Blender Tutorial : Make a Sci-fi Wireframe Shader In Eevee

Welcome to a new Blender tutorial.
So, in this tutorial i am going to show you how you can render these cool wireframe blueprints
of your models in blender. So first, as you can see I am in Eevee.
This is just a Model, all the magic happens in the shader editor.
And this looks quite cool. So, I am going to show you how to make this. So, let’s start.
Okay, so I am in a new blender scene and I have just imported my model. If you want this
model I will leave a link down in the description you can go and download it or you can use
you own model. So, now ill just split my screen so, ill just
move my cursor to the top left of my screen and ill just hold down the left mouse button
and drag it to the right. So, that is how you split screens in blender.
So now we have two screens. Now go here, where it says editor type as 3D viewport, click
that and we need the shader editor. No select you model and add a new material.
You can name this whatever you want. First of all, this light is a point light
so just select the lamp and ill just change it from point to sun and ill just make the
strength 2. So, now we have good lighting. And one more thing under the World settings
ill make the background color completely back. I need a emission shader first. Now, we need
to mix these 2 shaders so i will add a mix shader. Change the base color of the principled
bsdf to black.Connect the emission shader into the bottom socket of the mix shader.
I will just add a input and we need a fresnal input. And now you can see we have some highlights
near the outlines.You can play with these settings until you get what you want.IOR stands
for Index of refraction, so something like 0.9 is good.Now, we want to render our wireframe
on top of this, so, what we need is we need a mix shader.I will just duplicate this emission
shader by Shift+D and connect the emission into the bottom. Now, we want this emission
shader to affect only the wireframe so, for that we need to add something to this factor.
So, there is a inbuilt node in blender called the wireframe node, this gives the wireframe
of the mesh. So, ill just connect the factor into the factor. As you can see it looks quite
cool. So, we have lot of options here. So that’s it guys. And I hope you liked it. Bye!

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