– Hi guys. Hello, hello, hello, hello. How are you all doing today? I hope you’re doing really,
really, really well. In today’s video, we have
lots of edible prank things. Just a quick disclaimer, this is not a real makeup palette. This is made with 100% real ingredients. Please do not try and
eat a makeup palette. That would be ridiculous. These are not real jewels or real gems, this is not a real shot
glass or real mascara or real deodorant. These are all fake and made
with edible ingredients. Guys, don’t be silly. Be smart. Don’t eat deodorant, don’t eat mascara. Come on, duh, but I know
99.9% of you know that, but there is a small
number of people out there that actually would do those things. But, before we get into the video, I want you all to go to
my Instagram, follow me. The first 20 people that DM me 10 things that are blue, naturally, and it can’t be these things,
I will respond to them. It has to be 10 things. Of course, our refreshment
of choice is the Coldest, Coldest, Coldest water bottle. You can get yours in the description box. Let’s get into this video because A, I’m hungry and it is really late. I also have another beverage
which is an energy drink. You might ask, why am I
drinking an energy drink when it’s so late? It is because I am editing
this video after I film it so that it can be up for you guys. I need to stay awake. Let’s open it up. And this is actually zero sugar. Pour it into our shot glasses. And guys, I made them right this time. Oh no. Oh my gosh. It’s so sketchy to
putting it down on here. Oh my gosh. No, that is not gonna work. Oh my gosh, so good. I’m gonna take this one I guess. Oh no, oh gosh. One for you. Cheers. I love jello so much. Do you want this one as well? It’s so cute. Cheers. I’m just gonna drink these ones back. Freaking fire. It’s the best energy drink. Now let’s move on to something. Macarons. These are actually earl gray flavor. Shall be interesting. Next, I kind of wanna do this mascara. I know it could’ve been skinnier. She’s kind of thick, but that’s okay. We still love her anyway. The thing is, it’s because that there is a rock candy stick in here,
which is why she is so thick. When I bite into it,
it’s gonna be rock candy. Let’s give it a shot. Cheers. So good. Oh my gosh, that was actually so good, and my mouth is blue. Great. Let’s do these little baby jewels. Jewels, jewels, jewels. Cheers. Blue all over my mouth, seriously. Let’s just try these little candies. I’ve had these before
in my other blue video. It’s all stuck on my teeth. Let’s do this. Deodorant. There we go folks, first drop of the day, but you know what, that
was kind of a little one. It wasn’t too, too bad. There is edible deodorant. This is made with, I put
vanilla pudding with gelatin so it was like vanilla pudding jello, you know what I mean? Wow, look at that bite. Are you ready? That was yummy. This right here is blueberry pie lip scrub and this is actually edible. It is an edible lip scrub that Jeffree Star has on his
Blue Blood collection. Oh no, sorry, not
blueberry pie, blue freeze, which is the best one. I’m just gonna take… Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Looks like that. Get another couple bites. Look at that. Oh my gosh guys. If you guys like sugar, that
is something you will love. It tastes so good. Now the moment you’ve all been
waiting for is the palette where we have the front, which got completely destroyed
so I deeply apologize. Oh my gosh. Everyone needs to just relax, okay? We have the palette. So fun. I love it. Let’s take a bit altogether. Are you ready? I’m actually not ready. Just so you know, this is made
with chocolate and fondant. Wow. That was like eating the most
sugary bite I’ve ever had. There’s chocolate, the fondant,
the compaste, oh my gosh. I’m gonna take this off and
we’re just gonna do this. Oh my gosh. One from the side. I’m gonna take a bite of this one. Prop that up a bit. Let’s go from this side. We’re about to bite into the mirror. This one is super, super thick. I would honestly rather do this one, but I kind of wanna
make it into a burrito. Ready? Not really a burrito,
but you know what I mean. Oh my gosh. Wow. Things got a little messy
and like they always do. Anywho, I really, really hope
that you guys enjoyed this. Let me know down below what
you want me to eat next and I’ll probably end up doing it. I love you so, so much. Goodnight.


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