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– Hey guys. So recently I have been
getting a lot of requests for homemade creme brulee. And I think that is an excellent idea because creme brulee is one of
the most delicious desserts, and it’s actually pretty
easy to make as well. But the thing with creme brulee that people can get intimidated
by is the kitchen torch. So a lot of recipes at the
end will call for using one of those little hand
held kitchen torches. Now even myself, who
loves a kitchen gadget more than anybody, is
intimidated by those things. I’m always afraid I’m gonna
burn my house down with them. So after experimenting with a couple of different techniques, I have come up with
the perfect way to make a homemade creme brulee without the need for one of those
intimidating kitchen torches. Here’s what you do. In a sauce pan you’re going to combine some heavy cream and the
seeds of one vanilla bean. Now I also like to throw
in the pod as well, just because as that cream
comes up to a simmer, you wanna infuse it with all of those beautiful vanilla flavors. And there’s even more
flavor in the pod as well, so you might as well throw that in. Now meanwhile, in a heat safe bowl, you’re going to combine six egg yolks, a little bit of sugar,
and a pinch of salt. I always like to add a little bit of salt into the desserts I make. Salt is just a natural flavor enhancer, so any flavors that you have, like the vanilla bean and the sugar, are just gonna become
all the more amplified by the help of a little bit of salt. At this point your cream is probably done. You’re gonna go in and
just fish out the pod, and then slowly pour the
cream into the egg mixture, whisking all the while. You just wanna do it slowly,
a little bit at a time, so that you don’t scramble those eggs. Because remember, the cream is hot and your eggs are room temperature. The slower you go, the better. Now here is a really important
tip with creme brulee. You wanna make sure that that custard is as smooth and creamy as possible. And the best way to assure that is to strain your mixture. So over another large, heat safe bowl, you’re gonna put a fine mesh sieve. You’re then gonna pour your
egg mixture over the sieve. And then you will see after you do that you’ll be surprised what
you catch in that sieve. You’ll have large pieces of vanilla bean, you may have a few little
scrambled egg pieces here and there. So it’s definitely a good step to do. Now let’s talk ramekins. This is really tip number two. I love to have a ramekin
with a low profile, especially when you’re trying to make homemade creme brulee without
the need for a kitchen torch. And the reason is twofold. One, a low profile
ramekin is going to allow for your custard to get closer to your oven’s heating implement. The closer it can get, the more caramelization
you’re going to get on your creme brulee. The second reason why I like this ramekin is that it has a wider diameter, about five inches to it. I don’t know about you, but for me the best
part of the creme brulee is that caramelized sugar on top. So the wider the ramekin, the more surface crust you’re gonna get on your creme brulee. So if you’d like to know
where to find ramekins that are similar to mine, I’ve put a link in the description to where you can find low
profile ramekins online. You’re gonna ladle out your egg mixture into your ramekins, and transfer them to a large roasting pan. At that point you wanna
walk over to your oven, open the oven door, and pull out the rack. You then wanna take your roasting pan, place it on the rack, and then you wanna fill about half an inch up the side of the ramekin
with hot, boiling water. And the best way to do
that is in the corner of your roasting pan. If you do it too close to the ramekins, some of that hot water can
splash into your custard, and then it will not set, and it makes a big mess. So trust me, I’ve done this before, and the best way to do it is just in the corner
of your roasting pan. Then slowly push your rack into your oven. Then you wanna bake for
about 25 to 30 minutes, just until those custards are set. They’ll still be a little bit jiggly, and the tops will start to dry out. That’s when you know they’re done. And at this point you wanna
refrigerate the custards. Allow them to cool and then wrap each one individually in foil. Place it in your refrigerator
for about an hour or two, or even overnight. Then when it’s ready to serve, here comes the fun part, the sugar. Now I have done this
experimentation three times with three different types of sugar. And here are the results. I’ve tried white granulated sugar. That does not work as well because it doesn’t caramelize. It’s too refined. There isn’t enough natural
sugars in that sugar for it to actually do much. So I wouldn’t use the white sugar. The turbinado, or raw cane sugar, is better, but again, it’s too coarse, and it doesn’t
really melt all the way. You’ll get some nice caramelization, but it won’t be as good. And number three, the real
winner, is brown sugar. Brown sugar heats up really quickly, it caramelizes beautifully, and works in about 10 seconds. The best thing you wanna
do is just keep those creme brulees under your heating implement for the shortest amount of time possible, because you don’t wanna heat
up that custard too much. Otherwise you miss that
warm, crackly sugar, and that cool center. So definitely go with the brown sugar. Now the final step, to really send this creme
brulee over the edge, is to serve it with a dollop
of homemade whipped cream. Now you guys have probably seen me make homemade whipped cream more times that you care to remember, so I’ll spare you the demo. However, the recipe is in the description for those of you who’d like
to know how to make it. So there you have it, homemade creme brulee without the use of those intimidating kitchen torches. I hope you guys give this one a try. Your guests will be blown away at your next party if you present them with homemade creme brulee. I’ll see you next week for
another real time recipe where we’re gonna put dinner on the table in 15 minutes or less. I’ll see you then. (light guitar music)

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    In your description, you say to cook the creme brulee's for 15-20 minutes. So, I did, and was worried I had done something wrong because they were very jiggly and not cooked. When I watched the video, you said 25-30 minutes. I cooked them for the extra minutes and they came out great, but I think you should edit your caption so people do not get confused about how long to cook them. Other than that, these were great and I love your channel! Keep up the awesome work 🙂

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    Broiling method worked out the best

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