Blender 80s Retro – Vector Arcade Vaporwave Tutorial [Blender 2.8]

hey this is Kev with blender binge this
video we’re gonna be making DJ visuals in the style of vector arcade vaporware
type stuff and if you stick around to the end you’re gonna be able to do this
too ready let’s get started so the first
thing I’m going to do is create the tunnel so to do that I’m going to use
our default cube and I’m gonna stretch them out about ten so to do that I’m
going to hit n on the keyboard alright alright hit that little arrow thing call
this out and I’m just gonna go to scale I’m gonna go to Y and I’m just gonna
type in ten yeah I know you can like hit X and ten and all that stuff – I’m just
doing it this way to illustrate all right so now what I’ll do is I’m gonna
put this on top of the grid so to do that I’m gonna go to location and I’m
gonna type in one on the Z and that just moves it up and puts it on top of the
grid cool now what I’ll do is shape it so to do that let me see I can close
this I can hit n on the keyboard don’t need that anymore and what I’ll do is
shape this thing so to do that I’m gonna hit tab on the keyboard to go into edit
mode and then I get three on the keyboard or hit this thing up here faces
select this face and I can hit either G and constrain it or I can hit shift and
spacebar go to the move tool move it down a little bit and I can hit shift
spacebar again go to scale and pull it in a little bit and maybe move it down a
little bit again and that’s probably pretty good right there now what I’ll do
is I’m gonna get rid of this face and I’m gonna get rid of this face so I hold
down shift to select both of them then I hit delete and I say faces and now I
have a tunnel so now I’m gonna shade the tunnel so to do that I’m gonna hit tab
to go back to object mode then I’m gonna go down here to this little corner here
and gonna pull this up and I don’t want to
use the shading the look dev area here I just I’m fine just doing it this way so
I’m gonna change this to shader editor and I’m gonna build out the shader for
this so to see what we’re gonna be looking at I’m gonna change it to
rendered mode and now we bounce into easy so you can see I hit this little
button here we’re an Eevee so what I’ll do is I’m going to change we have a
principled psdf shader on here already so what I’m gonna do is swap this out
for a mixed shader so I’m gonna select this then I’m gonna hit shift s on the
keyboard for switch type 2 or swap shader mix shader’ now I’m gonna plug
two shaders into here so to do that I’m gonna hit add or I can hit shift a on
the keyboard and I’m gonna go to shader and I’ll say transparent I’m going to
plug that into the top and then I’m gonna hit shift a again I’m gonna go to
shader and I’m gonna say emission I’m gonna pull that down and change right
there plug that in and we’re gonna control this so we’re gonna have
transparent areas and opaque areas we’re going to control that with a brick
texture so I can go to add or hit shift a on the keyboard go to texture brick
texture and I’m gonna plug in factor to factor and now I have a cool kind of
brick II brick texture on here that looks kind of cool
so what we’re gonna do is change it a bit now to do that I’m gonna hit the
brick texture and I’m gonna use node Wrangler hit ctrl T and that plugs in a
mapping and a texture coordinate and if that’s not set up for you just go to
edit go to preferences go to add-ons and type in node up here and there it is
nota Wrangler turn that on and you’re good to go so now I’m just gonna change
from generated to object and that’s just gonna change a look
tighten it up a little bit and then I’m gonna go ahead and play with some
settings until I get something that looks kind of interesting so my offset
here I can change the frequency I can squash it down I can pull it up and I
think I’m just gonna go ahead and find something that makes me happy
so five there let me see I’ll say scale if I pull that pull that up let me say
I’ll say that ten that’s kind of cool and let’s see mortar size 0.005 that
fins it out and maybe let’s see brick with I’ll take down a little bit and
let’s see row height I can pull in and just get something that looks kind of
interesting and now you see that I’m not getting kind of the transparency where I
want it so what I have to do is I have to go over to the shader material tab
and change blend mode over here if we’re using evie blend mode over here to alpha
clip and now I have a nice transparency and opaqueness
opacity so and that’s being controlled here by the transparency the emission
shader okay you can push that up and you see it’s really solid now and that’s
just being controlled here this mixed shader so it’s transparent and then it’s
emissive and that’s being controlled by the black versus white of our vector
here it’s a pie so I turn that down actually you can turn this all down it’s
it’s fine it was just being controlled by the factor of our brick texture so
now I can kind of scrunch these together if I want or leave it as is and that
should be kind of interesting it enough so what I’ll do now is I’m gonna take my
camera and put them inside it so to do that I’m gonna hit the camera I’m gonna
