Celery Seed Oil…AMAZING!

– Hi guys, I was super
excited when celery seed essential oil was announced
because of how great this oil is for your
entire digestive tract. From the esophagus, the stomach, small intestine, and large intestine. And the primary molecule is limonene and this oil also has linalool in it. So limonene and linalool are both very powerful molecules
for our digestive tract. Now, I’m gonna taste this. I’ve never tasted it before, so this is the first time
’cause we just got it and I was waiting for this video. – The aroma is so strong. It has a spicy aroma to it,
does it taste like the aroma? – Ooh it’s bitter.
– Yeah. – Like real bitter.
– I smell it. – No, no, no, no.
– Oo ow! – I’m a Veggie Cap girl.
– That’s bitter. – But I’m going to take this,
three drops in my Veggie Cap, every single day, for
the digestive benefits. – That’s bitter.
– Oh yeah. – Very bitter. The benefits of celery juicing– – You smell like a bloody Mary (laughs). – So we love juicing celery, of course. It’s what we get most of
the water from when we juice other types of fruits and vegetables because there’s so much water in celery. But the benefits are exceeded
with celery seed oil. – Now the reason why is it’s
a different part of the plant. A celery plant takes
two full years to mature to grow its flowers, which
the seeds are in the flowers and that’s where we get our
celery seed essential oil. – There’s no seed in the stalk. – Right. – Which is what we juiced. – Just the plants, the flowers that grow. – Beautiful. – Yeah. – All right. There’s a whole list of
benefits of celery seed oil. I’m just going to rattle them off for you. Celery seed oil provides
antioxidant benefits and increases the antioxidant
activity in our body. Number two, it’s great for
our cardiovascular health, so for heart and for our vessels because linalool is very
relaxing to the arteries and veins in our body
which is a wonderful thing for cardiovascular health. For oral health, teeth and gums, this is very protective, so if
you can handle the bitterness of this oil it’s gonna be okay. My teeth and gums are so
healthy right now and clean. Number four, it’s great
for your metabolism. It stimulates proper
metabolism in our body. This oil is of course very calming to our brain and nervous system. It also supports a healthy immune system, and also respiratory function
and just clear breathing. So just all these different benefits because of limonene and linalool, the effect is global on our body. But, most importantly, for our gut. Now I want feature that for a second. 70% of our immune system
is really in our gut or based on the health of our gut. And when we use celery seed oil, it protects the mucosa lining throughout the entire digestive system, esophagus, stomach, large
intestine, small intestine. And it protects the mucosa
lining from breaking down which is critically
important for the health of our stomach lining and our small and large intestine lining. Mostly, our small intestine
lining because that’s where food is absorbed, that’s
where toxins are repelled, and when we have a properly
intact mucosa lining our gut is much, much healthier
and much more resilient. And in turn, our immune
system is that much stronger. – Now, bonus, on top
of great for digestion, it’s also amazing, you
guys, for any discomfort in your joints when you start
taking celery seed internally. – And the recommended way
to take celery seed is not just in your mouth like I just did. – No (laughs), do it my way,
three drops in your Veggie Cap every single day. Now another great way is if
you make your morning juice or a smoothie, go ahead
and put a couple drops in there for all the benefits
that you’re going to get right away in the morning. – Another great benefit of
this oil is for our stomach because a lot of us
carry around a bacteria called Helicobacter pylori, H. pylori. And this is the bacteria
that’s responsible for causing ulcers. So if we have that
discomfort, that sharp pain in our stomach, then celery
seed oil in a Veggie Cap is going to give you
tremendous relief and healing for this type of extreme
discomfort that we can feel when we have those
types of flare-ups. – It’s so powerful.
– Mm-mm. – All right guys, this is an
absolute daily use oil for you. Put it in your kitchen, in
your smooth, in a Veggie Cap like Megan’s going to
start doing immediately. And we love you guys and we’ll
see ya on the next video.

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