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– Hey guys, it’s the
first week in December and I am sure you are all
busy planning your holiday parties and your Christmas desserts. Now, one of the things
about the holidays is we all want these impressive, over-the-top desserts and sometimes
disaster does strike. And when it does, and your
dessert does not turn out, I wanted to arm you with Cherries Jubilee. It’s the best backup plan on the planet. It’s the easiest dessert to put together. So if that does happen,
don’t worry about it. It’s happened to me too. Think of Cherries Jubilee. Let me show you how quick
and easy it comes together. So in a large skillet, we’re
gonna add four tablespoons of butter. Once it starts to melt,
you can throw in your four tablespoons of brown sugar. Then you’ll start to get this
nice paste on your hands. At that point you want to add two cups of frozen cherries. Here’s the nice thing
about frozen cherries, especially this time of
year, is A, you can find them because they don’t have to be in season. They’re pitted, and because they’re frozen they’ve retained a lot of moisture. So as these cherries start
to cook down and saute, they’ll start to release
their juices, which is just the right amount of
juice you need to create a nice syrupy sauce. Once that starts to
happen, we’re going to add a half a teaspoon of almond extract. Now normally Cherries Jubilee is made with liqueur and you actually
flambe this dessert, which can be really
problematic around the holidays when you have lots of kids running around. That’s why I like this
simplified version that doesn’t take liqueur and instead we’re gonna use some almond extract, which
almond is a fantastic flavor combination with cherry. Then you’ll see that your
sauce will start to come together, it’ll be really
syrupy, at that point you can remove it from the flame. Take out some of your
favorite fancy glasses, I like to use either Margarita
glasses or martini glass, or even a wine glass would work. In the glasses we’re
gonna fill it with a scoop of ice cream. Now traditionally,
Cherries Jubilee is served with vanilla ice cream,
that would be good, I like to kick it up a notch
because, let’s be honest, it is the holidays, and
use a Vanilla Swiss Almond. I like the Swiss Almond
because you get the chocolate and the crunch of the almond, but chocolate chip would
also be a good choice too. You’re gonna take about
a half a cup of the cherry mixture, spoon it
over the ice cream, and then top each one with some raw sliced almonds. And then I also like to
serve this dessert with some fancy store-bought cookies. And there you have it. Cherries Jubilee, the
easiest holiday dessert ever. I hope you guys give this
one a try and let me know what you think. And I also hope you keep it in mind so if disaster does strike and
you need to move to Plan B, you’ll think of Cherries Jubilee. Hey, it’s so delicious,
you may even wanna make it Plan A. All right you guys, I’ll see you back here on Friday for some really
fun Christmas cookie ideas. All right, until then, bye. (“Deck The Halls”)

33 thoughts on “Beth’s Easy Cherries Jubilee | ENTERTAINING WITH BETH

  • Awesome!  My favourite recipes are made with 4 ingredients or less, I find the flavours are that much more pronounced, not to mention the easy factor! Going to try this…

  • It looks really nice! To me the flavor combination with cherries and almonds is really great to me! Every dane eats only one very specific christmas dessert no matter the household, which is Ris a la Mande, essentially rice porridge stirred with whip cream, along with chopped almonds, and topped with cherry sauce (hot or cold, with or without liquor). There is also a game to this dessert, as there is usually one almond left whole, and hidden in one serving, and the one who gets it (by random) will get a prize, "mandelgaven" translated to the almond present (traditionally marzipan shaped into a pig, but today a lot of things can be the prize).

    ps. I do not know why I wrote this whole thing down, but I guess I thought it would be fun to share this tradition with others 😀  

  • Dear Beth!
    Do you have any quick and delicious savory recipes that I can bring to dinner parties? Just some little bites, not whole meals, as a gift to the host.

  • Oh my gosh! I got to make these, but the flambé version, in my college program as a tableside service in our in-class restaurant! But I couldn't remember the exact measurements to make it at home so thank you so much for this! These are sooo good! Another way to make it look fancier is to make a caramel drizzle bowl!

  • Beth…for me this would be PLAN A. Simple, cool & oh so attractive…a very winter wonderland kind of dessert. Those glasses were a smart choice for the presentation. The cherries looked so snug with the scoops…a great visual tactic. Love from India…Shoma.    

  • Beth, when there are multiple dishes to prepare in Christmas this dessert is the perfect one to make. It´s easy, quick, elegant and ,of course, super delicious. I will keep it in mind!

    Happy day in L.A.


  • Thank you so much!
    I am making food for my family Christmas party this year and I also try to make really crazy desserts and they turn out bad more often than not
    This is the perfect recipe to solve my dessert problem

  • This looks amazing and easy to make, Thx for the recipe. and Beth, do you have a great recipe of tortellini? i am planing on a dinner with friends, tortellini seems like a good idea, haha. 

  • Have you tried this recipe with some other frozen fruit? I am not a biggest fan of cherries, but might try this with raspberries. 

  • Beth, I actually made this for New Year's Eve dessert and my family loved it. How can a recipe so simple taste soooooo amazing! Thank you!

  • Considering the flavours in this dessert, I think amaretti cookies would be a better pairing for a biscuit than the butter wafers

  • Is there any way you can jar the cherries jubilee? that would be nice just have on hand if you are only feed one person.

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