Bosch 1893 Grinder – Brush Replacement

Welcome to M&M Tool and Machinery. I am Amy from Today I’m going to show you how to change your brushes on a Bosch 1893-6 grinder. This repair will take just a few minutes and for under $10 you can replace both brushes in your tool. We’ll start by
removing the brush covers on either side of the tool. We’ll go ahead and try to pry
this lead wire and go ahead and lift up the spring and the brush pops out, just
like that. So when you put your new brush in you’ll want to make sure that you
position it right in the brush holder. Remove this spring and the lead wire
sits this way. Try and get that to go in it’s a little
tight with it being new. Then we’ll want to make sure that we move this wire out of
the way so when we replace the switch cover there’s no obstructions. Go ahead
and now we’ll flip it to the other side and do the exact same thing. Okay same
thing, want to pry the lead wire out, lift up the spring, put the new brush in, replace the spring
and make sure the lead wire connection goes this way. And again try to tighten
this nice and tight. Push the wire down, replace the cover and just like that
you’re done. So for more videos like this you can check us out at
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You also can find all the schematics to break down these tools on our site with
part numbers that you may need for your repair. Thanks for watching!

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