Blender 360 Degree Panorama Render Tutorial

Hello there. Today, in this Blender Tutorial, I am going
to teach you how to render your scene, as a 360 degree panorama image. So, let’s begin. Here, I have a simple scene, which contains
some cubes, and a camera. I want to render this scene, as a 360 degree
panorama, which means that everything around the camera will appear in the final render. So, select the camera object. Now, we need to change the type of lens which
will be used. Set this to panoramic. To be able to set the proper lens unit type,
we will need to use the Cycles engine. Change to the Cycles engine. Now, set the lens unit type to Equirectangular. Leave the other options as they are. If you want to increase the render distance,
increase the camera clipping End. Now, you can already guess what to do next. Render it. Well, it’s looking good. This is a 360 degree panoramic image. Remember that the object materials, textures
and the background of the scene, need to be applied in the Cycles engine before they can
be seen in the final render. Anyway, subscribe for more blender tutorials,
animations, 360 degree virtual reality content, and illuminati conspiracy theory videos.

3 thoughts on “Blender 360 Degree Panorama Render Tutorial

  • Very useful and very unique tutorial xD thank you for keeping it concise too ^_^ hate when tutorials are needlessly lengthy

  • Hi. I do not manage to view these photospheres created by Blender in Google Photos for instance. They remain flat. I have tried adding metadata using exif fixer, it doesn't work. Do you know any end-to-end tutorial which explains how to render a picture in stereoscopic 3D and make it directly usable and viewable in Google Photos, or any VR headset?

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