Blender Beginner Tutorial – Array , Solidify and Simple Deform

Hello and welcome to another Blender Tutorial In this video I show how to use 3 modifiers the Array modifier, to create an array of the same objects the Solidify modifier to give a 2d plane or shape volume and the simple deform modifier which allows bending objects. We start with the array modifier to create the first row. It depends on the size of your plane how many will fit Create a second row above the first one and position it The last object is sticking out of the plane. Cut this according the object below it using the Knife (F) make a copy of the object that is cut in half and rotate it 180 degrees position it aligned with the existing objects Now duplicate the 2 rows with the array modifier move the rows all a little bit higher to get them in the middle of the plane for the next step we need to move the objects out of the way. subdivide the plane, this is to make the next operation easier and the result nicer. now use the boolean modifier to cut the shapes out of the plane. ( Difference) just in case you make a mistake it is wise to make a copy from the objects and put it to another layer Remove the grid of objects now we are going to use the solidify modifier to thicken the plane We want the plane standing upright for the next operation. I scaled it also a little bit to make it more manageable. with CTRL + S you can choose where the 3d cursor pr the object is placed now we are going to add an “Empty” with just axes this is for the next operation The simple modifier uses the position of the empty to bend the shape. now you can choose whatever angle you want. By moving the Empty you can tweak the shape as well Because we dont need all the vertices anymore, clean up the shape with Limited Dissolve To create a backside on the object I select 4 vertices and create a face (F) Make this face a separate object by using (P) move it to the center of the grid add a sphere inside the shape as a lamp. And give it an Emission shader with a nice looking color Use Shift + Z to see the end result you need also some lights and a camera to be able to render a picture.

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