[Blender]ChronoTrigger Animation – Behind the scenes

Using 3D models that made my self. You can see my models at Sketchfab or Artstation Rigify doesn’t fit for anime characters so I edited it especially in eye system Using only Dopesheet. I made motion like Japanese limited animation Drawing with GreasePencil to boost 3D animation. I also drew some effect things Painting background using Krita. I like old style anime background I edited videos with Blender. Honestly I felt it hard to handle Blender to edit videos Thank you for watching(・ω・)

9 thoughts on “[Blender]ChronoTrigger Animation – Behind the scenes

  • Amazing! Thank you for Sharing ! And how about the EEVEE Engine in blender 2.8 ? There are more advanced elements for cel-shading ,looking forward your new toturial !

  • I just stumbled across your stuff, and I love the shading you've achieved on your models. Looking forward (hopefully) for a start to finish process on your workflow.

  • I've seen all your stuff!! deserve more subs!! how long does it usually take you to model one character?

  • two doubts, when you render the animation sequence of the character in the blender, is it using the orthographic camera or perspective? and motion frames which type of interpolation used, constant, linear or belzier?

  • Wow, very nice work. Your workflow is perfect! Interesting to see the Blender NLE at the end, not many people use that.

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