BlendJet Review: Does this USB Portable Blender Work?

Hey guys this is James White with Freakin’
Reviews, bringing you As Seen on TV product reviews, gadget reviews, and more. Now if you like what you see in this video,
please consider subscribing for more videos like this. Now today I’ve got the BlendJet. It’s the original portable blender which
has been advertising heavily online. I’ve got a lot of requests for this one. So does it really work? Let’s find out in today’s review. The BlendJet is supposed to be an item that’s
portable, that you can take with you, it’s quiet, so you can make smoothies or shakes
anywhere. Now I make shakes every single day so this
is something that is right up my alley. A lot of people have been requesting this
after seeing ads on Facebook and other social media sites, so let me crack this open and
see how it really works. It’s not very big. I believe it holds 12 ounces. So there it is. Not a lot to it. And again it’s not really that large but
I guess if you’re doing something portable you don’t really need something that large,
do you? So what I’m going to do now is read over
these instructions and see what I’m supposed to do. I’m assuming I’m supposed to charge it. The instructions say that it’ll take about
3 hours to fully charge but it comes mostly charged. They say to rinse it with water first and
to charge it up before your first use. I’m going to do those things and then get
started. So while that’s charging, I’m going to
read these instructions over and get ready to do some blending when it’s done. Alright the light is turned blue. It’s done charging. Let’s clean it out now and do our first
test. Here we go for the cleaning test. Ooh. That’s pretty cool. You see the cyclone in there. For my first test I wanted to just try some
regular ice with and without water and it didn’t really go so well. Here’s what happened. It says you can blend ice but make sure you
blend with sufficient liquid but a promotional video shows them doing it without liquid so
that’s what I’m going to do. I mean it’s blending it but it’s not liking
it too much. Let me add some water and give them the benefit
of the doubt here. Now this should definitely work, right? It better. Alright I’m gonna add some crushed ice. I’ll even add plenty of water to go even
easier of them. This should be cake for this blender, right? Basically you’ve got crushed ice and water. I mean, well I guess it’s ok. It just kind of stops on its own. I think I need to do more tests. For my first real-world test, I wanted to
do my normal post-walk morning shake and here’s how that went. I’ve been working with a personal trainer
for the last four months and he has me take a brisk walk every morning and finish that
off with a nice protein shake. So what I’m doing today is I’m going to
make two protein shakes. One with the BlendJet and one with my normal
blender and just see how the process compares, as soon as I get home. Alright I’m back from my walk now. What I’m going to do next is make my post-walk
shake in the BlendJet and also in the Ninja that I normally make it with. Now this has double the capacity so I’m
going to have to scale down the ingredients for the BlendJet and see if I can get it to work
properly. Let’s do that next. I’m going to do my trainer Kyle special
morning shake. Here are the ingredients. Almond milk. Normally it would be egg whites but I don’t
have any egg whites so I’m using just some pasteurized egg product which is a pretty
close substitution. Some baby spinach. Can’t put a lot in the BlendJet. I’ll do my best. Some blueberries. It’s already getting full and I’m still
not done yet. Put a half a banana in this one. I’ll just break up some banana pieces for
the BlendJet. Scoop of protein powder. Put like a quarter scoop of protein powder. Dash of cinnamon. Top this off with water. Alright here we go. I’m going to try my Ninja first. Here we go. No chunks, no nothing else. It’s perfectly blended. And remembering this is 24 ounces, which to
me is a little bit small. Sometimes I actually have to do this in batches. And this is half the size, but let’s see
how it works. This is a fresh charge on here. Starting upside down. It just stopped. It’s getting to the spinach. Wow, yeah. Uh oh. We’re getting somewhere. We’re getting somewhere. We have blendage. I still see chunks floating around in there. Let’s see what we’ve got here. Kind of… I just got a spinach leaf in my mouth. Well they do have this nice feature here which
you can take this part of the top off and it will strain your drink I guess. Let me try this. Not much is coming out. I don’t know man. I think that this is.. I think a shake like this is just too much
for this. I think I’m going to run out the entire
battery just trying to blend this one. Alright for my next section I had a special
guest arrive and we had a little fun with it. We tried kind of just using it as a normal
blender. We tried using it with a little bit less challenging
options, and here’s what happened there. So I mentioned my trainer Kyle yesterday but
I figured I might just have him come in and check out the BlendJet himself since he pretty
much… his whole job revolves around making smoothie and shakes, so Kyle come on in. What’s up guys? Hold on a second. Alright so this is Kyle. This is my trainer. I’ve been working out with him for several
months now. Yeah we’ve been going at it for a while. Yeah we have. Before you tell them about your Instagram,
if you ever follow his Instagram page, you’ll see some really embarrassing videos of me
on his story. Yeah we get it in. No, what you do is we’ll be like on the
third set of a drop set or something and then he says “Let’s do it for the Gram” and
my muscles are failing already with like 5 pound weights. He’s like whaaa.. Now you’re going to film, huh, when I was
killing it 5 minutes ago. So anyway, tell them about your channel. So yeah I’m a trainer out here in Vegas. If you guys want to follow me, it’s kylegrosshanten. I’ll put a link below. And then I’m also head of Olympiada Gear
out here. We do lifting gear products and stuff like
that. So maybe we should make a couple things and
see what you think about it. See this guys? We’re in here eating veggie protein trying to get
big. It’s tough to gauge it because it’s so
small. Yeah. Are we going to have any room for protein
powder? See what I mean? There’s not even enough. How am I going to put ice and protein? Do you want to blend this and see how it goes? Oh god. Top it off with a little bit of ice. They say to start it off upside down. Because the machine is so weak you need to
give it some air so it can start spinning. What happened? Was that it? It’s done. Oh it’s going. There we go. You can see the banana is just spinning in
