Best Personal Blender Review

In this video we’re going to show you
how we found the Best Personal Blender on the market. We spent over 40 hours
researching the best available — then putting the top seven through extensive
testing. We even tested one of these blenders for over 18 months prior to
starting this research. We put each blender through four main tests. We
looked at blending speeds, noise levels, cup capacities and general ease of use.
The Nutribullet – Pro 900 series was our top choice for best single-serve blender.
It blended smoothies lightning-fast, was fun to use and delivered good value at
under $100. If you don’t want to spend that much for a blender, the Black +
Decker was a great value at around 25 bucks. We only tested personal-sized
blenders. So, this means single-serve machines that you can both blend in and
drink your smoothie out of. One of the most important features was blending
speed. We tested each units average blending times for more meaningful
results than just looking at the wattage rating. However, results showed that more power was correlated with faster blending. The Nutribullet 900-watt motor
blended smoothies in about 12 seconds, while the Hamilton Beach’s 175-watt
motor averaged 78 seconds. The cups’ mouth- size turned out to be pretty important
too — affecting usage each step of the way. Smaller mouths meant loading ingredients
took extra care not to spill, especially with large protein powder spoons. They
also have the smallest opening at about two and a quarter-inch wide. With
Nutribullet being the largest at almost four inches wide. Larger mouths made manual cleaning easier and you can even do it without using a bottle-brush. Using a
decibel meter we measured how loud each machine was when blending frozen fruit
and ice. For reference, ambient room volume is about 45 decibels — most blenders
reached about 100 decibels in use. With not much variation except for the
Vitamix S30 coming in at 85 decibels on its low setting. If you’re not looking to
spend a ton on a blender and don’t need the speed or the size of a large one, our
second favorite personal blender was a Black + Decker fusion-blade. This one was around $25 and it comes with a slimmer and smaller 20-ounce cup. The Black + Decker took on average about one minute to blend a smoothie,
which isn’t terribly long, but a sacrifice you’ll make for a less
expensive product. A unique feature of this model is its suction cup feet that
helps the blender stay put on your counter, especially if it’s wet. It also
comes with a two-year warranty, which is double what the other less expensive
models offer. The Nutribullet – Pro 900 is the best combination of features in a
single package and at a price much more affordable than the Vitamix, which was
about three times the cost.The Nutribullet was fast — taking only 12
seconds to blend on average, which is almost five times better than the group
average of 58 seconds. Its 900-watt motor helps with speed a lot. It’s not a
quiet machine by any means, but most of the others were around 100 decibels as
well. So, this was not a big deal to us. Using this blender for smoothies was a
breeze because of its wide mouth. The wide mouth contributes to the quick
blending speed and it makes manual washing much easier too.
The main downside with this blender is its higher price point and that its
large 32-ounce cup didn’t fit in a standard car cup holder. But, as an
overall package we’re still confident with the Nutribullet – Pro as our top
pick. We added links to the personal blenders we tested in the description
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