on the keyboard I’m going to hit alt G to zero out the location and then alt
part is zero out the rotation and I’ll hit this little arrow here again or hit
n on the keyboard and what I’ll do is I’ll take the rotation of the X and turn
it up 90 degrees boom okay so now if I hit zero you’ll see that we’re inside
the tunnel so now let me just take this camera and pull them back a bit I’ll go
to move tool here let’s see pull this down again go the move tool so
move location Y pull them back and location Z I can put them up a little
bit so when you’re in here you just find a
good kind of spot and there you go so that’s pretty interesting so what I’ll
do now is animate the tunnel so to do that I can go up to the top here and
I’ll go to top view by hitting this little Z icon here and I’ll go to the
very front and see that right here on this line I have our line here so what
I’m gonna do is take a shader take this shader and I’m gonna control this with
the location and my location on the Y going negative allows me to see like I’m
actually moving through the tunnel so if I’m at zero right now you can see that
this line is where this line meets up so at zero I’m gonna go ahead and set it or
at one wherever this thing bats out one I’m gonna set a keyframe for y so I’m
gonna right click in here and I’m gonna say insert single keyframe and then I’m
gonna go to 250 out here and I’m gonna find something very similar to this but
not too far out so let’s see 8 9 7 that looks pretty good right there and then
insert single keyframe so now you see that it’ll move and it’ll look like it’s
looping without any break so you don’t see any study stutter here do you know
there might be a little glitch here a little stutter you’re not gonna see it
though so I mean if you want to go technically whatever you can always say
there’s gonna be a glitch there because mathematically doesn’t line up all the
banners is it looks cool and it looks right so we’re not getting any any
glitch in here it doesn’t look like it’s stuttering so I’m happy with it let’s go
with it so now if I hit 0 and I play it inside here you see that we are moving
through an endless looping tunnel so that’s pretty cool check that out I like
that plate and just stare at it for a while
they’re not gonna do that it’ll waste your time so now what we’re gonna do is
I’m going to turn off the background here so let’s go ahead and go to the
world view let’s go to color and I’ll just take background to black and now we
can do is give our emission a color so I’ll give this a maybe like a cool
eighties ish orangish color and that’s looking pretty cool so I can also turn
on bloom just a little bit just to make it glow a little bit if I want a lot of
this stuff in the eighties kind of didn’t do this but then when it was on
VHS and it got all distorted and kind of bloomed out a little bit started looking
that way you can play with this to your heart’s content making it look how you
want so here we go and it’s moving now that looks that looks cool I’m gonna go
with that so now let’s make our little ship to go in here so to do that I’m
gonna turn on I’m gonna turn on my background just a little bit so I can
see what I’m doing and now I’m gonna get out of here
and I’ll create so let me go add mesh and I’ll say plain and I’ll pull the
plane out and I’m gonna just go ahead and do some quick modeling here so I’m
gonna hit tab I’m gonna hit control R to go into loop cut mode and then I’m gonna
use my mouse wheel to scroll up once and there I have something that looks kind
of interesting so I’m gonna hit my mouse button once and twice and it takes now
I’m going to go make sure I’m on a hit number two on the keyboard or go to edge
mode I’m gonna hit e on the keyboard once that extrudes okay and I’m gonna
pull that out and I think what I’m gonna do here then is I’m going to take faces
this face and this face I’m gonna hit a on the keyboard click the mouse goes in
to move pull this guy up a little bit I can go shift spacebar I’ll go to scale
pull him in and maybe I’ll go back to edges take him take him scale these guys
out a little bit I take this guy and take this guy okay
shift spacebar go to the move tool and pull that down a little bit just
spacebar scale maybe pull those out and that’s looking pretty cool right there I
think I’m gonna leave it at that and then what I’ll do I think to just to add
a little bit cooler effect is I’m gonna I’m gonna hit ctrl R put a cut there
control our double click put a cut there hit tab go back out and now I’m gonna
put a wireframe modifier on here to match and visually kind of match the
look of this so to do that I’m just gonna go to do modifiers add modifier
and I’m gonna go to wireframe there we go
and then that’s really thick I don’t need it to be that thick so point
0:05 is probably pretty good and now I have a wireframe ship and a
tunnel so now I have to do is give this guy a shader so I’ll select them I’ll
hit new this is principled I don’t need this what I do need is this to be a
mission so I can click on this I can hit shift s that’s for switch swap whatever
you want to call it shader emission there we go give him kind of a saturated
blue purple color maybe turn it up a little bit and now let’s go ahead and
