blender tutorial italiano speciale halloween mano tagliata

this is a tutorial about how to make an hand without arm.. a ghost hand. select the video and now I show how to make the catted hand. thats’it, load a video in VSE first, shot with the camera the table alone, where the hand will be later
without hand. then put your hand on the table..and move it, but don’t move the arm. What I’ve done? well I’ve loaded twice the
file then cutted the first and added a speed control to enlarge the strip.
then, in clip editor, I’ve added a mask. To create a mask you just have to click ctrl
the mouse’s left button. to close it press alt C. If you want to add poits click on the pat with ctrl
C and left mouse’s button. now we can see the mask divide the video in
2 parts now go back in video sequence editor and add a modifier to the main clip. add mask in modifier then select over drop in blend section perfect.. that’s all. I hope this translation
will be easy to be understood, and sorry for my bed English

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