Best Manual Coffee Grinder Review

Hey guys, my name is Drew and I’m here today with Your Best Digs to give you a quick take review of the best manual coffee grinder. We obviously tested this with you, the home brewer, in mind – looking to make pour over, French press, AeroPress and drip coffee. A grinder must be able to make different
grind sizes like coarse and fine and some of these in our test weren’t able to do that. After hours of coffee grinding and blind taste testing with our coffee expert, we’ve found that the Javapresse or Javapressé if you’re a hipster is the best manual coffee grinder. It’s small and powerful with 15 settings
and stepless micro-adjustment capability. So, you can select any grind size. It stood out in our blind taste test where it took first place for French Press style coffee. We also love that it’s easy to travel with;
it has a compact stainless steel body and a removable crank arm. The grinding process is super user-friendly with the Javapresse. The body and bean hopper are tightly connected while the beans are grinding and there’s a small window that allows you to see it happening. If we had to come up with one downside to the Javapresse grinder, we’d say that the serious caffeine-addicts may dislike its small bean capacity. It only holds enough to brew a 12-ounce cup of coffee. It also came in second in our blind pour over test. Bested by our runner-up, the Porlex – JP-30. The Porlex is another great choice. While it looks nearly identical to the Javapresse the Porlex grinder has the same stainless steel body as our #1 pick. Though the fit between its top and grind-catcher aren’t quite as tight. We liked that this grinder had a longer crank arm, which gave us leverage to speed up the grinder. However, we noticed that the parts in the
Porlex felt a bit cheaper and the grind size is less consistent. But, still gets the job done. Ultimately, either of these grinders is a
great choice for brewing a cafe-quality cup of coffee at home. If you think manual grinding is too much work – check out our review on electric coffee grinders as well. So, thanks you guys for watching this super quick take of the best manual coffee grinder. We really appreciate it! And if you like it, give us a thumbs up, subscribe and
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