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Alright! this is John Kohler of
Today we have another exciting episode for you and what we’re going to do today is show
you my pick for the best, all-purpose juicer for beginners. Now I know a lot of you guys
out there may have never juiced before and you’re looking at my videos to try to figure
out the best juicer for you. Keep on watching because I have over 400 videos on this YouTube
channel explaining and demonstrated all the different kinds of juicers and comparing them
side by side so that you guys can determine the best for you. The best for you might not be the best for
somebody else. The title of this video is “this is the best, all purpose, slow juicer
for beginners”. The reason why I say that is because the Slowstar juicer by Tribest
is an all-purpose machine. It literally juices things from hard vegetables, to fruits, to
leafy greens all fairly well. A lot of juicers like high speed juicers that spin very fast
may do well at hard vegetables, not great at all at the leafy greens and so-so fruits
but it’ll leave a really wet pulp. In addition, those speed machines don’t allow
you to process other healthy foods so that you can get them in you instead of buying
processed and packaged foods at the grocery store. You’re thinking “John, what do you
mean by that?” Well, basically this Slowstar juicer comes with this attachment here. This
attachment is called the mincing or homogenizing attachment and what this attachment allows
you to do is take your own roasted peanuts or raw almonds, put it through there and grind
it up and if there’s enough oil content in the nuts it’ll congeal it together. As in
roasted peanuts, it’ll make a nice peanut butter. More of a crunchy style, not like
a super smooth style. You can actually make your own peanut butter
instead of buying the ones at the grocery store that have monoglyceride and all kinds
of preservatives and who knows what else in there. This attachment also allows you to
make things such as fruits sorbets. You can take 100% bananas with frozen strawberries
and make your own ice cream-like sorbet out of a 100% fruit. I know a lot of you guys that are looking
into getting a juicer are doing this for one main reason; you want to lose weight, you
want to have more energy and you want to have a greater level of health. By not only processing
fruits and vegetables and leafy greens but also including more whole plant based foods
such as nuts and frozen fruits in your diet that the Slowstar will allow you to do, you
could meet your goals. Now another announcement I want to make really
quick before I get into this video is; another reason why the Slowstar juicer is my favourite
juicer for beginners is because of its price point. Plus if you watch this video to the end you can use one of the
discount coupons mentioned at the end of this video for an additional discount to get the
Slowstar at the cheapest price ever. Another reason why I think this machine is
so beneficial for beginners is because this juicer will be with you through your health-changing
new lifestyle of including more fruits and vegetables. What do I mean by that? If you
go down to your local department store and just buy a juicer off the shelf, you might
get 90 days, maybe a one year warranty. But the Slowstar juicer has a full 10 year warranty. What does this mean? This means if you divide
the price by 10 years, because that’s how long it’s guaranteed it will be operating
for you, it’s like thirty-something dollars a year. Then you divide that by the month,
what is that? Less than three dollars a month you can have a juicer make juicers in your
own home so you won’t have to buy expensive, $10 juices at the juice bar or buy processed
and canned and bottled juices at the store that don’t contain the enzymes or the high
level of nutrients that you can get out of your own fresh fruits or vegetables. Whether you’re buying organic or conventional
at a store or better yet even growing them yourself. The juicer to me is an investment
in the most important thing you got. It’s an investment in your health because I learned
at a young age without your health you have nothing. I almost lost my life when I was
younger and that’s why I’ve been on a juicing program and eating a healthy fruit and vegetable
based diet now for the last 20 years. You guys could do it too but you need to get
the appliance that is going to allow you to do this. What I want to do in this episode
really quick without it getting too long, is I want to show you guys how the Slowstar
juices the vegetables such as the organic carrots, we also have some fruits. We’re going
to juice some fruits to show you guys how the Slowstar juices the fruits. You’re like
“John what kind of fruits are those?” These are pomegranate arils; the inside of a pomegranate.
I’ve got a couple of different kinds. I’ve got red arils, pink arils and even some more
rare white arils so we’re going to juice all that in the Slowstar. I’m going to show you guys how easy it is
to change out or quickly clean the juicer in between juicing so that you don’t get carrot
juice mixed in with your pomegranate arils. Finally, at the end of this video I’m going
to show you another versatile thing that the Slowstar juicer can do which is make frozen
ice creams out of fruits. Frozen sorbets. I’m going to make a frozen sorbet and sample
that out and show you guys how quickly and easily the Slowstar all works. Without further ado, let’s get into this machine.
