Can Boozy Ice Cream Get You Drunk?

– I truly am a lightweight,
but like, what? I had three scoops of ice cream! (rhythmic rock music) – I’m Chelsea. I’m a video producer in
New York, and I’m on my way to Tipsy Scoop, a place
that combines both ice cream and alcohol, two of my favorite things. (rhythmic rock music) – Just tried a bunch of the flavors. They were all delicious, and
now I’m gonna bring them back and see what my coworkers think. – Drinks, alcohol, and
then, like, had ice cream. But I’ve never, like, combined it. – We’re hoping that we can find
a really good intersection. – Yeah. – I love ice cream, and I love booze, so I definitely wanna try it. (rock music continues) – I wish I could swirl
this like it was alcohol. – It kinda looks like a Frosty. – Chocolate whiskey? I like both of those things. – Okay. – I don’t really, I don’t like whiskey. But this tastes really good. – I think chocolate and
whiskey is a good combination. I never thought about
combining the two before. – It’s really good, it tastes
like that bourbon flavor you get in a food that’s
made with dark liquors. – It’s not super overpowering,
I guess, which is good. – I also don’t really believe you that there’s alcohol in these. – This would be funny in, like, an ice cream cake at a birthday party. – Turn up at the playground. (cheery electronic music) – So this definitely gives me more of a coffee cream kinda look. – This is good. – It almost tastes like
a coffee-like martini. – It tastes like a frozen white Russian. – Irish cream… Eh? That was an Irish-like sound effect. – It doesn’t look like
it’s gonna be strong. – Yeah, it’s like vanilla ice cream that will also get me fucked up. – There’s like a hazelnut
or something in here? That definitely kinda helps like cope with the coffee bean flavor. – I wouldn’t order a Kahlua drink, but, like, I would buy this. – Our judgment is gonna get slowly skewed. (island music) – Really fucking excited
about this mango margarita. – Are you a tequila person? – I absolutely am. – Hell yeah. – This is better than a
lot of frozen margaritas I’ve had in, like, bars. – That’s good. – Yeah. – That’s really goddamn good. – I don’t like tequila at all. (laughs) That was strong. – Yeah, I think that one
tastes the most like alcohol. – It tastes kind of like
an orange creamsicle. – Good balance of mango
and tequila, for sure. – I think we both liked that one. – Yeah, a little too much. (laughs) (upbeat dance music) – This is actually delicious. – This is really good. – It’s good but I don’t
think I want a lot of it. – Yeah – This doesn’t taste like alcohol at all. – Like those Italian icee’s,
but like an adult Italian icee. – I’m gonna finish this. (laughs) This was really good. (dramatic music) (people blowing air) – 0.0 – I got .03, I can drive home. – I got .05. – 0.0. – I got 0.0000000. – .07. (laughs) That’s insane. – Ah man, I love this! – This is not a choice,
we were forced to do this. – I just wish maybe it was
a little more heavy handed, maybe there’s a little
more bang for your buck. – Maybe with a shot or
more alcohol on top. – I for sure would like eat, whenever the hell I wanted to get drunk, not wanting people to know
that I was getting drunk. – I would say these were really good, just tasted like ice cream,
that also gets you wasted. – “You had anything to drink today?” Well, I had a lot of ice cream, officer. (upbeat music) (woosh sound) (upbeat music)

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