[BLENDER to MMD] modeling a lolipop in blender then converting it to mmd!

hello! this is a requested video that i haad make whhere i show you how i make my models! let’s get started! first, i am going to make this cube into more a sphere shape by going to “modifier” and picking subdivision surface! subdivision surface is a VERY VERY useful tool! it rounds out your model so it isn’t blocky! i use it very often! then in “shading” i pick “smooth” to round out the model even more~ TIP: press “a” key on your keyboard to DESELECT all items! (if no item are select, then pressing “a” will select all items) now i add cylinder which will be the stick! on the left, you can see i am adjusting the size of the cylinder by clicking those bars. TIP: clicking and dragging with your third mouse button (the scroll wheel) will reposition the view you can see the 3D view at easily! RIGHT click will select a mesh. here i select the candy part of the lolipop,and press “s” on my keyboard to scale the mesh! then i use this tool to resize the cylinder to make it shorter! i will make the shading on cylinder SMOOTH as well IMPORTANT: edit mode lets you go in depth with editing the vertices of your mesh! to get to edit mode, press the “TAB” button on your keyboard! to get back to object mode, press that button again! you also want to apply your modifier so it stays on the mesh! if you save it without the modifier, the model will not be as smooth/have any of the effects the modifier gave it! (you can only apply modifier in OBJECT mode, not EDIT mode.) now you can see the vertices are matched with the mesh! i also pressed, on my numpad “5” and “7” to get the ortho view from the top right now i just loop cut some new vertices in using ctrl+r! then i use the button on keyboard “b” to select more vertices! then i press “e” on keyboard to extrude vertices, but i do not move them! instead, while having new extruded vertices, i press “s” to scale them! this is the ring the lolipop has! i decided to add more vertices on my lolipop’s stick using loopcut tool for now, i am playing with the modifiers to see how they will look… i change the color of the lolipop!~ this part does not matter too much, i do not thnk the way of that shine will show up in pmxe, but i like to play with that anyway~ next is stick, it does not have material so if i loaded into mmd like this, the lolipop stick would be invisible! i add a material so i can change color and such. applying the modifier…~ (note: when you have more than one mesh with differnt modifier, always apply them before joining them!) then you can join them by selecting both (right click one object, then hold shift while right clicking the other) and on your keyboard, press CTRL+J! if it’s the first time of doing this for you, you will need to go into user preference>import/export and click the box next to “import export direct x” (the .x accessory file in mmd) make sure you check the box, then click “save”! now go to export and click “direct x!” then save it! (also save as a .blend file, just in case!) jump cutting to pmde! since pmxe won’t load in .x files correctly, we must make the new .x file into a .pmd! you can also use pmde and not pmxe, if you do not use pmxe, but if you use the pmxe, you must use pmde to open up this .x file! next i save as a .pmd, and i open up pmxe! (i jump cut to pmxe) this is pmxe! i put that new .pmd of my lolipop into pmx editor now~ it’s a little big for a lolipop but since it is just for tutorial purpose that is alright~ i do my editing as usual! (i prefer the look of thinner lines in my models!) i will add trasnparency effect with opaque options! to get it to way i want, i play with the number a bit to see which i like best! note:i have sphere files i keep in my folder where i save all my stuff, so i have one specific shine made already! it is 1s.png, and to make it work i changed in the box next to sphere to “+add sphere” you see this lolipop now has a nice shine to it 😀 now i feel like chaning the mother bone name~ last part is to add name and comments to the model! if you don’t know what to type to say who did the modeling, here’s what i do: モデリング:(your name)! that text means “moderingu” or modeling! remote controller yeah~!! it isn’t in the video very long only 33 seconds left? TwT saving in a specific folder for my lolipop! (i also put my sphere file here) now here we are in mmd! (i use unregister bandicam so i was running out of time, why i rushed so sorry!!) hooray! success! hope this video helped please ask me any questions!!

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