circles. It’s not really doing much. Is this thing fully charged? Yeah I just fully charged it. Wow. Well I think it might be blended now. He’s going to get chunks of banana I can
already tell. Oh there’s like a grate at the top. They have a chunk-proof grate. The chunks are getting caught in the grate
and there’s nothing coming through the top. We can take the grate off. A lot of air bubbles. You haven’t said any opinions yet. I mean I’ve already.. I don’t want to influence your opinion with
it. Right, right. I think you already know what my opinion is. I think you already know but I just want to
get an unbiased opinion. Let’s try one more thing. I’ll do like a third of the way up. It’s kind of a mini shake, right? Turn it? I mean it’s not doing terrible. Sounds like an old lawnmower or something. Yeah it doesn’t seem that powerful. Well I mean it’s blended. Yeah? Yeah it’s kind of blended. All the way? So I think it… I would say of the two things it did OK on
the second one and not so good on the first one. Yeah. So you really just can’t over-fill it like
with the banana it was kind of over-filled. Yeah. But that’s as much as you want in a shake. That’s the thing it’s only 12 ounces to
begin with so you have to lightly pack 12 ounces, have it ready, or just blend it at
your house. My question is: Is the portability factor,
does that.. Is that offset by the convenience because
if you’re going to take it somewhere, you have to take your ingredients with you anyway. So I could see for maybe an RV or camping or
overnight hiking. There you go. But if you’re just going to the gym, I mean… Yeah. I don’t really see it. I mean if you’re going to do just protein
and water or something like that, you don’t need that. You can just go like this and it’s done. Shake it, yeah. So if you gave it a scale of 1 to 10, what
would your rank of this be? Five. Five, I think that’s pretty generous. It does feel like it’s kind of already running
out of power though and it’s only done a couple of things. Yeah. Alright, well thanks Kyle for your expert
input. Absolutely. And I’ll have a link to his Instagram page
below and follow it and look at embarrassing stories of me! That’s what we love to do. We embarrass him baby. So then I figured I would try one of their
recipes because that couldn’t possibly go wrong, could it? Or could it? Alright what I figured I’d do now is try
one of their recipes exactly as its written and see if I can get any luck with this thing,
so here we go. This is for the Tropical Sunset Smoothie that’s
on their website Let me see how it works. This is a freshly-charged BlendJet by the
way, so we shouldn’t have any problems with that. Half a cup of orange juice. One banana. I got a nice soft one. Look at this one. I’m going to break this into a few pieces. A banana won’t even fit in there. I guess it’s going to be half a banana. They say one banana but it’s not fitting. So I’m supposed to blend this part first
before I continue. Start upside down. It’s struggling but it’s doing it. It looks already full. I’m supposed to add all this other stuff
to it. I don’t know about that. Now I’m supposed to add pineapple chunks
and mango chunks and it’s almost full already and I followed their instructions. I didn’t even put a full banana in there. I’ll just put a couple of each. Not too much. Alright let’s see if this can seal the deal
here or not. I haven’t even turned it rightside up yet. Sounds like something is dying in there and
trying to get out. I just don’t think this motor is powerful
enough. Maybe I’ll go have a sandwich and come back
and this will be done. Well it stopped. Let’s just see. Let’s see what we’ve got here. I’ll put it in a nice frosted glass if you
saw my last video with the glass froster. I just frosted this in the freezer. Oh I just saw chunks. Oh I’m seeing chunks come out. Chunks. Oh it doesn’t look like something… something
didn’t blend very well in there. It’s pretty… it’s pretty chunky. Tastes good. That was even chunkier. I don’t know about this, guys. I’ve got one more test I’m going to do,
which won’t even involve anything food-related. I’ll see if it’ll work there. But right now I’m less impressed every time
I use this. And finally I found success with the BlendJet
when I went out back and tried a frozen drink. Here’s how that went. Alright well the smoothies and shakes have
been quite underwhelming but let’s try something a little bit different where the portability
might actually be useful, and that’s with a mixed drink. So here I’m in my backyard. I’ve got no power nearby so maybe a portable
blender out here for a nice Spring day in the backyard might be just the thing I need. Let’s check it out. And this is a freshly-charged BlendJet. First up, a shot of tequila in my Pink Floyd
shot glass. Now four and a half ounces of the margarita
mix. Half a cup of crushed ice. Alright well capacity does not seem to be
a problem here. Here we go, upside down. Oh we might have success. It just stopped on its own but let’s see
what it’s like. Alright let’s see what it tastes like. Hey, you know what? This actually worked. I’m actually pretty happy with this one. I finally got it to work with something. It may not be something I use for smoothies
or shakes, but out back when I’m going to be making some mixed drinks, don’t want
to have an extension cord come out here for a blender, this might actually work. I’m always happy when I can find a good
use for something that I wasn’t real thrilled with to begin with. So maybe for mixed drinks, this might do the
job. So now on that successful note, let’s wrap
this up. So in the end, the BlendJet, I think suffers
from two problems. Number one, the motor doesn’t seem real
powerful and number two, the size really does limit you on what you can make. Although I did find that taking it out back
when you’re not near any power outlets, it’s actually a decent way to make some
frozen drinks. My friend Cathy uses a usb blender, a different
brand, and she takes it out on her boat and she makes frozen drinks with that as well. As far as the other uses goes, I’m not convinced
the BlendJet can hang with even a regular small blender, so to me its use is kind of
situational. If you want it for one of those situations,
it might be pretty good. Otherwise, I think BlendJet version 2 might
be something I’ll wait for. Have you used the BlendJet or a similar blender? Tell me what you think in the comments below. Please follow my social profiles for progress
pictures, videos as I go. And please subscribe for more product reviews
from me, James White, with Freakin’ Reviews.

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