Beet Greens Recipe …quick and easy

I made the other day this here is a quinoa with beets beet root muy fantastico but we had the beet greens leftover and I also made a little bit of extra quinoa so I got an extra quinoa and I got my beet brand so we’re going to cook up our greens quiche up a skillet on like a medium heat throw you a little bit of olive oil in there I’m going to use one bunch of green onions and I’m going to chop the bottoms off so here we got our our green onion bottoms we’re not going to add these it’s a little bit later when we throw in our deep green tops man this meat stuff immediately Davis Fantastico I’ll eat this during the bowls composite but anyway I think my wall is coming hot let me see that’s good enough so I’m gonna throw my garlic in there and then boom I’m going to throw in some jalapeno pepper I’ve already got this chopped up but you can you can throw in some heat if you want but you don’t have to oh man that smells fantastic garlic cooking always smells wonderful go ahead throw my green onion bottoms in half here’s the star of the show this is what this is all about and I’ve already got my beet greens washed up cleaned up so these are left over from the other day you know whenever you buy beats you know and you have the greens on them and you’re just using the roots you know definitely don’t throw the greens away because the greens are muy fantastico and beets are awesome because they have a lot of nutrition but also you know they have that beet color you know that bleeds over into a dish when you make it so it’s kind of unique you know it’s a little bit of a change of pace you know how to beat a lot of people don’t like peas that’s because they don’t understand they don’t understand the versatility and the beauty of the feet all right but we’re gonna use our bottoms and we’re gonna chop these up go ahead and throw these in the skillet and let you get a head start because you don’t want to cook the stems and the greens at the same time the stems need a little bit more a little bit more time so we’ll go ahead and throw these in here now with our onions and our garlic and some people may when they buy beets they just throw the damn greens away that’s insane asylum boy all right see you got most of that in a little bit left over here I’m going to destem it and I’m just pulled my greens off here and that you can cut them off with a knife if you want but they’ll pull right off of here and we’re just getting the thickest part of the stem you know this little bit in here we can just leave that in there that’s going to be good roughage when I’m just separating my greens from my stem cooking up my onions cook garlic cooking up my feet stem and you know this is going to turn a nice pink color with anything you cook with beets is going to get that beet color but you definitely want to cook your stems a little bit ahead of time so they’ll stop it up and the greens they’re not going to take no time at all somebody give these here a rough chop we’re going to add these at the end almost when the dish is getting near completion and you can do this any size you want got my leftover quinoa boom from the other day and I’m going to keep that up alright now this team was already cooked up and I’m using this here just because I had it left over but if I didn’t have this quinoa you know I would maybe cook up some rice but quinoa is going to make it a complete protein you know so this is going to be a nice little meal so I’m just going to heat this up and now this here’s been going long enough I’m going to go ahead and add boom one can of tomato what do I got here some petite diced tomatoes now you can add fresh tomato if you like but whenever I’m cooking tomatoes down you know I’m going to make kind of a saucy dish you know I like using canned tomatoes I prefer canned tomatoes you know does that make me a heathen sure maybe maybe it does so we’re going to go ahead and turn the heat up a little bit and get this going and then let these ingredients cook together for a little bit all right so I got my tomatoes heated up and going and they’re similar and away in there I’m just going to throw in some black pepper throwing it a little bit of salt or a lot of salt to solve the taste we can smell that garlic and smell that tomato down reduce this down to medium a little bit less than medium and we’ll let this cook away for a few minutes before we throw in our beet greens and I agreed on your tops and then that’s pretty much going to be it all right so there it is starting to reduce a little bit it’s been going for about five minutes now we’re going to throw some vinegar in there boom we use an apple cider vinegar you know we like that we like that nice tart taste you know the vigor I use the other day was boom a little rice wine vinegar we got all kinds of energy down here use whatever kind you like this here’s got a little bit of a bite you know and that’s kind of what we want here so we’re putting in a couple tablespoons of vinegar and then we’ll just go ahead and let this heat back up and then let it continue cooking for a few more minutes all righty well it’s been going for a few minutes and the time that’s been going we’ve pretty much almost polished off our our quinoa beet from the other day but this started to reduce it’s not a whole lot going on here so now we’re going to throw in our our greens part about beets boom boom boom and I’m going to throw in the green onion tops or most of them I’ll reserve a little bit to go over top of this so I got some some raw greens to garnish it with we guess go ahead and stir this up we still got it on a medium heat boom boom boom I’m going to throw a lid on here let those greens wilt up for a few minutes not a few minutes maybe eight minute four minutes you’re crazy two minutes we’re going to pull the lid off and look at it in two minutes you see I got the fries it’s been two minutes three forty minutes half points can’t tell time you just don’t know time look at that you can see the the Greens have wilted up nicely it’s cute little taste I got a nice little vinegar bite to it I’m going to throw in a little bit more salt just today that’s it we go ahead and turn the heat off now my quinoa is heated up and this is one of the reasons I like to make a little extra quinoa and right here I make that just for such a such a reason as this all right I focus on this one this is the pretty one this one here’s it this one over here is the redheaded stepchild I’ve got a couple little extra greens here for my onions garnish it up there you have it boom a little uh quinoa beet green in the hell this is that’s all you have to do with beet greens whatever the heck you want to do just separate the leaf from the stem cook the stems up a little bit before from the Greens in there stir around boom we just have to be cooking this with some onion and tomato and garlic what else to put in your jalapeno you know didn’t really put any seasonings except for some salt and pepper and a little bit of vinegar you know vinegar and greens is always a good combination and I don’t think I don’t think I’ve damaged my taste buds too severely with that burn you I think that works so there you have it you know next time you buy some beats don’t throw away the greens you know cook your greens up super simple super fast not too complicated it’ll go ahead and give this dish a try let us know what you think on it alrighty that’s it that’s the end of the beet green extravaganza enlighten your beet green phobic friends share the video massage the video and do some push ups because I I’m not gonna do any other day

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