Blender UV Unwrapping Tutorial – UV Unwrap And Export The UV Texture Layout

Hi, how are you doing? Ok, so I will assume you already have a 3D
model ready for it. Select it. Go to edit mode. Turn on edge select. Select all the edges that will be used as
seams. I have selected all the edges that form the
character’s coronal plane. There is no need to select edges from the
median plane because this is a mirrored mesh. Now we have to make these edges into seams. Just click mark seam. You may notice the edges became red. Think of these seams as lines for cutting
the mesh. Select all the faces. Now unwrap this mesh. If you go to the UV image editor, you will
see your 2D UV mesh. Press R to rotate it. Press G to drag it. Press L to select an UV island. Go to the object data tab. You can see the UV map right there. I will show you something. Click the plus to create a new UV map. Create a smart UV project with 0.09 island
margin and area weight. You will get an automatic UV layout. Different models are easier to texture with
different UV layouts. To delete UV maps, click the minus. You can also remove your seams by using the
clear seams function. Now, I will show you the most important thing
of them all. In the UV image editor, you can export your
UV layout as an image file. You can then use it as a canvas to paint your
texture. I hope this tutorial helped you with UV mapping
in Blender. I do tutorials everyday, so subscribe.

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