Barn, sukker og juicing/ Kids Sugar Intake

Hello, and welcome to JuicyTube. Today I would like to talk about our children and how juicing can become a part of your life and your entire families life. Norwegian children consume about 100 grams of sugar every day. This is 100 grams and as you can see it is a large amount. We are perhaps not always concess about the amounts we consume as a little “innocent” piece of chocolate candy yields about 6 grams of sugar for a tiny bite. That is about a teaspoon og sugar… So we see how easy it is to reach a high amout of sugar on a daily basis and reach this amount. because if you are like me it is not easy to stop with just one piece! I like that we use natural sugar sources. It is better to eat and drink fresh juice from fruit together with vegetables. This white, refined sugar is with out nutrients and just a lot of empty calories. We know that sugar can give an unstabile mood, unstabile blood sugar and concentration problems at school. This effects children of all ages and especially teenagers as they make their own food choices and perhaps eat even more sugar… Juicing is fantastic for everyone over the age of 2 years. For adults the recommendation is about 4- 5 dl per portion and for kids half of this is good. You can also delute is with water so it isn’t as concentrated. I love to use squash(zucchini) as it is mild and alkaline forming vegetable. Kale, yes they drink it! Carrots give natural sweetness and sweet peppers have a lot of antioxidants, vit C and sweetness. These are vegetables that we should juice and give to our children and does not have sugar but loads of vitamins and minerals… The right building blocks for you, your children and your familiy is very important. I look forward to showing you kid friendly recipes. Remember to subscribe to my channel. It is free and you will recieve an e-mail everytime I post a new episode.

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