Bobbatlu | బొబ్బట్లు | How To Make Andhra Style Puran Poli Recipe | Indian Traditional Sweet Recipes

Namaskaram! Welcome to Variety Vantalu. Today, we will learn a Traditional recipe. This dish is made for all festivals,
it is called ‘Bobbatlu’. Today, we will learn how to make Bobbatlu. To Make Bobbatlu, take 1 cup
all purpose flour in a bowl. Add 2 tbsp Semolina and mix it well. Add some water and make a soft dough. Add 4 tsp oil to the dough and mix it well. The dough is nicely mixed
and leave it for one hour. In the meantime, let’s boil
split bengal gram. switch on the stove,
add required water in a pan and boil it. While the water is boiling,
let’s wash the split bengal gram. Water has come to a boil, add washed
split bengal gram and cook it for 15 minutes. Split bengal gram is nicely cooked, let’s
switch off the stove and allow it to cool. Drain off the excess water
from the split bengal gram. Split bengal gram has cooled down. Add split bengal gram, jaggery and cardamom
powder in the mixie jar and grid it. Let’s take 1 cup jaggery for
1 cup split bengal gram. Now, the filling paste is nice and smooth,
remove it in the bowl. Mix it well. Filling mixture is nicely mixed,
let’s make balls from mixture. Filling and dough mixture is ready,
let’s start to make Bobbatlu. First apply the oil on banana leaf. Apply oil on hands and take some dough. Press the dough like this and place a
filling ball in the center and fold it. Make a ball and lightly press
with hands on the banana leaf. Once pan is heated, apply oil and
place the bobbattu on the pan. Roast the bobbattu on both sides. Bobbattu is ready now,
take it on to a serving plate. Similarly make the remaining bobbatlu
with dough and filling mixture. Everyone’s favorite Bobbatlu is
ready now, serve it with ghee. Do try it home and share your comments. For more Tradition recipes, subscribe to
Variety Vantalu.

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