I want to first go over how this machine works because it’s different than other juicers
on the market. This is a slow juicer; it runs at 47 RPMs or revolutions per minute so that’s
very slow. A lot of juicers spin at 10,000 plus RPMs which is really, really fast. So
besides being really noisy and sounding like an aeroplane take off from your kitchen. Because
it’s spinning so fast it basically bombards the produce or the juice that you’re making
with more air and it oxidizes it and lowers the nutrition. That’s another reason why I
think this machine and slow juicers are best overall. In a recent test, in test tubes they actually
did a high speed juice and a low speed juice and compared them with how much kill rate
they had against cancer cells. The slow juice had a 50% higher kill rate with cancer cells
in the petri dish or test tube. If you guys are doing this to build your health because
you may have a certain health condition I would want to have 50% fighting ability of
disease by using the slow juicer instead of high speed one. This slow juicer, as I said, is the most versatile
and also fairly easy to clean and really easy to use. It’s the quickest and easiest one
for me to use in my kitchen so that’s why I use this style machine. The other thing
I want to let you guys know is that the Slowstar is a second generation, vertical, single auger
juicer. What does that mean? Frankly, there’s a lot of vertical, single auger juicers on
the market but there’s only two of them that are in production that I’m aware of that are
the second generation. This is what I mean very simple. Let’s go
ahead and take this guy apart really quick for you guys. What I mean by that is there’s
the auger, and this is an Ultem auger, eight times harder plastic and this really gets
in there and grinds up the produce a little. It just crushes and squeezes all the juice
out and it’s juices squeeze between the screen here. The reason why this is second generation,
if you look at the bottom of the screen there you’re going to see it’s just a ring. First generation machines will have a ring,
but then they’ll be a little hole in the bottom. If there’s a hole in the bottom of the ring,
that’s where all the pulp has to come out of the hole and that’s a major stoppage or
blockage point. If you’ve read reviews on vertical slow juicers having problems with
clogging and making excessive pulp in the juice. In my opinion that’s primarily due
to the hole. All the pulp has to get forced out of a little, tiny, itsy-bitsy hole. No
longer does that have to happen on the Slowstar juicer because there’s no hole in the bottom;
the screen that the pulp needs to get forced through. It tends to work a lot better. Another reason why I like the Slowstar juicer
as a beginner juicer is because, although I still do recommend pre-cutting things like
leafy greens and celeries to juice, the manufacturer has stated that you could juice things, even
celery and leafy greens without cutting in the Slowstar without problems. They’d use
whole heads of celery in one shot without it clogging. Try that on a juicer that’s a
first generation with a hole, you’re going to be pulling your hair out because it’s going
clog up, it’s going to jam and it’s not going to get a good yield. Let’s reassemble this guy. Very easy, there
are some white dots on the top you need to line up. We’re going to go ahead and put the
auger in, drop it in there. Then we’re going to go ahead and put the top on, line the red
dot up with the white dot. Turn it and lock it into place and we’re all ready to juice.
Another thing I like about the Slowstar is that they have made improvements over the
years. They’ve improved some of the gaskets; they have red gasket material and they have
this little handy pulp flap that the original machine did not have. All the machines that
we’re now selling at discount juicers have this latest upgrade. We’re going to turn this machine on and we’re
going to drop in the carrots. One of the things I like about the Slowstar juicer is; as you
guys can see I’m not sitting there with the pusher, pushing each produce in there. The
juicer is working for me. All I got to do is take the carrot, no matter the diameter
as long as it fits in the machine, drop it in and it auto feeds. This will save you guys
some time instead of having to push things in. Also this ensures that you do not over
feed the juicer. A lot of people using slow juicers use pushers and it makes me cringe
because if they’re using pushers to push produce in they may be feeding things in too fast
which may cause problems; jamming, clogging and excess of pulp in the juice. Because you’re
trying to cram stuff through the machine faster than it wants it. As you guys can see I’m just dropping them
in and it’s accepting the carrots and it’s juicing them all up no problem whatsoever.
