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Rebekah: Hey guys. It’s Bex here and today
I am here with Summer. Say hi. No? OK. We are going to make my favorite smoothie with
a brand new ingredient cashew milk and it’s going to be really exciting and I’m going
tell you different tips on smoothie-making that you may not have known already. Ready
to get started? First I like to start off my smoothies with
at least half greens and I like to pick dark, leafy greens. A lot of people are on kale
right now. I don’t love kale because it’s kind of bitter. So I use baby spinach, which is super sweet,
and it’s packed with iron and is really good for you. This is about how much – we’re
not starting yet. This is about how much spinach that I use. It’s a ton. Summer: The red one is loud too. Rebekah: Which red one is loud? Summer: Vacuum. Rebekah: The vacuum, I know. I always add
some filtered water. I put that in, maybe about eight ounces. It’s 12 ounces. I don’t
know. Smoothie-making is not a science. You just put in what you like. You mix it all
together and see how it turns out. If it turns out bad, don’t do that again. You’re going
to help me peel a banana? Summer: I could do it. Rebekah: These bananas are a little bit under-ripe
for me. I like when they have some brown spots. That’s actually when the banana is going
to be best for you. Pick an apple that’s about this size. Summer, did you eat part
of my apple already? Summer: Yes. Rebekah: Yeah. So we’re going to mix this
up a little bit just to get it started, so we can add more stuff into it. All right.
Close your ears. You want to hold on to me? Summer: No. Rebekah: So a good tip for actually having
your kids eat healthy food is to have them participate in the shopping and the food preparation.
Are you eating my pineapple? So we’re going to add in pineapple. I like a lot of pineapple.
It’s high in sugars, in water content and in fiber. It really gets your systems going.
So I eat an entire small pineapple or a half of a large pineapple. I always leave my water room temperature.
That’s actually the best for digesting. So I keep my water pitcher on the counter.
So I’m making a smoothie. I just add in a few ice cubes to make it not warm. It also
helps reduce the breakdown of enzymes and nutrients in the fruits and vegetables that
you’re using, because when you’re heating things and blending, it heats up the fruits
and vegetables only slightly. It does reduce the nutritional level but it’s like so small,
I wouldn’t even worry about it. But I worried about it by adding the ice. Last but not least, I am going to add in – excuse
me. Can you back up just a little bit? Thank you. My unsweetened Silk Cashewmilk. Adding
dairy and mixing it with fruits and vegetables can cause like a gastric nightmare. It’s
also better for the environment. Raising a dairy cow puts a tremendous strain
on the environment and if you look up statistics about factory farms, factory farming of cows
is actually worse for the environment than driving a car. So I would rather drive a Hummer
than put dairy in my smoothie. I know. That’s funny because I don’t drive a Hummer. I
drive a Toyota Scion. It’s a tiny little car. So we’re going to mix this up. This
looks beautiful, doesn’t it? What color is this? Summer: Green. Rebekah: What color? Summer: Green! Rebekah: Green! Summer: Green is my favorite … Rebekah: She said green is her favorite color. Summer: I can’t like loud. Rebekah: You can’t like loud? Summer: Yeah. Rebekah: Oh, well. Well, sometimes things
get loud in the kitchen. The funny story about these mugs is that everyone remarks on my
Instagram every time I post them. They’re like, “Where can I get those cool, stainless
steel mugs? They’re actually from a root beer truck that we go to. So I made about 50 ounces of smoothie and
that’s good for two people. It’s a nice breakfast. The difference between a smoothie
and a juice is that a smoothie is an actual meal replacement. So it has all the fiber,
has all the parts of the plant, so it’s good to have for breakfast and you’re not
missing anything. You like it? Yeah. Summer: That’s only mine. Rebekah: That’s only yours? Summer: Yeah. Rebekah: Should we let Annabel try some? Summer: But she’s a baby. Rebekah: She’s a baby? Summer: Yeah. Rebekah: She’s like, “Why did you wake
me up?” Want to say bye-bye? Bye-bye. Summer: Uh-uh. Rebekah: OK. She hates good-byes.

38 thoughts on “Cashew Milk Green Smoothie Recipe (that kids will drink) – BEXLIFE

  • I lobe making smoothies for my 2yr old….she loves them……she has had anemia for the longest time now and at first i was having a hard time getting her to eat any protien or iron rich foods…..the doctor suggested giving her baby cereal! Thats when i started making her smoothies and drinks them up and always asks for more….it has definitely helped bring her iron levels up….and we use kale and i take off the stem all the way to the top and ive never had a problem with it

  • This was adorable! I was laughing at Summer putting the half eaten Pineapple back in the bowl LOL! I'm sure you didn't mind sharing with her 😉 such a cutie! 

  • This is super fun! Summer is amazing! You all are) thanks for this recipe. Think you need to invite people foк some trip around your farm…and kitchen!)

  • Hi Bex and followers,

    Which top two or three budget friendly blenders wouod you reccommend for a college student?

    Thank you in advance! 

  • Yum!  I'm adding cashew milk to my grocery list now, I'm curious to see how it compares to the almond milk we usually use.  Now the important question, how do you get away with driving such a small car when you have five kiddos?!  I've got three and I've been in minivan land forever.   🙂

  • Summer is so cute in this video! She sure is growing up fast! Thanks for sharing another great smoothie recipe. Will have to check out the cashew milk next time I'm at the store. Thanks Bex! xo

  • Summer is so adorable. Will try it with almond milk. I wonder if I used cashews with soy milk would work, can't find cashew milk yet.

  • OMG!!! My favorite part of the vid was Summer, she is forever cute!!! and my 2nd fav part was the green delish smoothie of course <3 

  • Hi so I started introducing my son to smoothies as soon as he turned one. His is more of a snack. I actually put two ounces of organic milk. I am scared to stay away of milk . He has tried peanut butter and almond butter so far no reactions. He loves his smoothies. I only give him 5 ounces right now. Do you recommend cashew or almond milk 1 yr .

  • Awwww. Your kids are adorable. I like the smoothie, though I wouldn't ah bothered with the cashew milk. Thanks for sharing!

  • Sounds delicious!! I usually add whole cashews and that's awesome as well. I'm definitely going to look for that cashew milk! 

  • I loved your video I use unsweetened almond milk, but will have to try this if our Walmart got it yet! 🙂 Thank you for sharing this and will have to catch your other video's!

  • I love your videos so much!! I really like the way you talk and express yourself, you are very honest and funny. Keep doing what you are doing, it's beautiful!! I would like you to talk about Candida on one of your videos. I've been struggling with it and tried many different treatments. I'm debating myself about which is the best diet for candida… Some people say 801010 is the best, since candida grows on a environment rich in fat, not sugar. It doesn't make any sense to me, this is why I've tried a diet without any type of sugar for while, including fruits, but it didn't worked. Well, I don't want to take more of your time, reading my story. I just think there are many people out there with the same issue, that would like to hear what you have to say about about it. Thanks so much for reading me. 🙂

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