Blender 3d Tutorial – How to Model Low Poly Boxing Gloves by VscorpianC

Hi there welcome to this Blender
tutorial created by me VscorpianC and in this tutorial I am going to
attempt to show how to create these low poly boxing gloves, I did receive a
question about that and I figured I’d try and show you the way that I do this
and I’m sure this many different ways but I will just show you the way that I do
it. And here we have just a quick little crazy…sample…ah…this little guy, he looks a little off the wall but anyway…the gloves they’re very simple to make and then you can use them on any of your characters that you want. You can also use MakeClothes to create these and have them exported with your MakeHuman
characters that you create. Let’s just go ahead and start a new file and I’m gonna reload my startup file. And, in here I have my cube which is already selected by default. In Blender we select with the right mouse button, So, you right click to select, with that selected I’m gonna press X and delete it. Now, I want to center my cursor, which is this little circle, so Shift+C, that centers it on my grid. And I’m gonna go into Front Orthographic View. I’m gonna press 1 of my number keypad. Then I’m going to pan by holding Shift pressing and holding my middle mouse, and I will pan. Alright, so now what I’m going to do is import a character I created in MakeHuman. Which is a basic proxy mesh which has very low topology or low poly. I’m going to use that, so I’m going to go
File, Import and I saved mine as an .OBJ So I’m gonna press this and go get my
file and I’ll be right back. Okay, so I’ve imported the character I created and I’m gonna just zoom in, as you can see here it’s a very low poly character, he has no
teeth, no mouth, no eyes nothing like that just the character with a very low
poly mesh. I’m gonna go into Edit Mode. When you import your OBJs they
will have a dark outline. If you right click then it will have the regular
selection. And if we G to grab you can see it is just one mesh. The pivot point for this mesh is on the center of the grid, just so you know. Okay, so we’re gonna go into Edit Mode, and I do this it’s really easy. If we look at our character we can see they’re very very low poly mesh. And if we look at our hands we notice we have no fingers and that’s what we want. Go into Front View, I press 1 on my numpad and the period bring that back into view. Then I’m gonna Zoom in to this hand. And if your Blender isn’t set to zoom into the hand you have to change that in the user preferences. I’m gonna press A to deselect, and then I’m going to turn on my Occlude which is like an x-ray. So we can see the vertex and edges and faces that are in the back. Okay, so now we’re gonna press C for Circle Select. And my circle select influence area is very small, you can scroll up and down to increase, decrease that. Then just left mouse clic…and drag over, click I’m tired I’ve been up for quite some time. But anyways, I wanna get this tutorial done because somebody did ask me about this. And I said I would do the tutorial. So, let’s just select that hand. Right click to get out of circle select, so with that selected, now I can do two things, I can get rid of this, I can duplicate my hand and have a second hand. I think I’m going to do that, so I’m gonna do Shift+D and I’m gonna duplicate that. And then I’m gonna right click and place it
right back. Anytime you enter into any type of command always look at your header because it will change, and give you options…just a little extra tip there. Now, we have a copy and I’m gonna press P to separate it from the original mesh because because now it’s part of that mesh, so P and Separate by Selection. It doesn’t seem like anything happened, but I’m gonna go into Object Mode If we zoom in on the hand again you’ll see if I click it we have this extra hand. If I press G to grab you see we have a second hand. Okay, so with that hand selected we’re gonna go back into edit mode. Okay, so now anything we edit it’s just that second hand, not the body and that’s what we want. I’m gonna turn off my occlude for a moment, and I’m gonna press A to select all. And what I want to do is fatten this up a little bit and if we look over here we have under our Tool tab, let’s just bring this panel down some, an we can see our tabs here and under Tools, Transform we see shrink and fatten. ok and the shortcut is all tasks I’m
gonna put it away because you push up to shrink or down and I’m just pushing my
mouth sliding it up and sliding it back ok so when i press Alt A S B in the
shrink fat mode and you notice the two arrows one goes up and one goes down so
wanna go down for failing to shrink I’m gonna go down and just then it up a bit
now you can do with this and I did try a couple of different meshes went here to
face alert mode with the bases here can’t do that I can get these I have to
manually select because they are going in different ways do you can or not want to do this part just
helps alright so now we have that i’m gonna press one to go back into front or
the graphic and what I want to do is hide that the press the letter H a
keyboard and I want to press A to select just that and I’m gonna do that shrink
in fact against the press Alt ass that’s my cursor with the up and down and
that’s just a little bit shifter trying to keep it in increments work on this before bring peace back
actually bring it back so I’m gonna do alt and then press hate you bring that
back and you see it kind of leaves that skinny and friends so kind of helps me a
little bit I do control Z and hide them again just wanted to show you that so
now I got my little mission here and all they really need to do is just kinda
manipulated into the shape bookmark so I’m gonna go into vertex move to the
back of this club and select few of these cortex going now with my proportional editing
on the shortcut is so I’m gonna go to connect it and once you select this you
