Breville Sous Chef Pro Food Processor Review 2019 – Momjo – Best Food Processor?

hi I’m Carolina and I’m Liat from Momjo. How is it possible to be effective we live in the kitchen yeah yes today we
are reviewing the Breville sous chef 16 peel and guys for processors this guy is
feature type it’s loaded with lots of different accessories I have never ever
seen something like this that could basically do anything and everything you
need in your kitchen on one machine this is the food processor and this is the
accessory and then we have a challenge we are actually gonna do five tasks in
less than five minutes we’re going to see how much the Breville sous chef can
handle yes let’s do it you a new tomorrow don’t forget to give
us a thumbs up and of course join our community and subscribe to our videos
and don’t forget to leave us your comments we want your thumb first thing we’re going to do is a bit
of a walk through the accessories and the face of the sous-chefs experience
with it so what we love about this is the fact that there are two sides bowls
inside we put the smaller one if you’re only doing a small amount of stuff she
looks like the beautiful big spacious hole right in the middle and this other
behemoth is the accessory box so you have a small chopping blade for the
small bowl large chopping blade it’s a processing blade a dough blade if you
can make doing it there’s also an adjustable slicer there’s also a with
it’s a reversible shredder a julienne shredder and french fries cutter
who’s Julian Julian Julian high in the lower floor we have a peeler you can peel up to 12
small potatoes because the wonderful constructions you can also Cuba different vegetables
for just one of the things they’re gonna be doing today I’m ready to try these do we all started with the onion and we’re
doing just one onions to resume this small hole and using the mini traffic oh there’s a chocolate bomb you not not
because we’re using next we’re gonna do the slicing I’ve never done this before
this is very important because sweet potatoes are very hard to slice I’m ready
put some time next can we please do one of my favorite vegetables yes the
zucchini oh there’s a guinea are going to dice that little thing up y’all nice
business of Guinea we are gonna find the dicing kids at the very bottom off the
storage so the skin up is probably what’s gonna take up most of that minute
yes and now we’re going to get this so we’ve washed it with chopped egg
we’ve put this all together and now we’re going to see like I’m done looks like three seconds
yeah that was no children around next up we’re gonna make some french fries no
this is gonna be huge in my house I assure you the same we like making
anything with potatoes yeah especially since you know the kids will love it maybe a minute good job sous-chef yeah hold this right
this spring we are the ship’s keel of the way this is – we chop the onion we
make french fries we cubed x apini slice these beautiful sweet potatoes and the
shredded a lot of cabbage so only if you enjoyed this video and you want to go
you to make a food just like this yeah give us a comment below let us know what
do you like make me your food processor any car any questions so I tried this in
my kitchen would you have a year 100% yes
I think the only consideration you need to have in this space
disclaimer because it’s a wonderful device that lots of really tiny
accessories yes but you guys make sure they give us the space to store it all
you’ve got to get misty and camp out with the storage but in your pictures of
way to keep it all right so what nine ten I’ll turn it off a girl’s gonna get
ten out of ten nine points by yeah weird alright so if you are new to our
community you make sure to subscribe to mom Joe and follow us on social media at
finding mojo hope you enjoyed this video see you next time

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