Blender 2.8 How to move rotate and scale with shortcuts

One of the things that we do most frequently in
blender is move, rotate, and scale objects. And to do this we do have gizmos on the side. I mean we do have a move gizmo. We do have a rotation gizmo. And we do have a scaling gizmo. But these are not good enough because we are
going to be doing these kinds of things all the time. So we want keyboard shortcuts and methods
to do this. So for moving you click g for grab. For rotation you click r for rotate. And for scaling you click s for scale. And these are all right but of course we also
have some additional issues. So if you click g for grab. This is kind of moving freely. It’s not very precise. So what if we only want to move this on this
green y axis. Well what you do is you click g for grab,
and then you click y. To constrain it. Or you can click x to constrain it to the
x axis. Or z. With rotation you have a similar idea. Click r for rotate. And you can rotate it around the x axis by
clicking x. Y axis with y, and z with z. Scaling again is the exact same idea. When you click s it’s going to scale it uniformly
in all directions. But you can just constrain it to x. So it’s going to scale this way. Y. Or z. But of course we have another limitation. What if we want to scale it in both the x
and the y axis. So everything except the z. Well you click s for scale. Then you’re going to hold shift and then click
z. And now you see that we’re scaling in everything
except the z axis. If you want to do everything except the x
axis, you click s for scale. Shift and then x. And then you’re doing it this way. And then we can do that and then scale it
on the x axis. So s and then x. So that is the basics of moving rotating and
scaling in only one dimension or two dimensions or whatever you want without using these gizmos. So hopefully this helped and thank you guys
for watching.

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