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– Hey guys. Today I’m gonna show you how to make a terrific springtime recipe in the form of my asparagus,
mint, and pea soup. I love this recipe
because the mix of flavors is so fantastic. You have to trust me on this one. It might sound like a strange one, but I’m telling you it is so delicious. And the best part is the whole thing can be
made the day before. Let me show you how to put it together. So in a large Dutch
oven, you want to begin by melting two tablespoons of butter. Now I will say this recipe
is really easy to adapt if you want to make it
vegetarian or vegan, and I’ll leave you those
alternates in the description. And then once your butter
is melted and foamy, you’re going to add two
cups of yellow onion that have been diced, a half a cup of diced celery, and two cloves of garlic
that you’ve just sliced. We’re gonna blend the soup up later so it really doesn’t matter if you have a perfect dice or slice. Then at this stage, you
just want to add a little salt and pepper to taste. I do like to season
soup in stages like this because I find that you’ll
build a lot more flavor then if you wait to season it to the end. And you want to cook those vegetables down just until they’re
fragrant and fork-tender. And at point, we’re
going to add three cups of fresh asparagus that you’ve cut into about one-inch chunks. Then at this stage, we’re going to add 32
ounces of chicken broth. I think this soup is really flavorful with the chicken broth, but you certainly could
swap it for vegetable broth. And then you’re just
going to simmer your soup until the asparagus is fork-tender, and it really doesn’t take that long. In fact, you don’t want it to go that long because you want to
make sure you can retain as much flavor as possible. And if you overcook asparagus, it really starts to lose
a lot of its flavor. Then we’re gonna transfer
our soup into a blender. And at this stage, this
is when I like to add one cup of frozen peas because the warm soup is really just gonna thaw out those peas. And again, by not cooking them, we’re gonna retain as
much flavor as possible. And then we’re gonna add
15 leaves of fresh mint. Now this time of year,
my mint is going crazy, and right now, it looks so healthy. So I love to come up with
recipes that use fresh mint, and this is a great one. And the mint isn’t gonna be
necessarily so pronounced. It’s just gonna be a really subtle flavor in the background. So don’t be afraid if you
think it might be too sweet. It’s actually the perfect
little background flavor. Then you’re just going
to whirl up your soup till it’s nice and pureed and smooth. And then you can transfer it back into your cleaned-out stock pot. And then I like to warm
it just on a low flame, season with a little salt and pepper. And the way that I like to serve this is to ladle it out into
some shallow bowls. I like to use a white bowl ’cause I find the combination
of the bright white and that electric green is
such a great springy look. And then to garnish, we’re
going to take one tablespoon of sour cream, or you could
also use creme fraiche, and thin it with a little bit of water, just so that it’s the same
consistency of your soup. So if we took just the sour cream and put it on top of the soup, it would probably just sink to the bottom. So one of the ways I like to garnish soups when I’m using sour cream is to thin it just so that
it has the same consistency and then it’ll float on top. And I think it’s really pretty in just a haphazard pattern like that. And then you can garnish with the little freshly-snipped chives, which adds a really nice
savory kick with the sour cream and the hint of mint in the background. I hope you guys give this one a try and let me know what you think. Subscribe for more quick and easy recipes and I will see you back here
next week with another one. Until then, bye.

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