s a lot a lot of that is smell
yeah yeah like a lot of foods right like cinnamon cinnamon is all about smoke
yeah that is very refreshing though I could drink that all afternoon it is
refreshing but I think every time I sip it it’s kind of like why is there no gin
in it well you know what’s interesting is it’s kind of got that gin or Caesar
kind of vibe to it because you always so Julie had no clue what she was coming
into taste no clue whatsoever earlier in the video I said as I was making it up I
looked at the camera instead of your Canadian it smells like a Caesar in here
so that’s funny so yes because of that that celery kind of you know so you
could this is a little bit of clam juice and some vodka or gin and you’ve got a
Caesar you’ve got a clear Caesar you don’t need the tomato juice no you could
just you know if you wanted to Swank it off you’d garnish it with like yeah it’s
a little tomatoes on a stick good deal tomatoes on a stick with a shrimp oh
that yeah okay I was skeptical I’m completely blown
away by that I can drink that all afternoon or something to me there’s
something really nice absolutely refreshing but every time I taste is
like there’s a little bit distracting little
distracting and that could just because I’m not used to it as a beverage flavor
does that make sense I’m just not accustomed to it maybe if I drank it off
him but it does it is very responsible so in the 1800’s okay this was a very
popular beverage good went by a bunch of different names celery Champaign was one
of the names okay there is I think only one producer left
and we look for it and when we were in Montreal because I thought if when we
were trolling through some of the food places in Montreal that we’d be able to
find it because there is a Montreal New York New York connection yeah couldn’t
find it you have to go to New York to get Doc Brown’s or order it and pay
ridiculous shipping on Amazon which I’m not willing and across border yeah all
that stuff but now I’m curious is there a lot of sugar in it um there’s as much
sugar as any pop okay that’s the regular citizen it is a regular pop yeah yeah so
if you want something a little bit different and if you want something that
would mix a really great cocktail you know don’t have to think of it as a
cocktail syrup but if you want something that mixes a really great give this a
try thanks for stopping by see you again
soon okay you

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