Beginner’s Guide To Juicing {Dr. Travis Explains}

Hi it’s Dr. Travis from Ambiente
Gallerie and today I’d like to talk to you about juicing now juicing can be a
very beneficial food to add to your diet and your family’s nutrition plan juicing
is basically a hyper concentration of foods right so it’s lots of vitamins
lots of minerals lots of enzymes natural and healthy cofactors that are difficult
to synthesize in the lab right so the benefit of juicing is that most people
won’t take the time to eat the amount of carrots or kale that you would put into
a juice so you get that hyper concentrated form of that nutrition that
is easily absorbable by the body any time you remove fiber like that it makes
it easier for to get through your digestive system into your bloodstream
and that’s the benefit of juice if it just gets right in there real quick okay
now the types of juicers that you pick will have an effect on the nutrients
that you’re able to get out of the food that you’re juicing so it turns
centrifugal juicers one that spins around and sometimes they’ll walk across
the cabinet while you’re while you’re doing it those don’t extract quite as
much as the masticating juices masticating juicers use a press version
mm to squeeze a little bit extra nutrients out of the pulp and the pulp
is discarded I refer to compost it compost in the pulp creates a great
fertilizer for the garden next year which you know gives you more fuel for
your juice the following season have a great rest of the day thank you

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