put him inside so I can hit Z and I can move him kind of over toward our camera
a bit all right I can hit s and scale them down G move them around and I can
to go back to the camera view there he is he’s inside
so now I can use these to position him a little bit further if I can’t get the
arrows so that’s kind of interesting and maybe let’s make them a little bit
thicker point whoa that’s way too thick 0.008 that’s better
and take the world bring that back to black and we’re getting somewhere now
second oops not that I can move this guy up a bit just so he reads a little bit
better and now I can animate him kind of moving up and down so to do that I’m
just going to start on a1 and what I’ll do is I will add a keyframe for him so
let’s see zero I’ll right-click over here and say insert single keyframe and
I’ll kind of make him go he’ll be there again at the end insert a single
keyframe and now over here at like 1 somewhere around the middle here so like
1 125 I can kind of pull them down a little bit right click insert single
keyframe and now I kind of have him looping a bit and it’s slow and subtle and if you want
as long as these to match up you can go in here and add like more stuff more
keyframes you can turn on AutoKey here and just for just for a little bit turn
that on maybe turn it up here and now he’s doing some little more interesting
things as it goes and then make sure you turn this off where you get Auto Scene
destroy and you don’t want that so here we have some some looping and it’ll loop
forever so let’s do a test render render image see what it looks like kind of
interesting maybe we can take this down a little bit so let’s let’s pull this
shader down the emission doesn’t have to be quite so hot and this guy we can make
him bounce a little bit more off of this so you can go to like a blue turn him up
and there we go that’s that that reads a little bit better and I can also look at
this guy here let me see here I could take these guys in a little bit more and
that might read it better so what I’ll do here is just quickly go in hit tab
hit this guy scale him in a little bit at zero hit tab and now it looks more
kind of ship ish ship ish is that even a word shifa shifa shifa shy just invented
that ship ish you can see in a dictionary in like 10 years so there we
go ship ish and that’s pretty cool so we
can render this and see what it looks like so i’m gonna go ahead and render
this and come back and see what it looks like okay so we’re back and here’s the
animation and it’s looking alright it’s not not uh it’s not too bad but i think
we can push it just a little bit further don’t you I do so let’s change the
camera angle a little bit and we’ll do another render and come back and look at
its awesomeness so what I’ll do is I’m going to grab my
camera and I’m gonna go in here and I’m gonna say lock camera to view so now I
can kind of move the camera around and find just a cooler angle there’s
something like that and that’s gonna look a little bit more dramatic and cool
and it might read a little bit better maybe there and for those kind of
interested in where I got this idea I saw something from Stu Massa what’s a
while ago he recreated this this animation a kind of an homage to this
old vector style and did a really cool job at it and it’s called tank and if I
can find the link I’ll put it in the description and you can go check it out
but he used to run the orphanage up in this up in the Bay Area I was apparently
pretty cool guy so anyway so this is kind of my own version of that based on
that style that he did which is pretty cool which is all based on the 80’s
graphic style of video games that we used to play when they actually did the
few that actually did this style it’s actually one last thing I want to do is
take this and what I want to do is he’s moving very linearly right now because I
have linear set as the default extrapolation so what I’ll do is really
quickly I’m just gonna change this to graph editor and for the animations here
I’m gonna hit I’m gonna hit a to grab all these keyframes so interpolation
mode and change this to Bezier so now bezzie a I have it’s more fluid so let’s
go ahead and render this and see what it looks like and we’re back and yeah this
definitely reads quite a bit better and I think this looks looks much better
more interesting more visual appeal and you can see that uh I don’t know you may
like it you might not but I do so anyway all right so hopefully you got something
out of this video if you did hit like subscribe share and hit that little Bell
notification and I’ll keep making more and if you want and you
start creating your own versions of this stuff it’s totally cool to post in my
comment section and you know post links to your channel and I’ll totally leave
it up it’s it’s cool with me sometimes links get caught in spam filter on
YouTube so I if it doesn’t show immediately just give me like a day or
two to check it out and I’ll publish it and then you can share it to the world
and you know pimp out your channel and whatever you want to do I don’t care and
just go have fun and learn and be awesome see you the next video

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