Best Blender 2020 | Making A Smoothie With Froothie Evolve’s Vacuum Voice Activation System

Absolute best blender of 2020. we’re making this movie today with the
optimum evolved blender so we’ve just got the standard smoothie mixture in
there some frozen berries banana baby spinach and coconut water so we’ve got
the blending jug on the base there are two jugs that come with this model they
both have the tempered glass jugs you know it’s the blending jug because the
bottom of the jug where the blades are it’s a rounded bottom whereas the
cooking jug is completely flat on the bottom
as for the lids you know it’s the right lead for the blending jug because it’s
got black on the inside for the cooking jug it’s silver on the inside so pop the
lid on first now the blending jug also has a vacuum function so this has cost a
little bit of confusion because when people would use the smoothie function
and they’d just hear a buzzing noise so that the vacuum feature vacuuming all
the air from inside the jug so that’ll occur for about 50 seconds and then
after the vacuuming is done that’s when the blender will start and we’ll blend
your smoothie so we’re going to actually use the voice activation to start it Oh
before I start good point the the bottom of the lid where I showed you the black
that needs to be completely dry so you always vacuum first and then blend you
don’t blend and then vacuum so just make sure that underside of the jugs
completely dry before you start sorry if we use the voice activation and say hey
through thee hey through thee
I make my smoothie so as smoothie is done so to release the
vacuum function you just push on the top and you hear that’s come out it’s been
easiest to take the middle inside insert at first before you then go to take the
leech otherwise it can be a little bit hard to get it off pens and there’s a brilliance movie for

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