Blender Actions for Unity: building a stool pyramid

Right so today I’m going to show you how to build this kind of pyramid out of stools Using Blender Actions, so let’s turn it off I use a hotkey for that [CTRL+E] (that disables every object) so I have my stool right here And as you can see it’s gigantic. I need to scale it down [S key] But I don’t know where it’s pivot is so I’m gonna set my own. First I’m gonna hide everything pressing SHIFT H Now I’m gonna hold CTRL SHIFT to set my pivot It’s the green dot that you see. Now that the pivot is said I’m gonna press ALT+Backquote [ALT+’] to start the Pivot scaling mode and now I can scale it using my own pivot right let’s bring everything back [CTRL+H] Scale the stool some more… reposition it [G key + SHIFT Y for YZ plane constraint]… Yeah, I believe we can scale it up a bit [S key] Yeah right so now I need it to Be standing on top of this pavement I can reposition it using the translation tool and set the constraints to the Y axis [G key followed by Y key] But then I’ll be just eyeballing it and it’s not ideal the better way to do it is to select a piece of pavement Hide everything (SHIFT+H), just pick my stool, raise it up, position my mouse near the leg of the stool start moving it, move it to the vertex of the Pavement hold CTRL and now it snaps to the pavement and as you can see it sits perfectly [MOUSE LEFT TO CONFIRM] on the payment Yes, so We unhide everything [CTRL+H] reposition our stool by setting constrains to XZ plane and to do that you press SHIFT+Y after you start your Translation tool – with G now that the stool is positioned we rotate it As you can see it rotates around the wrong pivot because the pivot rotation mode is still active so I turn it off [Backquote key – ‘, it’s located to the left of the “1” key ] Now I can rotate it around the stool’s pivot Yes, so now We bring it to the front and to move it this way I use the local axis constraint and Local axis constraints can be set by pushing a button twice so if you set a constraint by pushing X button After you started your translation tool once you set the world constraints if you push it twice you set the local constraints Constraint so I’m bringing it forward a bit now I duplicate it by pressing SHIFT D. SHIFT D unlike CTRL D Immediately starts moving the object just like in blender. Yeah I position it a little bit higher on top of the previous one and now I can move it to the front a bit, and now if you remember, let’s just remove this and Unhide the pyramid yeah, if you remember this pyramid it has these curves So the stools they form a curve, and I’m gonna try to replicate it as you can see everything I do With Blender Actions can be undone by pressing CTRL Z that’s how the plug-in is built so yeah now. I want to Slightly rotate it counterclockwise But if I start rotating it as you can see it rotates in a weird way Again I can just set my own pivot Start the pivot rotation mode and now I can rotate it how I want it to Just slightly rotate it to the left Clone bring it up and What I position it I can use the SHIFT button to be very precise you won’t be as precise with unities too because it’s It’s always fast. You know you cannot always miss something With by pressing SHIFT, I can be very precise and move it exactly how I want it Set the pivot again, rotate Rotate again, duplicate Bring it forward To the left a bit Set pivot rotate Rotate Duplicate Bring forward up a bit Set pivot rotate The the pivot setting algorithm ignores walls and Ignores the culling so it can set the pivot through the walls So you have to be aware of that Duplicate again and as you can see I’m using the local axis – it can sometimes do things like this just move your camera, and you’ll have a better control And as you can see we are starting to build the curve And that’s how it’s done Thanks for your attention!

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