Right here we have about a pound of carrots and in general a pound of carrots make about
eight ounces of juice. I found the Slowstar makes out that yield of juice. Now we’re down
to the last carrot, we’re just going to go ahead and drop that in there and get it all
juiced up. Once you drop the last produce item in there
you’re going to want to let it run a little bit. The other thing I want to let you guys
know is that if you are doing combination juices then what you’re going to want to do
is rotate the items you’re putting through there. Say you’re doing apples, carrots and
celery; you’re going to want to put in an apple, a celery and a carrot, and then an
apple, celery, carrot until you’re all out of produce. Don’t just put all the carrots,
all the celery and then all the apples. That’s really not going to work here because
the juicer really needs different hardnesses of the produce. The apples really soft, the
celery is a bit firmer and the carrots are the hardest of them all and that really helps
push the pulp through. As you guys can see we easily made about a half a cup of carrot
juice. What I like to do is sometimes I tip this up to get a little bit more juice out.
Then what I’m going to do is close that stopper and try this fresh made carrot juice for you.
That’s good. I do want to let you guys know that with the
Slowstar, it gives you some pulp in the juice. Some people like the pulp in the juice and
some people don’t like the pulp in the juice. Because the Slowstar gives you this pulp in
the juice automatically you can choose to have a juice with some fibre. Some of the
reports and studies I’ve seen said that some fibres in the juice actually helps keep the
juice fresher longer. Of course if you don’t like the fibre in the juice because it’s a
taste preference thing, the Slowstar also includes a stainless steel sieve that you
can strain out all this extra fibre. Now that we’re done juicing the carrot we’re
going to turn this on. I’ve got a nice glass of water here. We’re going to pour that through
the Slowstar and as you guys can see it’s a filling up with the water there. You don’t
want to fill past about this point here. Basically that’s helping cleaning it out. We’re going
to open this guy slowly and let some of the water out. What that’s doing is pre cleaning
the machine so you can do this after you’re done juicing which makes clean-up a lot easier.
It’s going to get some of the debris out and push that bit of extra pulp through and clean
the screen a little bit. Now we’re going to let the rest out. Let it
run a little bit more. It’s really getting in there and cleaning it. You can see how
orange the water is. Let all that water come out. This is effectively a simple cleaning
on the machine. If you were done juicing, you would now actually take this machine apart
and it would be a little bit easier to clean now that you’ve ran all the water through. We’re actually not done juicing, so what I’m
going to do is take this aside and swap out with a new cup and get some of the extra water
out here. Now I’m going to swap out a new cup. Now, because we’re all ready and clean
we’re going to juice our pomegranate arils. Somebody recently asked me “John, can a Slowstar
do the Pomegranate arils?” We’re going to take handfuls through there and dump them
in. Once again, this machine is self-feeding.
You don’t want to dump them in all at once. I’m dumping in just a little bit at a time.
As you guys can see, this is juicing amazing. We’re getting some nice rich 100% pomegranate
juice. If you’d bought that pomegranate juice in the store, in a bottle. That stuff is high
in antioxidants and pomegranate juice is wonderful [laughs]. Actually that’s the name, pome-wonderful. The problem with that stuff is that it’s actually
heat processed. When you heat process any food you lower the amount of proteins. It
denatures the proteins but more importantly for me you’re losing some percentages of the
veto-chemicals and veto-nutrients. You’re losing 100% of the enzymes and these factors
in the food in my opinion that are so healing for us. What many Americans are missing their
diets today because they just don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables. I think I deseeded about four or five pomegranates
to get this amount of arils. I don’t know if I would sit there and eat four or five
pomegranates because that would take a lot of time. But I could surely put these pomegranate
arils through the machine as you guys can see. It extracts the rich, deep coloured juice.
If you notice the juice is not just that dark, magenta colour like the pome-wonderful you
get at the store. That’s because I’m also getting the benefit of the seeds. If you look
at the pulp coming out which I’ll show you guys in a minute. I’m going to put the rest of these arils in
there. If we look at this pulp; this pulp is bone dry. That’s one of the reasons why
I like the Slowstar juicer. I’m not going to tell you the pulp is going to be bone dry
in everything you juice. If we dig over to the carrot pulp, it’s a little bit wetter
but it’s still fairly dry. But juicing the pomegranate arils; this stuff is bone dry.
