Blendtec Professional 800 FULL REVIEW!

welcome to blending with henry featuring expression blending express your inner being personality and style through the food that you blend hey you guys how you doing welcome to the blending with henry show my name is henry you ever wonder why your blender at home has no engine in the once the smoothie shops well let me show you why now does this look familiar well blender said the smoothie shelves have this enclosure to dampen the sound and Blendtec has a blender made for home use that has its enclosure and it’s called the Professional 800 so if you guys are ready to take a look at this bad boy let’s get blending with Henry at last true quiet blending at home now if you’ve been to smoothie shops you guys coffee houses or even a local deli in order the smoothie of course you’ve seen the burners they use many times over you’ve seen a Blendtec however the ones of those commercial establishments don’t appear to look like the Blendtec machines you see at your local housewares stores neither do they resemble many of the models shown on Blendtec calm such as the blends at 725 shown here the commercial models have a sound enclosure hood that completely covers the blending jar to help dampen the noisy environment typically created by blenders professional 800 includes the sound enclosure hood that is engineered to dampen the blending noise and in my testing I found to reduce noise around 10 decibels which is very effective the Blendtec Professional 800 is built in the same form as this commercial cousin called the stealth 875 in fact they are nearly the same machine safe for the stealth 875 offering more preset blend cycles and a USB port allowing the business owner to customize their own blend cycles and upload them to the stealth 875 now while the Professional 900 has a USB port it’s inactive and it’s not designed for the user to program note the Professional 1800 and has a 10-year warranty while the stealth 875 offers a three-year warranty it’s important to know you guys that the professional in hunter is not certified for commercial use and the warranty may be voided if using a commercial establishment the professional in Henry has an appearance of well-built walking now both the sound enclosure and the blending base are made of very thick plastics and will withstand wear and tear in real world kitchens the three pronged power cord is very thick and it’s indicative of a high-performance product in fact it’s thicker than all of their homeland tech machines power cords other brands such as ninja generally have very thin two-prong power cords that are made for clock radios and will fray very easily now I love the Blendtec name molded into the sound enclosure and the mirror-polished blending table is a thing of beauty and the red accents really add a touch of class to professional 800 now those red accents on the blending table and the bottom of the machine serve as noise dampening souls you guys and they are made of rubber just as you see the barista had a smoothie shop simply touch a button on the blender and walk away the professional 1800 is built as such using a capacitive touchscreen that works like your smartphone and it offers 6 pre-programmed presets now you simply touch the on/off button followed by the mode switch then batters mixed drinks smoothies frozen treats whole juice hot soup pulse and the red X is the stop button now pressing the mode switch changes the screen to the slider control and it offers 11 speeds now when you’re done blending simply tap the power button and it all goes away except for the power button the professional 800 is compatible with all Blendtec jars so if you’re a legacy customer thinking about upgrading you may use your existing jars now the legendary 90 ounce wild side plus jar comes packaged with the professional 800 it’s a five sided jar for more efficient blending and contains a blunt blade driven by metal gears which is very safe for the hands during cleaning and it pulverizes very tough ingredients into a smooth consistency the professional 800 is also compatible with the mini wild side and twister jars that contain the same blade system as all other Blendtec jars when your Blendtec professional arrives at your doorstep expect to see a very tall box Blendtec packages their products very well for safe shipping and the box is beautifully detailed with pictures of recipes and features of the pro 800 inside the box you get a very powerful 3.8 horsepower machine designed to blend several types of recipes such as smoothies soups nut butters nut milks dips and frozen dessert include there’s a 90 ounce wild side plus jar with an upgraded vented lid that snaps in place it’s a definite improvement from the previous list ship with Blendtec jars now you will also get a blending 101 recipe book and a warranty card for the 10 year warranty that covers all parts all labor and shipping back and forth for service the professional 800 appears is a very large machine however the dimensions of 8.5 by 17 by 9 are surprisingly comparable to other machines without sound enclosures take a look at the blendtec 725 next to it it’s just 2 inches shorter than the Professional 800 but the Vitamix next to it is the same 17 inch height of course none of this matters if your cabinet height doesn’t accommodate either of these machines however this comparison is only the point out to the professional 800 isn’t quite as big as it may appear so what’s not so perfect about the pro 800 I just showed you how it compared to other machines in terms of height however it still presents a problem here you can see the pro 800 appears to have several inches of clearance from the cabinet in fact my kitchen cabinets are 21 inches in height see as I left the enclosure hood there isn’t enough clearance to fully open I have to pull the pro 800 out from underneath the cabinet to use it with the enclosure for Gladius smoothies and soups that’s perfectly fine however when using the twister jar for bloody nut butters frozen desserts or other thick ingredients the enclosure hood is completely useless the twister jar requires user intervention of hand twisting the blades so the enclosure hood must remain open or you may even find yourself completely removing it for convenience if you’re constantly using the twister jar [Music] now there’s this look familiar well blenders at the smoothie shops have this enclosure to dampen the sound well Blendtec has a blender made for home use that comes with this enclosure okay you guys I’m gonna make one of my recipes that created called the perfect pineapple smoothie something start off with a mixture of orange juice and almond milk then frozen pineapple chunks and pitted dates okay I’m gonna snap my lid in place here now I’m going to go ahead and close the hood I’m gonna open it during blending so you can hear the difference and I’m gonna choose a smoothie preset [Music] [Music] [Music] all right let’s take a look and see how this bad boy turned out well this one of my favorite glasses you guys something gonna take a lid off here and let’s pour it out oh that’s nice and smooth and I love pineapple you guys you know pineapple is the international symbol of hospitality that’s why I love it so much now let’s add a couple of straws to match the color of the smoothie and there you go the perfect pineapple smoothie made in the Blendtec professional 100 the recipe will be available on button with Harry calm soon after it you’ve got to try it are you did use the mic turn on mic is on did you test something to do a sound check sound check give you a sound check borrowed check you did a bar shout do it good your bar check I mean I’m not doing that I’ll not a get there the Blendtec professional 800 is the absolutely perfect solution for quieter blending at home and now the two top selling brands of high-end blenders is the only one of its kind though there’s a perfectly quiet no blow the acceptable for most people yes now while it may fit underneath many mother in kitchen cabinets most likely you’ll find yourself pulling the blender out from under to fully open the enclosure hood now as I mentioned earlier the use of most functions of the twister jar will require opening the enclosure hood so quiet blending with the twister jar is not possible it’s currently priced at seven-ninety-nine ninety-five USD which is a reduction from its original price at ten ninety nine ninety five USD making it a more affordable solution for many especially consumers who may be considering the Blendtec 725 which is priced at six seventy nine ninety five USD now remember you guys to check out the Blendtec Professional 800 you can order directly through blending with Henry comm or use the links right below the video or you can use my Blendtec promo code on Blendtec calm during checkout for fast free shipping all right you guys thank you so much for hanging out with me and I hope you enjoyed the video please visit me at blending with Henry calm I’m also on Instagram Twitter Facebook and Pinterest so I’m all over the place you guys and I will see you all next time

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