may or may not see your area of influence I’m using my presidency again
and you see it’s a very big and that’s going to influence the entire globe and
it’s not going to be helpful resumen by screwing up and then press G
again and if you look at that header you see the proportional sizes one has a
school of it decreases that circle and it decreases the area of influence on
now I can just control what area and with Kinect its gonna keep it from
influence in the entire globe anyway I can decrease this area here this year
they can play around with this when you’re creating your clothes if you
decide to create some clubs and that way you can decide where you want to be more
bulky or less bulky oK so that’s fine for now very so now I want to take this
year finger and kinda been did a little bit
so I’m gonna go back into I can see through a pressie for circle select
level economists struggle with these here and right click you get out circle select our to root tea and images
routine a little bit with proportional and you see it grabs the tip and also a
little bit of the area around it not only use my manipulator just left click on the X and pull this
this way and then rotate a little bit more to little more and then maybe just
grab it and pull it this way a little bit and then go into front of you on my
number keypad and just look at it from different angles and see how it’s
looking good actually grabbed it and dance to a little more and pushes ok
that’s kind of the general idea what you wanna do want to suppress our toys here rewrote a anything rude to you in
whatever direction you want our are you get that green tea or if you grab the
circle in here when you have your cake manipulator manipulators the same thing
you just left click on any of the colors for the appropriate access will you grab
this circle here and you see you get that double arrow with that as well I’m
gonna go back to my manipulator and turn off air and just kind of this tip our
hand here somewhere get this angle turned back on sometimes I’d turn off a
clue because it distracts me to see for circle select just dislike that a 2d
select and then see for circle select left click and drag and dragged over and
we can see behind so we can see the loop and you can see better hopefully you can
see that that edge loop goes that way so on your screen you’ll see a lot better
but you want to just make sure you get around just bacteria the cortex and ok
so now we’re at this angle here in a minute turn off again so he turned it on and
off so just bear with me with that they were going to look at this kind of from
the hands angle and then we’re gonna do our part to rotate and pull it down a
little bit g4 grab and then to rotate more she grabbed and then you want to
keep moving it a little bit of time just so you can see where you’re going to
decide how you want your glove because some gloves I actually seen some other
fingers actually go all the way into the palm of the hand fingertips that’s going
to be up to you because we have our character behind you can see with a hand
coming through adjustments are to rotate so you basically gonna just be rotating
and grabbing and gently moving and coming through rapier gonna do grab and
pull it this way ok now we have the hand over here we
kind of got that little curve well very quick and very easy so we’re going to
just give it to this one Luke here and I’m gonna just shift and just right
click on that age just get rid of that for a second and then with this little
tip were gonna just routine that a little bit more maybe double double are
you get it the way you think you should be alright that’s the general idea and
we don’t want these to go inside of each other and you get into your match like
that press 350 new number and it would
restrict it so you can zoom in without going inside and then I might just
present you just pull it just a little bit away to make sure that it’s not
connected right so that’s pretty good I guess general low poly quote the sides
here boxing glove expert but I believe that
some of these and is probably you might want to keep grabbing decrease
that a little bit just try to get into shape that you would normally see if you
use a reference then you probably get a better output that’s going to depend on
you know what kind of effect you really wanted to look very realistic or just
kind of cartoony animation looking and it really depends on what your final
output and what’s important to you for that just pull some of these are
basically almost done that’s fine let’s go back into front you and then we have
a quick blow you and all page to unhide the wrist know what their wrists you
might want to add a little fancy shmancy stuff to it you might want to add some
strings in here and you can continue editing this gives you the basic club
and then in here when I like to do the arm is scheduled by holding all and
right-clicking that age and right way to skill that peace out a
little bit and we can control our age group and they may be put a loop in here
and just start and details I guess you could say control are maybe a little bit
here and you’ll be able to stitch markers and things like that by just
adding little things two-year masterpiece ok that’s the basic
shape of a glove and this probably won’t go up the armed that far I’m going to
friends and I was probably too high we can do all and you can select the loop
and then you can see you’re an edge lied and you can slide the edge by doing jeje
no matter which way you move my mouse it’s only going to slide up and down and
it’s not going to pull it away if I just do all and I select that I do G wants
them as I’m pulling I might go in different directions so if I do ji ji
and it’s only going to go up and down this page there so maybe that would be a
little better order right so however you think it needs to be just