I can squeeze it and there’s literally no moisture that comes out this. The reason for
the colour of the juice being more pinkish instead of maroon is because the Slowstar
juicer is so powerful it’s actually grinding up and pressing out the nutrition in the seed. You may have heard that grape seeds are really
good for you and they actually sell grape seed extract in the supplements section. I
just think you guys should eat some grape seeds and chew them up really well once in
a while because they have what’s called pycnogenol which is a very powerful antioxidant which
is anti-aging. They’ve done a lot of different studies on
it that show it can be helpful in many different diseases and conditions including things like
inflammation. It’s my opinion that the pomegranate seeds also have a lot of different nutrients
and when you extract them like this you get the nutrients into the juice. Another thing
is you wouldn’t want to normally eat one pound of carrots like I just had on a table but
you would easily be able to drink eight cups of juice. That’s really the benefit of the
juicer; it allows you to supersize…not your coke and fries and hamburgers…it allows
you to supersize your fruits and vegetables which are the most important foods on the
planet for us to eat. Now I’m much more excited to drink this delicious
pomegranate juice and I’m going to tell you how it is. Mmm, wow. It’s rich, it’s full
bodied, it reminds me of drinking a vitamin D whole milk because it’s almost kind of fatty
in a way. Because, once again in the seeds there’s fats and the juicer is liberating
some of those fats into the juice so you get that. This juicer would also makes things
like nuts milks. I like to make coconut milks and almond milks with this machine as well. The other benefit of juicing the pomegranate
arils like this, unlike just sticking it on a juice press and pressing out the dark coloured
juice, is when you do juice the seeds you are getting some fat content. When you couple
that fat content in with the antioxidant content of the arils themselves, you actually get
higher uptakes of the antioxidants because the fats slow down your digestive system.
So wow, this stuff is amazing. You got to get this juicer just to make this pome-wonderful
drink. Now I’m back and man that pome juice was so
wonderful. That’s completely insane I just drink all that. It’s so good, it was really
rich and thick. So good, I can’t believe more people don’t make pome juice like that. They
just press out the arils and make the magenta, thin juice. What I want to show you guys next
is another way the Slowstar juicer can benefit you and your families so that you guys can
eat healthier. One of the things I don’t want you guys to eat is ice creams and they have
so many different mono diglycerides and corn syrup and artificial flavours and preservatives
that are not good for you guys. One of the best things about the Slowstar, as I mentioned
before you could use the mixing attachment or homogenizing attachment to process your
own foods. Grind coffee beans into coffee if you want to. Process your own nuts into
nut butters. More importantly the best thing to do with
this attachment is to process frozen fruits into sorbet. We have a couple of frozen bananas
here and whole bunch of frozen strawberries. I froze these strawberries and bananas myself
from fresh ones so when you get the bananas you can go to the store and get the ones that
are in the bag. They’re usually like half price because they’re over ripe. The ones
that have spots on them; those are the ones you want to buy because they’re really sweet
because all the sugar starts to come out when they get really ripe. You buy those, you take them home, you peel
them, you put them in a ziplock bag or a glass container in your freezer. They’ll get frozen
hard and make sure you peel them first. You cannot peel them once they are frozen. Then
you’re going to have these guys. Wow, you hear that man? My heads hollow [laughs]. Then
you’ve got frozen fruit. It wouldn’t be too fun to eat this frozen fruit, unless maybe
it was dipped in chocolate but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend that because chocolate
is not really a health food [laughs]. What you can do is you can put in the machine.
The machine will literally grind it up because it’s so powerful. It’ll make it like that
frozen yogurt consistency that we’re used to when we were a kid and go to McDonalds.
At least I went to McDonalds when I was a kid and got frozen yogurt out of the machine
and whatnot and frozen soft serves. You can make your own frozen soft serve out of 100%
fruit which is 100% healthier than ice cream or anything else that you’re buying at the
store. Without further ado I’m going to show you
guys because this is just one of the the coolest thing. Especially if you’ve got kids, you
want to get them involved and let them pick out the frozen fruits. Whether you’re going
to freeze it yourself or go to a big-box store like Costco or Sam’s club and they have frozen
fruits in big four pound packages for super cheap. In all different kinds; papayas, pineapples,
mangos, bananas, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, youngberries, I don’t know whatever
[laughs]. Let’s make this stuff. What I like to do is rotate so I’ll put a
couple of frozen strawberries in there. As you guys can see it’s crushing up the strawberry
so I’ll take a piece of banana and then I’ll put a strawberry, a piece of banana. We’ll
take a strawberry, a piece of banana, a strawberry. Keep rotating this. I really like to put more
banana than strawberry because the banana will really give it that creamy richness without
adding any kind of fat to it. The strawberries and other fruits may not make it as creamy
and delicious. As you guys can see it’s still processing
all the bananas in the sorbet and we’ve got it all coming out right here. That’s a lot
of delicious sorbet. You could top this with this some nuts and I think it would actually
be good if I saved some of that pomegranate juice and topped it over this. I think that’d
be really, really delicious. I’ll turn that off. We’ve turned this frozen fruit into a
delicious sorbet. We’re going to try that for you guys. It’s nicer now, instead of being
hard it’s really soft. Mmmm, melts in your mouth, besides being a bit cold [laughs].
