BigBong – ABC Juice

Hi everybody, I’m BigBong! And today I’d like to show you how I prepare the ABC juice which is actually one my favorites! Now why ABC juice? Well, it is a classic among juices and a very basic one as it doesn’t require that many ingredients But ABC also stand for Apple, Beet & Carrot My usual ratio is 1 Apple, 1 Beetroot & 2 carrots but since I drink a lot of it, let’s make it double! The rest is pretty simple! we need to cut everything so that it fits the drum’s pipe So cubes of about 3 cm or 1.2″ By the way, it doesn’t matter what sort of beets you want to use I personally prefer Golden Beets as they tend to be sweeter and less earthy than Red Beets Not to mention the stain that is far more dangerous with the latter It’s a simple juice and yet full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants For the best preservation, I use glass bottles that I recycle Look at this color, isn’t it beautiful? Mmmh and that delicious taste… No doubt, it’s one of my favorites! Now of course this juice is vegan but if you’re not and you want to make it sweeter you may add some honey And needless to say that the waste is 100% compostable Before we finish, let me address a short reply for those who are against my food & drinks videos Let me repeat what I state in each one of them I’m neither an expert nor a professional in the field I’m just a young man minding his own business by enjoying his passion for juice making which I believe is a healthy habit What I hope is that making these videos will lead more people towards a healthy lifestyle Once again, nobody forces you to watch my content and if you think you can nourish the information well, the comment section is all yours I apologize for getting a little impassioned But on that note, I wish you a delightful day! See you soon!

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