right click and I knew that was gonna happen at some of these pages get softer touches and softer touches
now if you’re making this may close the same principles apply as my may close
tutorial but you would just bring in the low poly mesh and you would use that to
create clothing that’s all I did just want to fix these little so when you
going to do you text if you do a good texture than you want it to be good for
the most part you don’t need so let’s say we’re happy with that could
be maybe not let’s play this out a little so it’s over that finger so it’s
going to front view that we have are basically there yes and we haven’t
changed or added any real topology except for the few roofs and I’m a press
aide to select Open this panel gonna go to my material pic material anything on
there for now notice it’s covering our character to that’s ok so we’re going to
just click on sign and they were gonna go into object moving to select a
character and creating new material for the body and we’ll just body beer wine
and there will be a bit different color maybe he’s clean and then we’ll go into
edit mode with our guys selected for say to select all and sign that crazy the
green no notice here we do have press five of my num pad we do have a little
bit of that hand sticking out and that’s very easy to take care of with a mask
and you don’t have to go back into edit mode keep fixing that now if you’re
using the right click and select going to devote if you’re using make clothes
you probably did it is nice and covered on your object or your base mesh you use
for me close so that you don’t see that poking so when the mask is created
automatically it’s already going to look as best as possible and whatever
character you choose to create in me cumin pretty
good right so we go back into front of you and then we have only one glove but
you can’t fight so we need to so once we do that we can also come over here to
our texture slot and immature movie now let’s bring this part down to like this
over gonna switch this outline window to my UV image editor we have a blank image
and click New and we’ll just call this close call it loves why I probably have
a hundred lives right time this so many times so many different things that
would just be that texture with us and we have this little asterisks letting us
know that we have not saved our image someone to do that now and it’s going to
take me to my browser to see my image I’ll be right back Creek image and I chose save as image
but now that I’ve saved it I have this option which any time I make changes I
can just save image and it will just save it and it won’t have to take me all
the way to my browser cuts already named and saved alright so now we have our
globe and we can do a couple of things we can just selected and we get this
basic UV map that was created and make human make you mine always creates you
remembered for you but we can just get rid of that one and we can unwrap the
store so we can do you or just basic unwrapping gets really useless like that
you’ve unwrapping we can do project review and get the side view of our
globe maybe you won’t like that you can still do and do you predict when viewing
it from the outside this different ways to unwrap or you can come in here and a
2d select and actually select some vertex to unwrap it so let’s say we want to be
a date around there and then shift and I hope all right click and maybe there
might be where you want to put it maybe not don’t think so let’s try this sided
year all right click that okay so it’s not
too bad but you decide where you want your seems well I have that too by
holding SHIFT and in that year controls the I’m going to just go into
food for a moment to say can see and make sure that inside the correct one is elected to hear to
hear ok looks like it’s correct shift over here
mark some seems so long ago control II marketing and we have some themes for
its gonna actually cut this I don’t think I wanted to hear don’t want to go into mood and I’m gonna
hold SHIFT and click on this this new control again and I don’t know we have
seen other ones during it controls the controls are you back those names those where I would like to hear that
one should be able to select back mesh ok just that one to select that mesh i
do same as control here are consumed in control I have some seems marked and
hopefully they’re good enough this one hearing might need to loop around this
time let me just selected manually this one this one this one this one this one
could be like this doing in the right spot so we’re going
to shift and right now we know that right now when I rotate I can get the
one that I wanna hear that better and I’m gonna do control II mark that scene
by press aide to select all and I do you and I do unwrap it a little differently
so little bum bum hole and it should be a friend back that’s not the best unwrap
book gives you a general idea so I’m gonna go uv-vis average Islands pack
islands and that’s just going to put everything on there nicely upside down
and select one of these words control and then I can just G to grab a piece of
work that come over here I can see which one I have i cant sync it wrong that’s the inside of the home turn that
this year and this is going to be the outside of the control here in a way that control keypad I’d rather
have this damming up and down a bit down just a little bit and then control well just in grab here controll grab the MEB ok so we’re
looking here is where it’s at a kind of scrunched up and that’s going to get
into the you know the meaning of you use these we won’t do that to select my
glove and I’m gonna go into text no notice it says pink and it told me
appear missing data under tools and that means I don’t have a a texture
associated with my material that’s on this globe so let me go back into it and
let me go back to my material and you see that wants US default skin open up
this little slut and find the ones you create it defaults can I but I renamed
