Blender texture paint without seams

hi guys I got a request on how to avoid seems when texture painting with London so let’s create a very simple example to demonstrate this I add this UV sphere let’s enable the screencast keys and turn this to smooth shading then I’ll switch to text your viewport shading and enable texture paint okay and then I will add default UVs and add a paint slot for diffuse color I use a black background color because the seams are noticeable then when I paint over this with a white color and I opened the UV image editor and here is the UV layout and here my black image now let’s use a white brush and paint over this and on the left and on the right side you can see the white color if you like you can also paint over this UV layout like so but let’s keep drawing directly onto the object because then I can show you how to avoid themes but first let’s switch to object mode after a painted a larger area in white okay and here you can see these are CLE seems especially when you zoom a little bit out and now let me show you how to avoid them return to texture paint then choose options and here you can find an option called bleed crank this up to let’s say 12 pixels and wanna paint now over this object you can see that there are bottles added around the outside edges of the UV layout and when I return now to object mode there shouldn’t be seams anymore so let’s do this and here we go pretty nice no seams can be seen okay my friends that’s it that’s how to avoid seams one texture painting with Blanda I hope you liked the video if you do please let me know and subscribe to my channel and I really hope to see you soon here back on Jana

6 thoughts on “Blender texture paint without seams

  • Danke schöne Mathias, good remark your vid! I have had the problem with an object one time! Be carefull with gap when you uv unwrap too. move the islands.
    Happy week-end!

  • Yea it works bcs u paint it only in white but with diffrent colors it may not works propertly… u should say about margin also :3

  • I did it and i thought it removed them but when i zoom out a bit they show up again any idea what to do ?

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