Baratza Virtuoso+ Conical Burr Grinder Review

when it comes to grinding beans for
coffee makers pour over AeroPress and everything in between
there’s one grinder that we’ve recommended consistently for over a
decade the Baratza Virtuoso Baratza has released a successor to this
renowned grinder in the form of a virtuoso plus hi I’m Charles with Clive
coffee let’s take a closer look if you’re familiar with the original many
things about the virtuoso plus will seem quite familiar its body is made with a
combination of stainless steel and black plastic lending it a solid but
understated quality the 40 millimeter conical steel burrs and 180 watt motor
deliver reliably consistent grounds at about two grams per second up top you’ll
find the same hopper based stepped grind adjustment system with settings ranging
from 1 to 40 we love the system because it makes it quick and easy to switch
between different grind sizes for different brew methods the grind range
extends from finer than an espresso grind to coarser than a French press or
cold brew grind meaning you can use this grinder for just about anything as with
the original we don’t recommend this grinder for espresso because it’s
stepped adjustments are a bit too large which can make dialing an espresso quite
difficult for essentially anything else it’s a dream we regularly use it for
pour over drip coffee and a variety of Aeropress recipes the fact that it’s
such a fast single dosing grinder and only holds on to about 2 grams of
retention makes it ideal for use with a variety of brew methods and coffees now
let’s look at a few of the new features on the virtuoso plus the most obvious
one is right on the face of the grinder where there used to be a single button
you’ll now find a backlit LCD and a small knob this serves to control the
grinders new digital time dosing system which is programmable down to one tenth
of a second further if you press and hold the button and you enter a pulse
mode so you aren’t constrained by whatever time dose you’ve set when used
with a full hopper this new digital time dosing system allows you to get
consistent doses without always requiring a scale last there are a few
subtle touches the hopper and grounds bin are made of a new more transparent
plastic and there are a couple of white LEDs in the grounds bin bay the LEDs
allow you to see coffee as it’s dispensed from the grinder and that
transparent plastic allows you to see if there’s any beans left in the hopper at
a glance we’ve also noticed that this new material seems to build up a bit
less static which makes things tidy when pouring out
the virtuoso plus has all the things we loved about the original with some nice
quality of life improvements it feels fresh and the added functionality helps
keep it competitive with other popular coffee grinders what do you think of the
virtuoso plus if this video answered your questions be sure to hit the like
button if it didn’t I’d be glad to field them in the comments below for more
coffee knowledge tamp subscribe and as always thanks for watching

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