Blender 2.8 Tutorial – How to Get Rid of Lag in the Video Sequence Editor (VSE) – How to BOOST FPS

So you’ve been using the video sequence
editor, but there’s a little problem because it’s super laggy. Hey guys welcome back to tutsbykai, I’m Kai. Today we are back in blender 2.8, once again. We
actually have a new version of blender 2.8. It’s the newest version that’s come
out. The icons are a bit different, but we’ll go into that some other time. We’re
gonna go up to this top workspace up here, this little plus icon and go to
general. Actually, I’m sorry. Go to video editing, then video editing right there.
So now we have this whole video editing GUI here. We’ll go and I’ll open up a video
that I have, which is just a really quick video from Rainbow Six Siege. Well go ahead and just find a nice place. Let me open this up. I’ll just open this up. Hit “B”
to box select, “B” to box select. There we go. And we’ll just hit “G” to move these over. I’ll just find a nice place. So, maybe
like right there. So as you can see we have a little bit of problem.
Everything’s kind of in slow motion right now, which is not good. So it’ll
speed up and it’ll slow down like this and this is not the greatest. You can see
the frames per second going up and down here. So we have a little bit of problems
here. You can see it’s super slow motion right now. So yeah. We can go ahead and
fix this by doing a couple of things. Let’s go ahead and move these over
again. So hit “B” to box select, hit “G” to move them over. I’ll find a better spot
somewhere about maybe, about right there. Now you can see completely in slow
motion, 15 frames per second… not the best thing ever. So we can go up here, actually,
to view settings. We have this tab open and change this proxy size of 25%. Now if
we change its 25% you’ll see this get instantly blurry, but it won’t actually
fix our problem. It’s still lagging just the same way that it would be. I mean, the
video is playing right now, but it’s going in super slow motion. The way we can fix this is going over here to the proxy and cache tab, over here on the right
hand side, and then going down and checking proxy and timecode and making
sure this is on 25%. Now on 25%, you can see that we need to– if I stop that– we need to go ahead and go down here to set selected strip proxies,
click that and then we can go and hit 25%, okay, and then we can hit rebuild
proxy and timecode indices. Now we made that, you can see up here it will rebuild
all of the– all of the proxies and what this is
doing is pretty much just letting us be able to play the clip properly instead
of having it be all laggy everything like that. The longer your clip is, the longer this
will take to do. So once it’s done, I’ll be back and I’ll show you the rest of
the fixed video. Alright, so it is completely done now and we take a
look at this. This quality should look pretty bad but don’t worry about that
because we still have it on 25%. We’re not degrading
the clip, we’re just degrading the preview for it, pretty much, is what’s
happening here. So if I play now, you can see that we have a perfectly fine video
that is not lagging at all anymore and if I actually go ahead and turn the end
frames up, you can see that it is working perfectly. There is no hiccups, there’s no
nothing. It’s working gorgeously and there’s no lag. The great thing about
that is we can just go back to the no proxy full render and you can see that
it will be at its full potential once again, but of course, it’ll lag again, so
we’re not actually degrading the quality, we’re just degrading the view of the
quality. So that is that. That’s how you fix that up. You can’t just change it up
here, you got to actually set them and rebuild them and all that stuff. So a lot
of people asked me before, in the past, there it is right there for you.
Hope you guys enjoyed this video. Hope it helped you out. If it did, make sure you
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next one. But until then… buh bye. ( tutsbykai theme music plays )

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