Blender EEVEE Tutorial : Procedural Lava Shader in Blender 2.82

Welcome guys! Welcome to a blender tutorial.
So in this tutorial I am going to show you, on how you can make this procedural lava shader
in Blender. I am going to use Eevee. So, as you can see, this is 100% procedural. I have
not used any external textures. So, if i move this slider it changes the amount of land
and lava and this black slider controls the amount of emission. So, yeah lets start with
the tutorial. First open a new scene by CTRL+N. We need a object to apply our shader to. So
delete the default cube and press SHIFT+A and add a Sphere. Since the sphere is Low
poly so go into the modifiers tab and add a subdivision surface modifier. Now this sphere
is a bit flat so give it a smooth shading. Now we can start making our lava shader. Change
the editor type from 3D view-port to the shader editor. Rename the material if you want. Now
Add an Emission shader. Then Mix the principled shader and the Emission shader by adding a
Mix shader. Go to the rendered view to view the material.
Now, we want a grey scale texture to tell which parts of the material are land and which
are lava. So, for that add a Noise texture. Ill also
add a color-ramp. Now, connect the factor of the Noise texture
to the factor of color-ramp.And the color of the color-ramp to the factor of the Mix
shader. Now we have some Noise. Change the base color of the principled shader to black
and bump up the specular. So by these 2 sliders we can control the amount of lava
and land. The black will be the land and white will
be the lava. Also change the color of the emission to an orange color and change the
strength to 200. But we don’t have that glow around the object
so for that go the the render properties tab. We have these filters here so just turn them
on. The Bloom filter gives the glow around the mesh. This is a bit too much so reduce
the radius and reduce the intensity. One more thing that we forgot to do is to
add the detail in the noise texture. We also need some distortion. About 0.9 of distortion
looks good. Now the
land is a bit flat and doesn’t look good. So I will add some bump to it. Add a noise
texture. Bump up the distortion. And SHIFT+A to add a Bump Node.
Connect the factor into the height and the normal goes into the normal of the principled
shader. Now the land looks to be displaced inwards
so, we will just invert that. In the bump just tick invert.
Now it looks pretty cool and it has some detail. So, this starts to look as lava. So that’s
it guys, this was a simple tutorial on how to make a procedural lava shader in blender.

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