Wow, these strawberries are amazing. It’s amazing how good fruits and vegetables can
taste when processed with the Slowstar juicer. Basically, in a nutshell, the Slowstar juicer
is my favourite pick as an all-purpose machine for people that don’t know what they want
to use. They want to use fruits, they want to use vegetables, they want to use leafy
greens. The Slowstar is a good all-around performer at juicing but also processing frozen
fruits and nuts but even processing eggplant into raw eggplant Chicken in the dehydrator.
I’ve processed my cabbage, run it through here to make sauerkrauts. The uses are endless
with this mincing attachment. One of the things we like to do is make salsas in here. Sometimes
instead of eating a salad I’ll just process it through the Slowstar with the mincing attachment
to mash it all up to make, literally, a ground up salad for those of you guys who don’t want
to chew as much. That’s why I really like the Slowstar. Plus
as I mentioned earlier, from November 1st all the way through December 31st, we’ll be
offering the Slowstar at $50 off it’s normal price so be sure to order between now and
then. If you’re thinking about getting this for a friend or relative as a gift, you guys
should definitely get one now because the prices are going to go up come next year when
everybody wants to lose weight for the first; the New Year’s resolution thing. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this episode. If
you did, please give me a thumbs up and I’ll make more videos in the future with the Slowstar
and all the other juices that I love to use in my lifestyle each and every day. Also be
sure to check my past episodes. I have 400 episodes comparing all different kinds of
juices so that you guys can select the right juicer for you. The one thing I know is there is a right juicer
for you and you just need to determine what that is and that’s way I make these videos
so that you guys can figure it out. I am a juicing expert [laughs], in my opinion I spend
every day with these machines. Day in day out. I go to factories and see how they’re
made and trade shows and I keep up with all the latest stuff. Last thing I’d like to mention today before
I go is that if you’ve enjoyed this video please support me in my work by making your
purchase at so that I can continue this work to make these educational
videos on YouTube. I have over 1900 videos on YouTube now educating people on variety
of topics. Your support helps make that possible so thank you for those of you guys that have
supported me in the past and thank you for those of you guys that will support me in
the future by making a purchase at Once again, my name is John Kohler with
Be sure to visit for special promotional offers for our YouTube
users. Alright, this is John Kohler of
Today we have another exciting episode for you and what we’re going to do today is a
good old fashioned juice between two Omega products. We got the…

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  • Watched a bunch of your videos on growingyourgreens. Just found out you today you did juicers. Your video sold me on the slowstar being the jack of all trades kind of a juicer which its gonna be perfect for what i need it for. Look forward to using it. Thanks!

  • Hi John, Thanks for the amazing videos. Unfortunately I could not order from your shop, as you don't deliver internationally, but I just wanted to let you know your effort is highly appreciated. You passion for what you're doing can be "felt" though your videos!
    Thanks again!

  • Hi John, the more I see your videos, it makes me want to get one. My 3 yr old daughter has heart murmur(2 holes in her heart) since birth which caused 2 medication in syrup form needed to use "force" prescribed by her heart specialist. It pains me but her health more important than anything. Problem now, she isnt like last a baby whom we able to use force feeding until we told specialist about this matter, then we were told those medication can mix with her milk feeding….yet again, I dont know is it normal for a 3 year 1 month old toddler starting to reject milk. So just only my wife complained to me that she is worried on how to make her consume those medication…I showed my wife your video and she told me its a good idea cos my daughter love water melon juice. Just that I got no knowledge at all on juicer.

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