Baratza Sette 270 Espresso Grinder Review

the baratza sette 270 represents the pinnacle of
baratza’s commitment to bringing cafe quality grind consistency and precision
to the home barista with its unique yet understated design and its superb
ability at single dosing the sette 270 makes a great companion to any home
espresso machine hi I’m Victoria from Clive coffee and
today we’re going to be giving you a brief overview of the baratza sette 270
espresso grinder the conical burrs in this grinder will bring out the brighter
punch your flavors in your coffee so it is ideal for fans of single origin
roasts burrata has taken advantage of these burrs to give the grinder a
vertical grain path leaving no place for grind retention creating one of the best
single dose and grinders we’ve ever used if you choose to fill the hopper the
sette 270 has three grind time settings making it easy to dial in your preferred
dose for quick repeatability the 270 also features a unique combination
stepped and infinite grind adjustment system the larger macro adjustments are
stepped while the smaller micro adjustment ring offers infinite
adjustment within each macro setting this allows for incredibly precise
adjustments making any espresso recipe easily achievable in addition to being
an excellent espresso grinder the sette 270 has a wide grind range that goes
coarse enough to brew pour over in a pinch and the arms of the Porta filter
holder can be rotated out 90 degrees to accommodate a grounds bin for easy use
with other brewing methods its combination stepped stepless adjustments
make it dead simple to switch between a coarse drip setting and a fine espresso
setting the grinders hopper also features a convenient locking lever to
switch between different coffees even with a hopper full of beans it’s simple
to alternate between regular decaf or multiple single origin coffees unlike
mini grinders it’s incredibly easy to separate the 270’s burrs for cleaning by
simply rotating the lower bird count or clockwise until it comes off and is
equally easy to reattach with it’s 40 millimeter conical burrs and 290 watt
motor the sette 270 punches well above its weight granting a 20 gram dose and
around second if you’re looking for a fantastic
espresso grinder that will bring out the best in your coffee without breaking the
bank the sette 270 is an easy choice for more coffee know-how don’t forget to
check back in at

1 thought on “Baratza Sette 270 Espresso Grinder Review

  • Would you recommend this grinder over the Mignon Silenzio based on grind quality? I’m trying to decide between the sette 270 and the silenzio since they are so close in price. One is conical, one is flat. One is metal construction one is plastic. But I’m most interested in consistency and daily convenience.

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