Baratza Sette 270Wi Espresso Grinder Setup

hi I’m Ben with Clive coffee and today
we’ll be showing you how to set up your baratza sette 270 WI espresso grinder
let’s get started step one out of the box and onto the counter remove the
grinder from its box and place it on a solid level surface inspect the grinder
for any damage if you notice any contact us immediately
insert the hopper by aligning the three prongs and rotate a quarter turn
clockwise to lock into place plug the grinder in it will turn itself on if
your display ever goes to sleep just press the stop button to wake it up step
2 feeling the coffee press and hold the
play button until you activate pulse mode put some beans in the hopper and
manually grind them into your hand for espresso they should feel similar to
table salt not as fine as powdered sugar and not as coarse as sand if the grounds
are too fine make one macro adjustment coarser if the grounds are too coarse
make one macro adjustment finer then repeat the previous step we find that
the espresso setting is generally around 11 e step 3
dialing the dose once the grind is in the ballpark it’s time to start pulling
shots the 270Wi is weight-based dosing makes this wonderfully easy simply place
the Portafilter into the holder ensuring that the adjustable upper
paddle and arms hold it securely use the arrows to set the weighted dose you’d
like then hold down a numbered dose button to save that setting press play
the grinder will now tare the weight of the portafilter begin grinding and stop
when it reaches the target dose it’s worth noting that the sette 270Wi is
also an amazing single dosing grinder its conical burs and vertical grind path
make for almost no grind retention if you plant a single dose press and hold
the play button again to activate pulse mode then simply wait 18 grams of coffee
for a double spout portafilter or 20 grams of coffee for a bottomless
portafilter and manually grind them through if you’d like to keep your
coffee seal and fresh as possible or change frequently between single origins
blends even decafs single dosing is an ex
solution keep in mind we’ve found that single dosing does require a finer grind
than the aforementioned 11e step for adjustments shot time now compress the
coffee with your tamper remember a specific tamping pressure is less
important than making sure your tamp level and consistent insert your
portafilter and start the shot we’re going to be watching for the time of the
first drops of espresso to fall between six and ten seconds if they fall outside
this window we’ll have to adjust the grind setting under six seconds were
result in a fast shot that tastes thin and sour rotate the micro adjustment
gradually finer if the shots are over ten seconds they’ll be bitter rotate the
micro adjustment gradually coarser these small adjustments will be easier than
making big changes and over correcting as the shot progresses we’ll observe the
total shot time our target output is 1.5 ounces or 30 grams of liquid espresso in
25 to 30 seconds if your shot time is off by more than 10 seconds rotate the
macro adjustment ring one click if your shot time is within 10 seconds rotate
the micro adjustment ring one letter at a time until you achieve your target for
more tips on coffee technique and recipes check out these videos here and
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