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– Hey guys, today I’m gonna share with you one of my favorite recipes
for this time of year. It is my cream of mushroom
soup with crispy leeks. I love this recipe because
it is hearty and delicious, especially as the weather
starts to turn cool, and it couldn’t be easier to put together. Let me show you how to make it. In a large stock pot you’re gonna melt two
tablespoons of butter, and to that you’re gonna add two leeks that have been chopped, 3/4 cup of diced white onion, and one garlic clove that
has just been sliced. (upbeat, jazzy music) You wanna saute these vegetables just until they’re nice and
fragrant and fork tender, and at this stage we’re gonna add 16 ounces
of sliced cremini mushrooms. The creminis are the darker variety, but you could also use
white button mushrooms. So you wanna cook those mushrooms just until they start to become tender and release they’re
juices, and at that point we’re gonna add one teaspoon
of minced fresh thyme, and then give that a stir. And then we’re gonna
add four cups of broth. So you could use chicken broth, you could use vegetable broth, you probably could even
use water if you had to. And then you wanna let that
simmer for five minutes, just to give all those flavors a chance to marry and combine. And then we are going to
transfer the soup into a blender and puree in batches until
it is nice and smooth. Then you wanna transfer the soup into a cleaned out stock pot and at this stage you can
check it for seasoning. You can add a little salt
and pepper if needed. And then we’re also gonna add
one tablespoon of heavy cream. Then we’re gonna make
the garnish for the soup, which are these delicious crispy leeks. So in a large skillet you’re gonna add about a
tablespoon of olive oil. You wanna good enough amount of olive oil so that they actually
have something to fry in. Then you wanna take the
white part of two leeks and cut them into thirds, and then take those and cut them in half, and then slice really
thinly into little strips. And then you’re gonna fry these
leeks in the hot olive oil and you’ll see they’ll start to get really
golden brown and crispy, that’s just what you want. You can add a little salt
and pepper if needed. But I have to say these
crispy leeks are really great in a lot of different things, in fact I love to put
them inside an omelet when I’m making a quick and easy meal. I’ll leave you a link in the Description for how to make my Foolproof Omelet, or you can click the iCard as well. I just put them inside the
omelet with the Gruyere cheese and it’s really fantastic. Then you’re gonna ladle out
your soup into some bowls, top with a little bit of
freshly cracked pepper and some fresh thyme leaves, and then of course a nice little
mound of the crispy leeks. I love this soup because
it is so flavorful, with the earthiness of the
mushrooms, mixed with the thyme, and of course those
fantastic crispy leeks. I hope you guys give this one a try and let me know what you think. Subscribe for more quick and easy recipes and I’ll see you back here
next week with another one. Until then, bye.

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