it see ya I guess I didn’t save it right I see the wrong one I say the body I
think so I don’t know I just didn’t do right let’s just call this five again so enter and that’s going to be material
so now we need to go to the slot that’s associated with it and we need to scroll
down and then we see image and open and we gonna go in here we’re going to get
that down and we’re gonna open this and we’re gonna use the UV map which is
created it now we come up here to RUV image editor we open this we have that
that’s what they’re looking for so now it’s going to text your mood and now
it’s accepting it ok so once were in text mode we can use
our masks to paint and the different areas or we can also paint over here
either way and text demo text of pain I actually love working with extra pain I
didn’t always but I’ve learned quite a bit on using it in pretty cool so the
first thing I’m gonna do is gonna go to my slot to make sure that I have my
fellow that’s going to be my campus in my pants and then make sure I have my UV
map select it then I I am going to go back to tools and keep
this short we just pick a color black low this year is just a placeholder kind
of color this background here it’s not really our paint so once we begin
painting will see it update over here and if you see that we are planning on
going this way we can just pain and have some fun into options I’m gonna turn off
call a normal and go back to my tools and then I’m gonna finish painting now on a mask and we right clicking here
we can actually pick areas that we want to paint and not paying other areas I
can come in here I may be able to use and I do it do shift in just select all
of the edges here that I want be able to do but it’s not letting me
and then the next time I wanna do a loop here and I can hold all and shift and
just like now and the tutorial where I have the clothes was on accident bottom
I did a little alcohol strip here where you can continue editing and adding
details using any of the tools that you have available to you so keep that in
mind this is just the basics like you so we can take the inside and we can do
control and just select just that area she goes all the way up there keep in mind where you gonna be paying
me real pain that a little bit darker black color going over I don’t think I D selected
that I’m not positive but whatever way you want might do some tutorials on texture
painting because I’ve learned quite a bit and got questions about it but I’ve
never really done a detailed one where really you know to get serious and went
all the way from start to finish and explained a lot of the details that
would really benefit beginners things that I wish I would have known when I
started perhaps off at that I selected those and i cant have it and then I can
select control you can get a different color just have
some fun with your texture paint I mean it really gets cool to learn what you’re
doing and I’m just doing some very simple basic slapping some paint on
their right click on that one control just slap a little bit cooler on
there may be a little darker and then appear we can control and select that
they have different ways to paint year textures can do it here you can take it
out into program like GIMP or Photoshop or program that you might use different
she’d give details after shrink my brushes yes there may be decreased this
dirty up has been fighting for a long long time for some crazy stuff in here really learning from but me being here
with us some lady areas center around later the black that over and just give yourself some craziness but again
you going to design your love the way you think they feel of it maybe it’s an
older gloves maybe it has some crazy details to it maybe the pain is warning
letters cracked you can use an actual imagery of texture no matter what you
choose you create your profile make it look through our battles really stupid
right anyways we have a basic turn this off and then we went to come over here
we can always come here and make our texture by just going to paint and then
we compared color change it to some of that maybe they really beat up old club
somebody gave him he’s just happy to have him so he’s using whatever came in
there it’s whatever call you want and if all else fails just pick one caller
basic color and paint your entire image here increase your brush strokes over the
entire image in your entire globe is changed and so is your texture so no
matter what you do to this it’s going to be here texture for your gloves you can paint it
directly on the campaign didn’t hear whatever way is most convenient for you darken up some of the Year is off to
decrease just want to get to recognize the parts
of you object then get a little bit easier time details very personalized I
guess so campaigning we want we can add that in
there since questions with different people right so let’s say we’re happy
with this club of our texture so first thing we notice we got the oestrus here
so we’re going to open this up and just click Save Image and it’s automatically
say we don’t have to do anything else right so let’s add a sub surface
modifier modifier that’s because we know that no more details lets you see our
fingers sticking out something the more are being a six and I do we want to go
back into our editing and start pulling and pushing and yanking and fattening no
we don’t want to put this down 22 ok so the hands or a quick and easy way to fix
that is simply add a mask so that’s close so we don’t get confused and it so
badly mask we’re gonna have the mass to body no matter what character we’re
using let’s go back into to think so no matter what character
we’re using whenever we have something like that if you should come out like
that just select your body into edit mode ok make sure you grab sonya
characters and go over to the object data and under vertex groups vertex
group double click and delete the gloves were gonna make gloves but we’re not
