Blender Tomato Sauce

You know, these days, it seems that more and
more of us want nutrition labels to be clean and list simple ingredients, rather than the
ones that hard to pronounce. This isn’t always possible, but we came up
with an easy homemade tomato sauce that features fresh tomatoes, as well as a few other pantry
favorites. We start by cutting up about four pounds of
super-ripe tomatoes. This time of year, you shouldn’t have any
trouble finding ones that are really fresh like this. Next, we fill our blender about three-quarters
of the way full and give it a whirl until the tomatoes are pureed. Then we pour this into a soup pot and we repeat
this until all the tomatoes are used up. Now, we add some off-the-shelf spices and
let it simmer, uncovered, for about an hour. We’ll stir in some fresh basil and voila! This sauce is ready to serve over everything
from pasta to veggies. This is something that you can whip up in
no time! There’s no peeling or seeding, simply blend,
simmer, and enjoy! And when it comes to taste, all I can say
is, “Mama Mia it’s good!” To get the recipe for what we call Blender
Tomato Sauce all you have to do is visit our website. I’m Howard in the Mr. Food Test Kitchen, where
today we found a fresh and saucy way for you to say, “Ooh It’s So Good!”Mmmm.

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