going to do so don’t worry about that and press Enter a no go to vertex electro a 2d select
and let’s turn on our cruise because we want to see through here and want to see
where I hand is under this club and we should actually do hard to get first case of backspace for
second week that I’m going back to top to quote very quickly right click on my
glove selected my cursor is in the center of my grade I’m gonna shift D and
duplicated right click to places and then I’m gonna go object mara X global
and I have two clubs now I need to put these together or you can’t keep them
separate that’s going to be up to you but for this I will make him one object
clicked just duplicate that again cuz I didn’t
apply it and it went back so right click placed the duplicate mara X access and
left-click anytime you look down here in your header and it’s not your regular
header with all your comment you’re not out of the mode so you wanna left quick
to apply whatever you’ve done okay so that’s a good indicator whenever you see
the blank or with some different information anything that you’ve done
whether you didn’t extrude or whatever it might be if it still blank that means
you have not left quick to apply just looks into this crevice selecting my
whole shift and I’m gonna slip that one and I’m gonna control J to join them and
make them one object came now I’m going to rate with my character and go back
into it and in the morning to be selected and I have my clothes still
wants and I’m gonna zoom in to this year in first and this seems to have a little
bit problem here we don’t really need the whole hand now when we’re doing this
is we’re going to be back over here and over text group so great that vertex
began double click Delete I’m going to name it delete actually
calling and gloves this is just a helpful way to create these groups
alright so now we’re going to put the vertex in here now what you want to keep
in mind is when these were turks are deleted it’s going to remove faces so you don’t
want to go in an area where if we delete this face its gonna show here is going
to be blank so wanna stay below that point so c4 circle select left click and
drag and for the most part you can drag over just the areas that are protruding
and keep it very very simple and just don’t want to go above that line just a
little bit let’s make sure and actually what’s going to happen is this is not
going to be good and the reason is these vertices are connected to this page if
we delete these vertices this entire face is going to disappear so we’re
gonna hold shift to see faster for selecting gonna press and hold on middle
mouse and we’re gonna go into your text mode so we can grab this these baseman
you have to actually click on the little point that’s in the center of the face
so this way we can now these phases will stay intact and we
won’t see a hole between the army and he’s here will be things that we’ve got
that science so it’s going to find you and what I’m gonna do is go to this site
by holding SHIFT and is this hand do the same thing c4 circle select and drag
these go too far up so and then take this a little bit ok so see these here
are connected to this face these electrodes see so now we have the vertex
we want to add to this group and remember we’re adding vertex from be
body of our character and you would do with this with anybody here putting
clothes or objects on so I was gonna sign those were texts to the group then
there’s one more step if we go into object move we still see our fingers
sticking through so what we want to do is we want to go to our branch out a
modifier and we want to add a mess so we get this year and let’s name list to
match what we are masking so we’re gonna call this and delete Golden Globes
because if you have a lot of masks I can get a little computer and then all we
need to do is come down here to our vertex group open it up and you see we
only have one so we selected now our entire character just disappeared yet we
still see these fingers why is that what we need to click this little bun here
use vertices that are not part of the region to find so we’re going to use
everything but those okay and then it brings her character back and our
fingers are nicely tucked away inside over funny-looking Globes general idea
how to create those clubs that’s going to be again if you use may close at the
same concept and same process that I use I guess I’m not the best boxing lawmaker
you can add a little more detail to this and a little bit of personalization I
guess that’s how I did it and hopefully this will help you create your own
custom mauro’s gloves boxing to next time thank you for watching and if this
has helped to even a little bit like button below video and also you can
subscribe to my channel for more so for tutorials thank you for watching and
have yourself a great day bye bye

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  • Thanks again for another awesome tutorial. Was looking at creating more detailed models with curves and you are the first I thought of as I remembered this tutorial that I hadn't yet watched. Just wanted to point out that as an artist there is plenty of room for uniqueness in ones creations and that individuality should be embraced, thus when you mention that it is good enough for you than that is what it should be. You are an awesome artist and an excellent teacher with no need to explain the variances that occur during their creation process in my humble opinion. You are also a very kind and considerate person that takes others needs into account and I respect that. I wish you well and thank you again for helping me to advance my artistic talents and release the creative energies within.

  • Alright. But how to even get started without the low poly mesh ? How did you make that from makehuman ?
    Edit : ok found it:

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